Chun Li Combo Thread: Showing Off Her Kung Fu



You can always end in l.spk for the most optimal damage combo.
Slightly tricky to do but yields same damage, more stun and KD for oki.


Deep j HK, b+HP, QCF+MK, c LK, QCF+MK. Works mid stage but oddly enough doesn’t seem to hit after j HP,HP target combo. b+HP does significantly more damage than the Season 1 c HP!


Yes, the j.HK, b. HP xx M.Legs, c.LK xx M.Legs is a good 13 hits at [300 Dmg / 502 Stun]

j. HP (2 hits), b.HP xx M.Legs, c.LK xx M.Legs does 14 hits, at [310 Dmg / 502 Stun]. But there’s two problems with the sequence:

  1. Getting the two hits from j.HP is easier said than done, I find this to be far more inconsistent that I would like. The only way I can make it consistent is jumping with Chun’s Rankyaku (v-skill). If there’s only one hit, j.HK to M.SBK BnB does more damage. Not to mention the offset in the timings.

  2. Linking the c.LK is harder than it seems. I think it is related to the position where the jump in punch happens, and how quickly hakkei (b. HP) is cancelled to lightning legs.

Because I can’t get either of them under control, I’m sticking with the j.HK starter.


Would it also be better to end with an EX Legs? I would assume it would do more damage than M. Legs, not to mention it ends in a knockdown


Checking my notes, the metered versions are:

j.HP (2 hits), b.HP xx M.Legs, c.LK xx EX.Legs is 19 hits and [344 dmg / 550 stun]

j.HK, b.HP xx M.Legs, c.LK xx EX.Legs is 18 hits and [334 dmg / 550 stun]

So it’s one EX bar for extra 30 damage. I suppose the choice actually boils down between getting the knockdown and meter usage.

Makes me wonder if it is possible to do …xx M.Legs, c.LP xx L.SBK instead to get the meterless knockdown?

EDIT: Scratch that. It seems to me that M.Legs does not link to c.LP. It’s one frame short if I understand the frame data correctly.


I think the only way a meterless knockdown is possible is with a st.LP xx L.SBK. Cr. LP just doesn’t have the range.


Alright, I’ve been looking at the hit confirms of Chun’s st.HP xx v-trigger.

First of all, it doesn’t seem to make any sense to put two bars to any combo with Chun. It’s either one or all-in, but two bars doesn’t seem to make any sense in any combo. That’s weird.

Now, the max damage combos I’ve looked at are:

s.hp xx Renkiko, c.hp xx L.Legs, c.lp, xx M.SBK [288 / 458] - meterless.
I can’t seem to get H.SBK to hit in this case, Chun seems to get pushed far enough so that it whiffs.

One bar:
s.hp xx Renkiko, c.hp xx EX.Kikoken, c.lp, xx H.SBK [332 / 472] - For some reason, this seems also highly prone to whiffing, although I get it to work about 33 % of the time. M.SBK version is far easier with 10 less damage, what causes H.SBK to whiff?
s.hp xx Renkiko, c.hp xx L.Legs, c.lp, xx EX.Legs [298 /458]
s.hp xx Renkiko, Rankyaku (v-skill), 3 x stomp, j.hp, EX. Air Legs [296/382]

For some reason, I can’t get a modification to jump-in combo that does 300 DMG meterless to connect the
s.hp xx Renkiko, c.hp xx EX.Kikoken, xx H.SBK - Does anybody have ideas about this? Is the c.lp absolutely necessary for some reason? I tend to get pretty close to the opponent in this case.

s.hp xx Renkiko, Rankyaku (v-skill), 3 x stomp, j.hp, slightly delayed CA [ 450 / 358] - It’s difficult to get the delay consistently.
s.hp xx Renkiko, c.hp xx L.Legs, c.lp, xx M.Legs xx CA [432 / 394] - One would think xx H.Legs would do more damage, but it doesn’t. Also, c.hp xx M.Legs, xx M.Legs xx CA does less damage than the combos.

b.HP is possible after s.hp xx Renkiko, but the continuation after that doesn’t seem to work, at least I couldn’t get anything to hit after it.

Any ideas to push the meterless above 300, add about 30 DMG to one bars, and to push the All-ins around 500? =)


I love Chun Li and I always want to main her but her combos are always too hard for me. Can someone show me a video of inputs of instant stomp head to air legs plzz?


Okay, I figured out what was the issue with connecting s.hp xx Renkiko, cr.hp xx EX.Kikoken, c.lp, xx H.SBK. The same applies to s.hp xx renkiko, cr.hp xx EX.Kikoken, xx H.SBK.
The distance has to be such that Chun’s hits with the ankle behind Ryu’s slightly behind leading leg. In my case, I was apparently too close to opponent. If Chun is too far, H.SBK will whiff. If she is too close, H.SBK gets blocked. I don’t get what game mechanical reason causes an issue in connecting the hit if Chun is closer?

@Chun-Li_Forever , does st.lp actually combo or cancel to L.SBK? I didn’t know that, and can’t seem to get it, I can only do L.SBK from, and even then with low success rate. But I’d imagine, b.hp xx L.Legs, st.lp (/ xx L.SBK would look kinda cool and would be a sort of statement. B) Because of that only, I’ll have to try that at least.

To @furikaro , what are you trying to do? Something like the jump-in combo to v-skill and then stomps from Chun’s Vol.1 trials? I think that the opponent should first be in air so that the air legs can hit? Other than that, for me connecting the v-skill, 2 x stomp, M. Air Legs is more tricky in Training mode than in Vol 1 Combo Trials. I don’t know why, but the stomps have to happen in a fast sequence in S2.5 for M. Air Legs to connect.

Chun’s combos are challenging, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, I guess I would get bored otherwise - she tends to require inputs at a rate that feels enjoyable. BnBs with spinning bird kicks do take some practise time, but if you keep on doing it, you’ll note that you’ll improve, and suddenly be on a point where you can start to do other things. Karin’s seppo to tenko, seppo to orochi stuff actually seem harder to execute consistently to me; at times Karin feels a bit overclocked if you ask me. Urien also has a light starter target combo to light tackle in Trials Vol.2 that left me scratching my head for some time. Juri’s combos are a bit easier execution-wise, actual playing her neutral game requires inputs at a faster rate.


I’m finding Season 3.5 Chun Li much improved over the S2.0 or S2.5. I’ve been pondering about starting to play ranked weekly, but now it’s pretty much on/off due to certain business proposals. Chun Li seems a bit more complex character now, adding in the V-skill links, the combo options have increased. So how are people finding the current Chun?

There’s one move that I’ve not managed to add any significant combos to, and that’s V-triggered b.hp Crush Counter with meter. Is it possible to link something else than H.Legs or EX.Legs to it?

What I currently have for Crush Counter combos are

METERLESS [CC], dash, c.lp,, xx M.SBK [272/466] <<- Switching M.SBK to Ex. Legs nets 274 DMG instead. [CC], c.hp xx v-skill, 2 x stomp, M. Air Legs [245/393] [CC], c.hp xx L.Legs, s.lp xx L. SBK [263/460] <<-- This is really awkward due to delayed L.Legs.
b.hp [CC], v-skill, 2 x stomp, M. Air Legs [238/348]

METERLESS but V-Triggered
(Renkiko), [CC],, c.hp xx H.Legs [296/430]
(Renkiko), [CC],, c.lp,, xx M.SBK [335/539]
(Renkiko), [CC],, c.lp, xx H.SBK [325/509]
(Renkiko), b.hp[CC], c.hp xx H.Legs [252/344]

Corner juggles with V-trigger:
(Renkiko), [CC],,,,, s.hp [395/600]
(Renkiko), [CC],,,,, [399/600]

1-BAR COMBOS - without V-trigger, the best that I can find all go to the EX. Air Legs [CC], dash,, v-skill, 3 x stomp, EX. Air Legs [306/448, 13 hits] [CC], c.hp xx v-skill, 3 x stomp, EX. Air Legs [294/448]
b.hp [CC], v-skill, 3 x stomp, EX. Air Legs [291/412]

1-BAR COMBOS with V-trigger
(Renkiko), [CC],,, EX. Legs [353/525]
(Renkiko), [CC],, c.lp,, xx EX.Legs [341/539] – EX bar adds +6 DMG over M.SBK :smiley:
(Renkiko), [CC], c.hp xx v-skill, 3 x stomp, j.hp (delay), Instant EX. Air Legs [350/472]
(Renkiko), [CC], short walk,, c.hp xx v-skill, 3 x stomp, j.hp (delay), i.Ex.ALL [350/480] --10 % scaling

Corner juggles
(Renkiko), [CC],,,,, EX. Legs [419/620]
(Renkiko), [CC],,,, xx Ex Legs [395/595] – Funny that the above one is also easier.

The EX bar seems to add about 15-25 more damage to the combos. At least in some cases.



I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do this, but it has existed for a while (long before season 4), but with the ability to cancel normals into v-skill since S3, you can use this as part of your pressure to go for frontside/crossup shenanigans. I was waiting until S4 to see if it would be discovered or removed: