Chun Li Combo Thread: Showing Off Her Kung Fu



hey guys, does headstomps to ex legs still work or did they patch that? I can’t execute it if my life depended on it. same problem with VT, VS, headstomps, hardpunch, ex legs


If you mean air ex legs, then it’s definitely there.


Alright. I put in some time on this one. And I can’t get it working on Ken standing doing it the normal way. HOWEVER:
I got it working on everyone standing+crouching. The trick is to walk forward a mini pixel after you activate the vtrigger. It’s pretty hard to time, but it allows for this combo to work on everyone (Yes, even Chun).

It also does more damage if you add a heavy.lightning legs at the end, before you hit the super. If you’re not going to super, you naturally just use medium.SBK of course.

So the entire combo goes like this:
CH,cr.hp xx v trigger, walk forward a tiny step, cr.hp xx L legs,cr.lp, xx heavy.lightning legs xx super


@otori are the numbers off? If so I can update…just need confirmation



Yes he’s correct on both ends. The 10 less damage is due to a nerf in damage and I have no idea what happened in the v-skill part lol.

However, the correct value without bar is 170/206 because you can get one hit of mk legs. Timing is just finnicky but no reason not go for it if you’re not spending bar.


Punish: cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK [232/370]

is this fast enough to punish a blocked sweep?


Fast enough, but if they do a max range sweep you will be too far away for it to work.


This seems hella good for no bars. CC s.RH, slight step forward, s.HP, activate, cmk->mk bird
get the knockdown and 505 stun


[quote=“Just_FokuZ, post:48, topic:177741”]

This seems hella good for no bars. CC s.RH, slight step forward, s.HP, activate, cmk->mk bird
get the knockdown and 505 stun


Why not just do: (CC), walk up, st.hp xx vtrigger, cr.hp xx light.legs, cr.lp, xx medium.SBK [368/568]


to me it seems like punishes are not as obvious as they where in previous games.


I kinda feel that a bit, but there’s still so much to learn about this game. I know I personally have so much to learn about new chun.


Well, there’s always max damage punish and normal punish. And then there’s Max damage punish with 1 meter, max damage punish with 2 meter, max damage punish with super, max damage punish with vtrigger. Just depends on how many resources you want to exchange for damage.

Even in SF4 there were regular punishes (normal combo), and max damage punishes (legs loops, etc). I always go for max damage punishes, no matter how hard, because it’s basically free damage they’re giving you.


heh, yea that would make sense eh? nice didnt even think about that haha thanks


Im seeing all the IA LL combos. So will that beat lows and throw? How do i do IA LL correctly and which button do i use(L/M/H)?


can someone tell me why spinning bird kick is so hard to link after it’s like i am litterally pressing down and jumping there is not enough time but everyone seems to find it.


im not sure how to help with the timing as im not consistent with it either, but imput the spinning bird with qcf ending in up forward. this gives more time and if the bird does not come out you will get mk legs and still get damage. can also end with mk+lk and ex legs will come out but if you get the bird only mk will come out


it takes practice, my friend. And a lot of patience. Trust me, i can’t execute her Cr LP > St MP > Cr MK > MK SBK 100% of the time. Hell, i’m not even hiting it 25% of the time. but each practice, i get slightly better at it. Its still gonna take some time for me to actually use this against an actual player, but baby steps. Traiing dummy first, CPU next, player last


I recommend learning to cancel the LK SBK first, before trying to get the MK SBK timing. The timing is way more lenient and you can eventually move on to cancel the MK SBK with its stricter timing.


Thanks for the suggestion. I know I’m the kind of guy who just wants to master the hard combos and tech before just making sure I have the fundamentals of Chun-li down perfectly, but I’ll try that first. Thank you.


for those having probs with st mp, cr mk xx m sbk, make sure you’re canceling the sbk on the last active frame of the cr mk, if you input the cancel too quickly, it wont come out, you have to slow down your inputs and be precise. Woulda posted this sooner, but i’ve finally had time to sit down with the character.

think of it as doing another link, basically input the sbk at the same rhythmic time that you’d enter another normal in the combo.