Chun Li Combo Thread: Showing Off Her Kung Fu



You can actually cancel the cr. mk with mk sbk too late and it won’t combo, leading into eating a big punish. Yet another reason to start with lk sbk and only move on until you have it under control.


after further review, i agree completely, lk sbk is def the way to go


@otori can you write up a quick section for anti air v-trigger combos? Like off of b+rh? I’ll add it to the OP. thanks.


These are the best damage and most practical combo’s I could find when it comes to vtrigger juggles, they seem to have removed a lot of the insane ones that were in the beta lol:

Air juggles (vtrigger): (air to air), xx heavy.legs [238/286] (air to air),, cr.hp xx heavy.legs [244/326] (air to air), 3x stomps xx heavy.legs [288/316] (air to air), 2x stomps, fall down, j.hp (as you’re falling down), heavy.IALL [314/379] (air to air),, st.hp, super (don’t cancel hp) [456/310]

b+hk, cr.hp xx heavy.legs [196/288]
---- If you get 2 hits on the b+hk you have to do the cr.hp as early as possible in order for the heavy legs to connect.
b+hk (1 hit), 2x stomps, fall down, j.hp (as you’re falling down), heavy.IALL [309/429]
b+hk, st.hp, super (don’t cancel, cancelling makes it inconsistent) [434/285]


How does that even work. No damn way to get enough charge.


OP updated with v-trigger air juggles and damage corrections! Thanks @CharmingRogue


Sooo is this her best damaging punish combo midscreen?


How is @Alioune doing cr.lp, x ex kikoen, x mk sbk?



Charge [1] (preferably from doing IALL starter), press LP, put stick in neutral and do immediate 6PP. At least I assume you’re having issues with the 5MP>EX Kikoken and not the EX Kikoken to 2MK portion.

If you want to practice this, go to training mode, walk up to the enemy, start charging [1], then 5MP into immediate 6PP.

It’s easier if you don’t ride the input buffer for 5MP due to how the game stores charge. So if you’re able to link naturally 2LP>5MP, then the 5MP>EX Kikoken will come out much easier. I suppose an additional thing that may help is to do 5MP>6LPHP instead of releasing MP and hitting it again if you find your fingers are lifting and re-pressing MP too slowly. Though I find that people have more issues with the charge>neutral>forward+button portion more than actually pressing the button.


I think just a cc, st.hp xx CA will do about the same? Saves the vt


There is enough time. You probably just need to slow down. The cr.lp’s actually have pretty good hitstun and don’t need to be linked as fast as possible. The extra frames you get from doing the links slower make it possible. Try practicing doing cr.lp, cr.lp, st.lp as slow as you can a few times. The cr.lp, st.lp is a tiny bit tighter than the cr.lp, cr.lp.

To be honest though the only time I ever use this one is when I’m getting pressured since cr.lp is really fast. Since I’m most likely going to be gaurding low waiting for a gap to stick out the cr.lp I usually have he charge before I even start.


ok. i’m not even a Chun player but just wanted to do her MK SBK combo and i’ve finally got it down most of the time. some tips that help make it consistent:

  1. pressing down IMMEDIATELY after you want to do it like a kara cancel or plink timing so you almost press down and mp at the same time but obviously you want down to come out about a frame later.
  2. get the, link down so you don’t think about it. just practice with the kara timing into down and link to practice just that over and over and over.
  3. xx mk sbk is very lenient. this was causing me problems because i was canceling way too fast. i sat there practicing just xx mk sbk as slow as possible and it’s almost the same amount of time for a hit confirm. AFTER you see it connect immediately press up and mk. practice this over and over and over.
  4. put it all together. it will take many tries but you have to break old muscle memory habits, especially for the xx sbk part because naturally you feel like canceling it asap.

it’s very frustrating but once you get the weird timing down it’s oddly easy. just keep at it and if you get too frustrated then take a break. don’t let it bother you too much. just keep practicing slowly and break the combo down in pieces until it all comes together. hope this helps.


theres a good way to practice the xx mk sbk combo

pick cammy or anyone with a 3fr jab. set to guard all and set guard recovery to reversal jab

try doing the combo on them, you should get a counter hit if you’re going down back at the right time, otherwise youll get jabbed.

I also found that plinking the mk for the mk sbk helps. gives you two frames to get it


in this video Kararesu cancels the first stomp kick into air lightning kick 3 - 4 times, vs Daigo.


So what I have been doing for the SBK combo is holding down the mk after I do the and using negative edge while pressing up light kick. And it always seems to combo either the lk or mk version, so I just keep doing it that way so I don’t miss it.


I posted a combo the first week the game was out doing like 500 or so off a crush counter midscreen


Interesting. After c.LP s.MP if you walk forward slightly Chun can connect another s.LP. wonder what else she can get. If they are crouching you don’t need to walk forward


I think the trick to doing the MK SBK combo is two things:

  1. Understanding that due to the buffer system in this game, you can start charging before your even comes out, and
  2. understanding that has many cancellability frames, and that you should cancel it a few frames after its first cancellable frame.

So when you do cr.lp into, because of the new buffer system you can add into the buffer, and then start charging down; this way, you will be charging not only before the comes out, but entirely during it. They key is to hit the early after the cr.lp and immediately start charging. The same is true if you are doing the CC combo; CC dash, in between the dash and there is a buffer opportunity to charge early. The second point about is in case you still don’t have enough charge by the first cancellability frame. has many cancellability frames (my guess would be around 20) so if you delay the SBK a tiny bit frames, you will still have enough time to execute the combo. If you do it too late, then the combo will drop. So if you do both of these steps you will have a much higher chance of landing the combo. You can do a standalone, MK SBK but you have to do the late cancel.


Is there a stronger punish than this?


Depends on if you have vtrigger.

Your combo is: (CC), st.hp xx super [452/315]

You can also do: (CC), dash forward,, xx super [457/350]
(a lot harder, but does 5 more damage. And if you get heavy legs or something by accident before you cancel into the super, you’ll actually do less damage)

If you have vtrigger then you can activate vtrigger as he’s falling down and do this: (CC),, super [483/315]

Or the best possible punish I found was this:

  • (CC), walk up, st.hp xx vtrigger, cr.hp xx light.legs, cr.lp, xx heavy.legs xx super [519/520]
    ---- Note: the walk up is very important and the hardest part about this combo, else the cr.lp won’t be in range.