Chun Li Combo Thread: Showing Off Her Kung Fu



How do you CC?


Uhm… CC stands for crush counter. It happens if you block a DP and you use as they’re recovering, it will be a crush counter :stuck_out_tongue:


Or Back Fierce which can be cancelled into Legs, from a blocked DP as another option. In general play Back Fierce with EX Legs buffer to catch people pressing buttons is really useful to whiff just in front of them (I say Ex Legs buffer just because its safe on block and so doesn’t need a hit confirm you can just input it - Like an OS)


It doesn’t really matter what legs you cancel into if you’re just going to cancel into the CA does it? They all do 20 damage per hit, and you have to cancel by the second hit.


Honestly you don’t want to cancel into legs->super if you can avoid it. It is always less damage because of scaling until you hit the 50% minimum scaling mark.


I didn’t see this posted yet but there’s an easier and better crush counter combo off s. HK that does the same amount of damage but more stun.
s. HK CC, c. MK, LK legs, c. LP, LK SBK (303/530)


Can anyone confirm the damage difference between c.lp,,, lk.spinning bird kick and mk.spinning bird vs hk.legs


MK sbk does 215 and knocks down. HK legs does 198-ish, doesn’t knockdown and I don’t think it gives you frame advantage on hit.

No idea about lk SBK, sorry.


Lk SBK is 198 as well as 382 for stun.

Has anyone noticed that the latter part of MK air legs combos after juggling from three stomps? Adds a bit more damage while allowing the knockdown to hit later in the juggle to allow you to follow up closer to the ground vs stomping then whiffing a move. Obviously this assumes you have no meter


Messing around with more meterless kikoken stuff and trying to find high stun combos off crush counters and regular counters. Weird thing though, c.LP s.MP xx MP kikoken does not combo midscreen unless it’s counter. Any reason for this? In the corner it combos fine due to less push back but since it works on counter midscreen I’d assume it works regularly as well.


Counterhit obviously gives more hitstun so it combo’s. You already gave the explanation yourself “In the corner it combos fine due to less push back”.


How many times does the bnb need to be explained? Put that crap in a FAQ or something, I’m tired of seeing a thousand posts about it.

The combo isn’t even hard. Start charging early, and cancel late. It’s not brain surgery.

Don’t mean to be an ass, but come on already it’s been explained on this forum a million times in every single thread.


The counter hit only applies on the first hit. The first hit is c.LP which would be the counter then into s.MP so the kikoken, the third move, should act as normal midscreen


Dunno, maybe CH cr.LP allows you to link later when the opponent is pushed back so that a later active of s.MP connects which links to MP. Kikoken?

Did you try max range normal hit cr.LP? Not at home currently so can’t really test this.


Hmmm I didn’t think of that. I was at the same positioning but that could be it. I’ll test it thanks.


Alright, let’s get some combo’s updated cause some of these aren’t optimal anymore.

First of all, we don’t have any instant air lightning legs combo’s. Which are very useful obviously (always use medium air legs):


Is not as good as this:

Also, the second one is easier (imo), cause you don’t have to cancel to medium SBK.

And this:

Is not as good as this:

Also, there is another max damage punish with vtrigger that I posted earlier, but it’s really hard because you need to take a small step forward and it has to be pixel perfect in order for it to work. Nevertheless, its good to know it exists if you want to go for max damage:

Also, we might as well get ready for the march patch. So, if I understand this correctly:

Then this combo won’t work anymore:

The cr.hp won’t link anymore, because it doesn’t link outside of vtrigger, and they’re making it the same. Nothing of value was lost in terms of damage, because the new optimal counterhit punish when you’re in vtrigger (meaning, if you block or bait a DP) is as follows:

Also, as a bonus. I found some air to air combo’s while not in vtrigger:

I think that’s all for now…



First of all, thanks for the updated BnBs. Good job with that.

Now for a question. If your March update interpretation is correct, then what would be the optimal combo post CR.MP xx VTC point blank?
I’m currently doing St.MP, CR.HP xx HK SBK, but if this link won’t work anymore, I’m guessing CR.Mk(does it link after CR.MP VTC?) xx lk. LL , CR.LP , Cr.MK xx MK SBK.


Ah yeah, good point. Actually, that’s not even her max damage for pointblank xx vtrigger confirm. Sadly, doesn’t link, but you can just do:

Pointblank: xx vtrigger, LK legs, cr.lp, xx medium.SBK [267/373]

Actually, let me just write down all xx vtrigger confirms:

  • (far) EX.LightningLegs [180/220]
  • (far) super [332/100]
  • (mid) xx MK SBK [216/320]
    – only combo’s at max range, it won’t combo if you are too close (unless it’s counterhit of course)
  • (close) cr.lp, xx MK SBK [217/346]
  • (point-blank) LK legs, cr.lp, xx mk SBK [267/373]
  • (point-blank + counter-hit) cr.hp xx lk legs, cr.lp, xx mk SBK [296/428]
  • (point-blank + counter-hit) cr.hp xx EX kikoken, cr.lp, xx mk SBK [317/442]

I know it seems like a lot, but you get enough time during the freeze animation to judge your range and pick the max damage/optimal combo to finish. Don’t just waste bar all the time and go into EX legs, EX legs is the least damage too.



Nice write-out. Thanks!


It’s bc it’s a charge. Go with the lightning legs or even the fireball bc it’s not a down charge. It’s not easy to pull a sbk when having to stand 2 hits before the cancel