Chun Li Combo Thread: Showing Off Her Kung Fu



In case anyone was wondering you can activate v-trigger when you see a kikoken is about to hit as an anti air and continue to juggle. You’re only allowed two normals to connect though and not all the hits will connect. (Corner example: kikoken, activate, f.HK [3 hits] b.HP [1 hit] for a total of 5 hits. Any cancel from the b.HP will whiff) You can also still use super after the juggle limit is up but I’m sure that’s common knowledge.


So I finally did it. I was so hype. I have my own tips to help others. Step one is start off with the basic cr.lp , , Everyone can do this combo but when you try to charge you gotta press down immediately after the next tip is to throw out the as late as possible for it still to combo. While practicing you will miss the trying to throw it late. The next tip is press up+mk has one input. Tips on charging if you miss the combo but and mk sbk combo you need to charge faster gradually you will be able to put it all together. When you get good at charging you can do it from a raw I still drop it In matches but I definitely know when I hit it or how much I was off now at least. Hope this helps.

Of course there is always this as well
IALL is so hard struggled recording


Yay another post about this combo.

That part is not true btw… MP, cr.MK is a 1 frame link, the cr.MK will always hit on the same frame regardless of when you press it, so trying to do it late is not going to give you any extra charge time. All you are doing is increasing your chances of missing that link.

As has been said a BILLION TIMES, the key to this combo is to take advantage of the 3 frame buffer, and do the MP 3 frames early, then start charging on the NEXT frame. If you do that part correctly, you will have more than enough time to cancel into the M SBK.


This is how I had to think about it when I was trying to do it. I could never do it at all but this way of thinking I was able to preform it.

Your 100% Correct I guess it’s the same lol I guess my execution is bad it feels different to me.


how do I take advantage of the 3 frame buffer. I press down straight after,,
Up+mk but bird kick still doesn’t come out or it come out late and gets block.
This advance bnb is tuff.
How do I master this?
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If you’re going for mk sbk, than your charging has to be frame perfect. Opting for light sbk, you can late cancel the crouching mk. Hope this helps :wink:


The game allows you to press MP 3 frames before your cr.LP recovers.

You need to make sure you are pressing MP as early as possible. Chun is still crouching with her arm extended, when you press MP.

If you do that part correctly, the next step is to make sure you press down on the stick 1 frame after you press MP.

If both of those things are done correctly, then the M SBK will automatically come out. You do not need to late cancel the M SBK. You must cancel the cr.MK into the M SBK with regular timing.

If your M SBK is coming out, but it gets blocked, then that means you tried to late cancel it.

If it doesn’t come out at all, then you did not charge early enough.


Here is another tip I really don’t think it has to be frame perfect. It’s one of those things that as soon as you understand it you will start cranking it out. Anyway another trick is c.lp , if your playing on arcade stick you press c.lp let go of down immediately and press mp as soon as you see the punch coming out start hold down. One of the problems I initially had is I was not having a clean down input I think that having a clean down to up input is helpful but not necessary another thing is you probably are going to up to fast. If you do it late and you miss the link you will get ,msbk which is 8 hits if you don’t get this then your charging way to late. With perfect charging you basically throw out a msbk right after with decent charge you will miss the link but, msbk will combo with good charge you you will have the charge before the you even throw out and you basically are throwing it after.


Having trouble on the timing of trigger v skill 3 x stomps j.hp IA hard legs guys. Any advice? Or even better a visual?




For vskill stomps hp ialegs, do vskill into stomps at normal pace. Delay the hp a half second. That will float the opponent a little higher and give you plenty of time to land and execute ialegs


The mk SBK combo seriously isn’t very hard. You don’t even have to use the cr.lp to buffer. The KEY is charging after as fas as possible AND THEN delaying your cancel to near the last frame. If you do it that way the combo is pretty easy.

It DOES take practice though. I had to get the cancel timing into muscle memory and the charge into muscle memory. Once you get them though it’s a pretty easy combo. Feels like it has at least 2 frame leniency.

To further prove that you don’t have to use the cr.lp buffer time, you can do the combo from raw That’s how easy it is. You just have to start charging super fast, and delay the cancel.

The speed that you have to start charging is where most people mess up I think… It’s VERY fast. I’m thinking that I consistently start charging 2-3 frames before my even makes contact.


I made a video/guide for all optimal combo’s/confirms (mainly what’s already in the main post in visual format, and some extra ones)

At 1:56 is an example.


Great video back to the lab some more I didn’t know a bunch of these. Like some of the ex combos and air to air combos. I’m trying to crank out more options especially with meter. Time to add all of this. Slowly. I feel like I can do a bunch of them.


Absolutely great, really anyone should watch that video!


@CharmingRogue Any particular reason why you press both MP and MK when you do instant air legs?
I noticed it in the video because I’m curious about how people are doing their inputs for certain moves.


OS. So you dont get Ground Legs. Instead you get the Vskill which is less risky


Yeah, what Oyichun said

Shameless self plug:

Also, if you get a ‘plink’ by accident instead of pressing them at the same time, you will essentially get air lightning legs more consistent. Because plinking still works in this game. I think the concept behind it is if you press medium kick at below minimum height, but your plink with medium punch (so the medium punch+medium kick input) is right at the minimum height, then air legs will still come out instead of (although if you plink and you do the input too fast, like in the video, then you will still get grounded legs instead of vskill. So that’s something to take into consideration). But it’s hard to prove this concept. I know Sako plinks with medium punch for this reason.


Why does in vtrigger overhead to cr.lp still link? And to cr.hp? I’m so confused… I thought hit/block stun would be the same as outside of vtrigger. But the game disagrees.


Because it only affects multi-hitting moves