Chun Li Combo Thread: Showing Off Her Kung Fu



Those are multihitting moves.

It just normalizing hit stop and block stop. It didn’t change the actual frame advantage and links. Its was to remove the brain dead os she could do into super in vtrigger.


I thought it was referring to multi hitting outside of v-trigger and how they would work using v-trigger :smiley: Gotcha.


ooohh… so they made hit/block stun the same per individual move. I understood them making hit/block stun the same inside and outside of vtrigger. I understand now…


They really could have worded it better…


I was doing the challenges yesterday and I can get all 10 except #6. Like I have never been able to understand how anyone gets v skill, stomp, stomp into air legs. What is the trick? -I’ve probably spent hours trying this and I landed it like 1 time ever. Anyone got any tips for this one?


I think you just need to do the first stomp faster.

Did you watch the demonstration?


That’s about it. You just have to be quick with it.


Then wouldn’t it be true that the mSBK cancel can have a 3 frame buffer? So it’d be best to not utilise that buffer and cancel it at the exact frame instead?


what is the timing to land the forward mp after the ex-fireball in a combo? Also, any tips for canceling standing medium punch to ex-fireball? Thanks


I’ll give it a go. -it seemed really relaxed the timing in the demonstration, like slow, the second stomp coming quickly after the 1st. It’s so unlike most other combos, except the air to air mp to legs which seems easy. It must need to be really exact. I will attempt to do the 1st lower to the ground, see how it goes.


cr.MK xx M SBK has a “cancel window” of a certain amount of frames. If you input the SBK before the 1st frame of the cancel window, then the buffer will carry your input forward and your SBK will come out on the first cancellable frame.

In the context of this combo, if you cancel into SBK on the first available frame, then you will not have enough charge and the SBK will not come out. So yes, you are correct in saying that you should NOT use the buffer in this case.

The cancel window that you want to hit here is actually quite large (it feels like 4 frames to me). This combo is nowhere near as difficult as people seem to think it is. I used to do L SBK because I thought M SBK was too much risk, but eventually I just started doing M SBK every time because I realized it isn’t even hard, you just have to cancel into the M SBK a little bit earlier.


You can also try inputting stomp>down>mk>downforward>forward>kick instead of doing the whole legs motion after the last stomp. Saves some time.


For trial #6 I did vskill, stomp, stomp, stomp, legs and it combo’d and counted, you only get 1 hit of legs but it’s good enough


Can we get an update on the CC punish:
CC Punish, dash, > lk.LL,c.lp > lk.sbk (303/503)

I think it’s easier than the one and it does more dmg and stun.


Not sure if this was mentioned. Some stun combos:

midscreen: jump forward very late stomp, j.hp (2 hits) cr.hp lk legs, cr.lp lk SBK
corner: walk back into LP fireball, Vskill j.hp (2 hits) cr.hp lk legs, cr.lp SBK (do back.hp EX kikouken, MK SBK w/ 1 meter)

Not practical but if you do vskill into stomp then in the corner, both hits land on the front but then you land behind them. I wouldn’t do it but it is interesting.

#136, dash, > lk.LL,c.lp > lk.sbk (303/503)

Strange I also had problems with this combo vs, msbk combo alternative the jab always wiff’s and when it does’nt I have to be at a much closer distance than say with for the combo to work., dash, > lk.LL, Seems to work fine but that c.lp is a problem.


It depends on where you hit the from. When you block a DP, you are right next to the opponent. So the cr.lp will always be in range. But if you hit like in footsies (from a further range), then when you dash up you won’t be right next to the opponent, so the LK legs pushes you to far and the cr.lp won’t connect.

This combo is meant to be as a DP punish combo (which is basically the only situation where you can realistically land this combo), so try to practice it like that. Due note that some DP’s have a lot of pushback (Cammy’s DP for instance), so you would have to dash up after the block before you use to make it consistent (Block DP, dash up,, dash up, xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK).


Ok so I can do the St. MP, CR. MK into L.SBK
Can I get the same setups as the M.SBK
And if so what the hell are they? There are so much information spread instead of all put into one post -__-


Ok so for Chuns bnb with the mk SBK the hardest part is the cancel… because people are probs cancelling it on the first frame when you can actually delay the SBK and it will still combo! My friend said it like this and it really helped me

Cr.lp… st mp……mk sbk

Like that.

How do you combo off instant air mk LL wtf it feels impossible… halp plz


And Karin recovers crouching so may whiff entirely.