Chun Li Combo Thread: Showing Off Her Kung Fu



Do them as low as possible (around Ryu’s head). And combo with cr.lp, don’t try mediums.

Yeah, Karin and Nash. It’s possible, but very very hard/inconsistent that it’s not worth it.


Yeah I’ve blown myself up too many times trying to CC st. HK Karin’s EX Ressenha. Instead, I’m trying to condition myself to go for F+HK -> cr. LP xx LK Legs -> cr. LP xx LK SBK on her. This is similar to what I would do as a DP punish while V-Trigger is active (F+HK -> cr. LP xx LK Legs -> cr. LP, cr. MK xx MK SBK) since a CC st. HK would knock them away during V-trigger.


Alternatively CH stMP crHP links


But it pushes them too far for the xx lk legs cr.lp xx lk sbk


HK SBK carries opponent further for 254/370 but you lose 10 dmg 100 stun
ch stmp CrHP VT st HP Super or crMK MK SBK if you want to get your VT going.
Edit you can walk after crhp vt and crhp lk legs crlp crmk m sbk


Thanks bro I finally got it down. Been getting it consistently in training just gotta try it in a match. Chun Lis tough execution makes her fun.


When you don’t have vtrigger yet, there’s an argument that could be made into just punishing it with b+hp into HK Legs. Just cause Chun’s vtrigger is so good, and having it opens up so many options. It does significantly less damage, but it builds vtrigger cause of the Crush Counter properties. Just some food for your thoughts.


I find the actual instant air extremely hard I can’t even dream of using it in a match. But the advice I can give is you have to do it low enough and you also have to be close enough at the same time.


I was gonna smart ass you saying that reading it and comboing it wouldnt work…
Then I just did the combo 7/10 times. The M.SBK of course.
Usually I end it with L.SBK. This is just a really weird input. Ive never comboed a LATE intput before in any game.


[edit[ wrong thread lol


CH fHK sLK xx L Legs cLP xx L SBK

For those that crouch after DP whiff

CH fHK sLK xx L Legs cLP cMK xx M SBK

for your VT DP punish needs


I think without vtrigger it’s a little more optimal to go for fhk cr.lp mk sbk. [281/513] with your combo it’s [282/476]. 1 less damage but a significant amount of stun.


It’s also less space dependent since slk l legs always goes forward.


Having a little issues getting her SBKs to come out when doing combos. Is there a certain point that I need to hold & release the button?


Delay the cancel from, it can be late canceled which gives you a few frames extra charge time. Also use LK SBK if the medium one is hard. LK SBK combos are super easy.


So after cr MK just delay a bit? Oh I also didn’t know about lk SBK. Thanks for that


Not gonna lie. I’m still having issues getting them to come out during the combo sequences.


All of us did for the first couple of weeks or so. Some only for a day or 2 but most people had issues for awhile.

As an example I’ve been to the point where I could hit them 8 times out of 10 in real matches (the mk version) but I’ve been picking up a lot of characrers so my chun time has fallen off and I currently can barely do them in real matches. It’s just muscle memory at the end of the day. It’s quite hard to develop and feels super weird, but you basically have to and the IMMEDIATELY start holding down. How fast does it have to be? Well it’s worth it just to practice and holding down as fast as you can over and over again till it starts to feel natural. Funny thing is it WILL start to feel natural after awhile… Like maybe 4-5 hours if you are me (broken up into smaller practice sessions)

After that… Your work isn’t done. Now you have to train yourself to late cancel.

This is VERY frustrating to learn at first since you more than likely are trying the entire combo, and may not even have the into charge fast enough… Resulting in you not knowing which part of the combo you are flubbing.

A way to circumvent that is to just charge down, then and try to late cancel the

But that’s still kinda hard to teach you the timing. So there is another way, but it’s roundabout:,cr.lp, xx kikoken.

Do the first 3 attacks as fast as possible making sure you have no charge before you press the cr.lp, then try to cancel into kikoken. Notice that you can’t. In order to do this while doing the chain as fast as possible starting with no charge, you have to late cancel the into kikoken in order to get enough charge.

You can of course cheat by getting charge before you start the blockstring, or by doing the blockstring very slowly, but then you are only harming yourself as the point of this is to teach yourself what the delayed cancel timing feels like if you’ve never done it.


I can not for the life of me do her > xx sbk combo. I cant find the timing on the sbk cancel, i hold db as soon as i hit but i cant get the sbk to come out


If sbk isn’t coming out, you’re pressing “kick” too early. If you’re going for the light sbk, you can cancel really late into’s animation.