Chun Li Combo Thread: Showing Off Her Kung Fu



Made a combo video… Has everything from BnB to advanced combos. It focuses on match-play so it optimizes damage, situation and ease of execution (most of them anyways… I had to have some fun too ya know?) If you have questions on execution, let me know!


Great vid, it’s just missing > > st.lp xx SBK LK/HRK, as well as a vital VT combo short range > VT > > cr.hp xx SBK HK and a bit further than that if cr.hp doesn’t reach cr. mp > VT > > xx SBK MK. Cheers!


Thanks for the input! I made a revised video with some new stuff (I think you’ll like #36) since I got some feedback from others.

I have c. LP > c. LP > s. LP xx SBK(L) for #02. I think c.LP is better due to having more plus frames on block and hit. The combo range is similar as well.
c. MP > VT > s.MP > c.HP xx SBK (H) isn’t as good as c.MP > VT > s.LK xx HRK (L) > c.LP > c.MK xx SBK (M) [Combo #38 in the updated video]. Both have about the same combo range. This and a slew of other c.MP > VT combos have been added (including the s.MP > c.MK xx SBK) to the revised video.

Updated video:


Any tips on how to execute low short x 2, standing jab into sbk? I always end up jumping instead of getting standing jab with sbk


First practice cr. lk > cr. lk > st.lp, and when u do st.lp, since it’s cancelled from a chain even if u hold upleft/upright (if opponent is on right side, upleft, if opponent left side, upright, you maintain charge for kikoken + autoblock OS and SBK will cancel either way) Chun-Li will not jump until after st.lp ends. So whether on hit or block, it’s best to do it so you’re always going the upleft/upright on st.lp and if it’s a hit you simply press LK immediately after LP (around plink timing) and it’ll cancel. If block just leave upright after st.lp connects and continue the pressure with f+mp, walk forward st.lp/, cancel into HP kikoken, instant air legs, whatever you want really.


I plink/piano (or whatever it’s called) s.LP xx SBK part.

  1. Charge down while doing the first two c.LP/LK.
  2. Briefly put into neutral.
  3. Plink/piano LP to LK while pressing up with the LK.

My inputs in the game show the following: I have one motion between the LP and LK since I don’t plink very fast but it still works.
down back LP
down back LP
up back
up back LK

The s.LK xx SBK is a bit harder since you can’t plink and it doesn’t hit crouching enemies (I honestly think that extra damage is not worth the risk [146/331] vs [154/331]). You can still apply the same principle but you can double tap the LK for SBK instead.

Hope that works out for you!


What are some of the best meaties after EX Legs? Trying to figure out other ones than


Question about Instant Air Legs: Is it possible to do instant air legs when you’re standing right next to the opponent without crossing the opponent up?

I’m thinking about doing air legs as a reversal to an opponent’s throw.

I’ve seen other posts where they said there are two versions of air legs - straight up and up towards. Haven’t been able to execute the straight up version. Is there a trick to this?

But I’m wondering if the straight up version will prevent cross ups at point blank range.


You’re right. Neutral jump IA HRK doesn’t cross up. I use this a lot against people who tech a lot or after I condition them to tech on certain patterns. Worth learning.
I personally do it the honest way with up, qcf, MK but it is pretty difficult to consistently do it (especially when I try to bait a throw after a dash in). I’ve thought of a few different inputs but haven’t spent the lab time yet. I may make a video once I figure stuff out.


I’m still switching from Cammy to Chun, but I know you can do EX legs > dash > b.hp
If they mash on quickrise, it crush counters, you can juggle into sweep and if they normal quickrise you can dash into meaty
If they mash on backroll, it whiffs unless they do something like wake up low forward. On backroll you can do st.hp instead of b.hp to meaty still, but no pressure afterwards.

These also work off m.SBK as far as I know, maybe others. I’m still new to Chun.


in vt and corner 2 mk > 2lp > 2mk > ex kiko > 2mk mk sbk is a good low combo
also in corner no need for ex kiko , u can do jump HP(2) > back a little > 4+hp > lp kiko >2mk > mk sbk
and more advanced combos are midscreen 2lp > mp > ex kiko > lk sbk
also i have this one not practical meaty cc 4+hp > VT > VS >2mk (x3)>ex legs


(VT) j.hp > s.hp > SA [464/285]




Forgot to post here but I made an explanation video. I tried a lot of different methods but it seems the best way to do neutral jump IA legs is simply doing it the honest way. Good luck.


Hey guys, it’s been a while. I made a new vid concerning all of Chun-Li’s max damage combo’s. I don’t see any Chun use half of the combo’s in this vid, so… Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Made an analysis video for Hakkei (Palm) counter options. It’s quite a satisfying move when it lands. Hope this benefits your Chun play!


Are there any combos after you do > VTC besides EX legs?


Cr. Mp > VTC combos besides EX Legs?..yup

Cr. Lk, Cr. Lp, Cr. MK xx SBK/Legs (close range)
St. Mp, Cr. Mk xx SBK/Legs (close range)
Cr. Lp, Cr. Mk xx SBK/Legs (slightly further most consistent combo)
Cr. Mk xx SBK/Legs outside jab range
Cr. Lp, St. Mp xx Legs/EX Kikouken, if Ex Kikouken then you can follow with Ex Legs or Cr. Mk xx if in corner
Cr. Lp, St. Lp xx Ex Kikouken follow it up in similar fashion but can be used mid-screen
there are others but these are the most consistent also a Meaty Cr. Mp, You can link Cr. Hp into full Cr. Hp BNBs


Whats the damage for each of these?


max damage meterless (closest range) xx lk legs, cr.lp > xx mk sbk: 272 / 384 xx lk sbk (191 / 298) is the ideal long range punish (doesn’t hit as far as raw legs) but requires good execution of course.

in between those ranges i generally go for one of these which will cover your options: > xx mk sbk (249 / 370) / > (194 / 285)
cr.lp > xx mk sbk (217 / 346) (this is very rarely the best option, go for xx lk legs if you’re in range)

Didn’t include metered stuff because while there are obviously more options, I very rarely deviate from the above confirms. There are some other things you can link off of particularly meaty but the followup options are numerous depending on how meaty you hit (and/or if you ch) so I advise you to mess around with it (for instance only links if you hit meaty).