Chun-Li Combo Video

I’ve recently been working on some combos for a Chun-Li video, mainly through boredom, but either way a fairly nice and possibly useful combo video came out of it. The majority of the combos are viable within match conditions and all combos are legit (i.e. maximum 4 EX bars and 1 ultra).

Hopefully this will flare up interest in Chun-Li and also give current mainers some ideas. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!!


No headstomp shenanigans!? Boooo.

Haha, all seriousness though, nice combo video. I may put together one of my own, but all of the combos I come up with are really unconventional, and not useful in a real match whatsoever. =P

I really liked your df+HK > cr.LP > > Super. That’s pretty sick.

Just a heads up to people that I’m changing from my IIN2OII youtube account to YouTube - reiseiJules’s Channel. At the moment it hasn’t got a lot on it, but soon I will be adding more and more Chun-Li matches… just for those who want to keep posted on my matches or any new things that I encounter on my travels with Chun-Li.