Chun Li Combos and Glitches

List your favorite combos here using standard abbreviation conventions. Include the proper damage from the training data in training mode.

In order to get an accurate number, make sure to set your character’s super meter to either “Normal” or “Max Start” because “Infinity” and “Recover” will give the combo an illegal damage boost. Also, make sure to perform the combo against P-Groove or A-Groove because some of the other grooves have meter-based defense bonuses. Finally, make sure to perform the combo when the opponent has a full lifebar, because otherwise the damage will be reduced depending on how low the opponent’s health is.

Also, discuss any glitches or bugs the character has, not including Roll Cancel. RC discussion belongs in a strategy thread.

Let’s have fun with combos!

-far s.MP xx qcf, qcf+LK, super jump HK

4750 damage
12 hits
21 stun

Find the magic range for landing this combo against Sagat. I used this setup… (corner, d.LP, s.HP xx hcf+HP). Now if Sagat presses his d.HP, he’ll whiff and Chun is at the perfect distance to hit him in his recovery with far s.MP xx super. Note that occupying this range in a real match is not easy at all. Good Sagat’s are constantly ticking at you with a barrage of s.LK’s and before you even get close to this range, they’ll keep you at bay with far s.HP as well. Regardless though, beginners should just practice the above whiff punishing setup to get a good idea how Chun’s far s.MP xx super combo should be used.

Of course when you have guaranteed combo openings (like after blocking another Chun’s kick super), use far s.MP xx super as well.

-d.LP, d.LP, d.MP xx qcf, qcf+LK, super jump HK

5441 damage
14 hits
29 stun

Chun’s hit confirmation combo. Do d.LP, d.LP. If the d.LP’s hit, continue with the combo by doing d.MP xx super! If the d.LP’s are blocked, walk up and do d.LP again! You’re betting that the opponent is going to fidget and try to hit you, throw you, or jump away even. Ha, you can’t do anything to Chun when she’s at +6 after the jab. Counter hit them to death.

Easy, easy 4 frame link on the d.LP, d.LP. Slightly tighter, but still easy 2 frame link on d.LP, d.MP.

-d.LP, d.MP xx qcf, qcf+LK, super jump HK

13 hits
25 stun

Depending on the range, I might use this combo over the above (like after a jump-in). My almost exclusive use for this combo however, is to stop people who try to throw me all day. d.LP has 2 frame startup. It’s fast enough to beat throws.

Kyo wants to do d.LK, walk up, throw to Chun. Chun should press d.LP as soon as Kyo’s throw starts. Ouch, 5000 damage. Sucks for Kyo.

-d.LP, close s.HP xx qcf, qcf+LK, super jump HK

5295 damage
13 hits
27 stun

I do this combo either after a cross-up j.LK or when I walk under the opponent during a super jump HK mixup. d.LP, close s.HP is an easy 3 frame link.

-d.HK xx qcf, qcf+LP

3700 damage
6 hits
10 stun

Used either as anti-air, anti-low jump, or when you know you can kill your opponent with just a one more combo and don’t want to risk messing up or mis-timing one of the link combos.

-d.HP xx qcf, qcf+LK, super jump HK

5150 damage
12 hits
25 stun

Comboing for dummies. Very easy. Very little chance of messing up. Does the same damage as close s.HK xx super.

Buk said this combo’d, but I don’t have a joystick so I can’t confirm this.

small jump crossover lk xx rh lightning legs, cr strong xx kick super

If you can get it down, it seems really useful.

Get your joystick and go to training mode. Then do what I did and make a list of all the common combos and their notes etc… rh lightning legs, d.MP is 2 frame link for example. Make sure you’re in P or A groove too so here are no illegal damage bonuses or anything. I know has the frame data. Use it. :slight_smile:

Since I mainly play N groove Iori/Chun/Sagat… here’s some stuff I use with her.

With Chun Li, you can mixup stuff after her lvl1 K super. You can go into standard st RH. From that you have couple different mixups. Standard walk under or fake walk under crap. You can also low jump LK at the perfect range and time it comes up as a meaty crossup when they come down. Usually this is hard as fuck to block as is, and you cancel into RH Lightning legs into super combo. Or you can empty low jump into cr LK XX RH LL into super. This works as well. You can also do a meaty low jump stomp into crossup LK or empty jump cr LK… into same setups said before. You can also make things a bit harder by running under neath and then doing all this crap from the other side. This is just to change stuff up against people who get use to Chun Li’s usual stuff.

You can also instead of doing sj RH as a follow up. You can go into sj Stomp. Depending on timing of doing the stomp, your follow up LK will either crossup or not. If it doesn’t crossup, you can also go into another stomp, into a crossup LK.

Those are some basic tricks with N groove chun li after her lvl1 super.

As far as whiff punishing. In my past experience, generally if you wanna punish a cr FP with Sagat, you gotta walk forward and do her st MP. Also st LK whiffs can be punished too… just hard as hell.

If Sagat does whiff a move, and you feel you aren’t going to be able to punish it in time. You can instead do f MK, to get in and the momentum from its advantage. You can use this to get a couple running jabs into st MP into FB or just do st MP then take a couple steps back. Usually if the Sagat is very agressive, he’ll try to st FP or cr FP and whiff if you walk back. If he is a C groove sagat, he’ll probably st LK, so if he whiffs, then try your best to punish him (which won’t happen every easily).

Also one note to remember with Chun Li vs P and K groove. Generally they may try to jump in and go to parry/JD her cr RH. You have the obvious option or airthrow. Or you can fuck them up with a st close RH SJ canceled into a sj RH or airthrow or stomp. If they parry the st close RH, then you can airthrow them. If they get hit, do the sj RH, and get a free mixup.

The main advice i have vs Blanka. Learn and master cr LP (see CH) st MP super. It isn’t too hard, but it really helps vs Blanka cause you may get a couple cr LP CHs when trying to stuff his cr FP.

Thats all I got for right now.

I believe I watched my Japanese friend do a short jump headstomp -> cross up lk -> link something else XX fireball. He was really exicted though I don’t think he had a chance to do it very often, i believe it relies heavily on placement of the headstomp.

Hrm. These combo threads should be easy to finish.

-jumping strong, low jab, close s.fierce xx rh SBK:
3598 dmg, 37 stun

Chun’s most damaging non-super combo. Use on dizzied opponents when you have no meter (a common occurrence). Pretty easy once you get used to it. The only catch is that the jumping strong has to hit high for Chun to be close enough to get a close fierce. Interestingly enough, the combo hits a perfect range where Chun can get a close fierce, but NOT a close roundhouse. I always knew that close HP/HK’s had more range than MP/MK’s which have more range than LP/LK’s, but I always assumed close HP’s and HK’s required the same ranges. Hrm…

-jumping strong, low jab, close fierce xx fierce fireball:
3100 dmg, 31 stun

Easier variant of the above combo, the same thing applies with the jumping strong hitting high.

-low jump forward, rh legs, low strong xx level 1 (then jump rh, which will be omitted from here on):
5887 dmg, 34 stun

Use on connected low jumps from the front of the opponent.

-cross up low jump short, rh legs, low jab low strong xx level 1:
5933 dmg, 35 stun

Use on connected cross up low jumps.

-close roundhouse xx rh legs, low strong xx level 1:
6387 dmg, 39 stun

Chun’s most damaging ground combo. Actually a lot easier than it might look; for close rh xx rh legs, just hit HK,MK,LK,LK,HK like you’re doing RC legs/elec. The problem is, the low strong will only reach on the games fattest characters: Rolento, Zangief, Dhalsim and Honda. Strangely enough, the second hit of the legs won’t even reach Geese at all. close rh xx rh legs, link standing strong will reach against every character, but that’s a one frame link and those are the devil. Damage scaling works out so that both combos do the exact same amount of damage. Anyway, use on the above opponents when they are dizzy, or when doing the mix up after a connected level 1. Especially handy against P-Groove since it’s a high parry.

-close strong (1 hit) xx rh legs, low strong xx level 1:
5687 dmg, 32 stun

Another variant of the above combo. Works on every character, does more damage, and is easier than the jab jab strong link. Close strong (1 hit) xx legs is really easy. There’s a whole mess of time for you to do it since you can cancel any time before the second hit comes out. Anyway, use in the same situations as the combo above. Be aware that Chun’s close strong can be crouched by many characters though.

-low short xx rh legs, low strong xx level 1:
5487 dmg, 30 stun

Chun’s only low hitting combo you can hit confirm. Low short xx legs might be hard for those of you who can’t piano from left to right. Anyway, this is useful for empty low jump shenanigans and as a mix up to Chun’s overhead stomp. Also useful against P-Groovers who only parry high against Chun.

-standing jab x2 or 3, low short xx level 2 or 3:
damage/stun varies

The Campbell special! For those times you really don’t want to miss the combo, this comes in handy. You might lose a small chunk of damage, but it’s a great and easy hit confirm combo. Counter hit standing jabs are pretty easy to get too.

-(cornered opponent) df+roundhouse, level 1 puffball:
3700 dmg, 10 stun

df+roundhouse counters a lot of things in a lot of situations. You can get this quite often.

-(C-Groove only, cornered opponent) df+roundhouse, level 2 puffball, cancel to whiff rh legs, close rh xx super jump roundhouse:
6810 dmg, 35 stun

Fun combo, easy to do with minimal practice. The only trick is to wait a bit before doing the legs so that the opponent doesn’t get hit by them.

-(N-Groove only, cornered opponent) alpha counter, level 3 puffball:
5120 dmg, 0 stun

Not something you want to do all the time, obviously. 3 meters for 5120 dmg isn’t too hot. However, it’s very handy to keep in mind if you really need to kill off a character. Quasi-free damage is never a bad thing.

-(S/N-Groove only, cornered opponent) level 3 kick super, level 1 puffball:
8100 dmg, 0 stun

The timing for juggling the level 1 puffball is actually kind of strict, but it does do a good deal more damage than just doing the jumping roundhouse. By comboing into the level 3, you can do upwards of 11570 dmg in a single combo.

-anti-air close roundhouse xx super jump rh:
2500 dmg, 25 stun

Useful against P/K grooves. Also handy when you walk under characters with weak/no cross ups. Since the jump rh hits the opponents up, you can do walk under shenanigans like the post-super mix ups.

-low lab, close roundhouse xx super jump forward:
2300 dmg, 23 stun

Stupid pointless combo. Fun way to kill off opponents, though. Doesn’t work on crouching characters.

I believe that covers pretty much everything. The only things left I can think of are CCs and how much her level 2 -> level 1 cancels do in all of the above situations.

Quick addendum:

-jump straight up fierce, close fierce xx SBK:
3641 dmg, 37 stun

More damage than the previous SBK combo. Slightly tricky to get a close fierce xx SBK directly after a jump in.

-jump straight up fierce, close roundhouse xx fierce fireball:
3300 dmg, 33 stun

Easier. Still a good chunk of damage.

-cross up low jump short, rh legs, low strong xx fierce fireball:
2700 dmg, 27 stun

No meter low jump combo. Close fierce xx fireball will connect on fatter characters for 2900 damage. The characters don’t need to be extremely fat ala Rolento or Honda, merely Sagat/Blanka sized will do.

This is a level 2 cancel I do as opposed to the lightning legs, feirce lv1 kicks combo. Crossup, c.lp, c.lp, XX Lv2 kick super, after the last hit xx lk SBK, lv1 kikoshou.

23 hits 9385 damage, and alot easier than the lv2 kicks to lightning legs, s.fp, lv1 kick super. You’re better off just learning the other one, because it does very slightly more damage (less than 100 I think) but it’s less reliable. You also lose the post super mixups.

The easy combo does only 400 less damage, but it also does less than half the stun of the normal combo. I would recommend using the easy combo to kill off a character and using the normal combo if they’re gonna live. From the normal combo, one successful mix up after the jumping roundhouse will dizzy any 70 stun character… which basically turns the combo into a 100% combo.

…I guess I’ll be the first to post something glitch-related in a ‘Combos and Glitches’ thread.

Chun’s df+roundhouse:

This is a really wacked out buggy move.

1) It behaves differently in either corner.
This was discovered relatively early in CvS2’s life. If Chun hits with this move in the 1p corner, the opponent gets knocked OUT of the corner. If Chun hits it in the 2p corner, the opponent stays in the corner like he should, allowing Chun to juggle the puffball super.

2) It allows Chun to do 1p cross ups.
This move allows a 1p Chun to knock down an opponent in the corner and cross up… normally only possible on the 2p side. Even weirder, the cross up is ONLY possible with 1p Chun. 2p Chun just stays on the same side.

3) 2p Chun doing df+roundhouse will completely whiff a cornered Sagat.
AFAIK, this only happens against Sagat. 1p Chun can hit Sagat just fine, though. Shrug.

not really a glitch, but something very helpful to do with chun li…

you know how one of chun li’s weaknesses is not being able to AA crossups very well? if you jump in front of her, her crouching roundhouse will almost always do the job. but if you’re getting crossed up, you just roll away right?

wrong. when i see somebody try and cross me up, walk UNDER them, and do close standing roundhouse. this move will launch your opponent in the air, allowing you to superjump roundhouse (and all the mixups that follow, just like after a kick super into super jump roundhouse), or superjump fierce, fierce. this is especially handy vs P/K groovers because it throws them off, and you can just super jump away to safety if they do guess right.

i’ll add the damage numbers and stun when i get home.

now here’s my question. what method should i use to connect short jump mk into RH legs and crossup short jump short into RH legs? i usually just mash on the kicks and hope RH legs come out.

it would probably make the most sense when i’m trying to get the short into legs to drum LK, MK, RH, but then do i just hit RH two more times or what? and i’m lost on what would be the best method with the short jump mk.


PS- sorry if i’m repeating the anti-crossup close standing RH thing, i just found it out recently.

Pretty old news, but a lot of people still don’t know about it so it’s coo.

I do a fairly goofy method of comboing legs off of a low jump, but it’s easy on the hands:

low jump MK (hits), tap HK MK HK HK
cross up low jump LK (hits), tap LK HK LK HK HK

So I jump and just alternate between the two buttons twice, then hit HK a final time to get the legs to come out. I’m pretty sure most people do some sort of piano method, though.

Anyway, bonus combos!

-RH legs (2 hits), RH legs (2 hits), s.MP xx level 1:
5733 damage, 33 stun

Mostly a showoff/fun combo, but it does have its uses. RH legs into RH legs is supposed to be a 1 frame link, but I’m getting it like 90% of the time. Shrug. The s.MP after is pretty random though. On super fat characters like Blanka and Rolento, you can do a low strong after the second set of legs, which then makes the combo practical. Anyway, I just started doing 2 sets of RC legs on opponents in hopes that they would block the first and eat the second, and they just happened to combo. Heh.

-RH legs, s.LK xx command LKx2 xx level 2 or 3:
variable damage

Completely pointless and stupid combo. Looks funny though, and puts that retarded triple short move to some use. Only works against super fatties like Blanka and Rolento.

That might mean something … whenever I was able to land Chun-li’s kick super in the corner, I would never do the sj follow up. I would always pause a bit, then do her df+roundhouse. I thought it was either completely random or dependent on spacing. That might explain why sometimes I wouldn’t get to be on the other side.

c.LP, c.LP, (s.MP/d.MK) -> low jump stomp, crossup j.LK

this works vs crouching enemies, i tested on guile and iori, havent practiced on sagat/blanka

u can also empty jump after the stomp, and then work off of that

crossup low jump j.LK -> RH LL (2 hit), c.MP xx qcf,qcf+K, sj.d+MK (stomp), crossup j.LK, etc

to time the crossup j.LK after sj.stomp, super jump as early as possible, then stomp as late as possible (this setup seems much easier off of a lvl3 compared to lvl1)

How can you do the s.HP into SPK link? Surely s.HP doesn’t give you time to charge SPK!

It doesn’t give you enough time. You have to hit the s.HP on the way up. Charge down, neutral HP, up HK. It is a bitch and I can’t hit it reliably, but it will come out sometimes :slight_smile:

You said
"Chun’s df+roundhouse:

This is a really wacked out buggy move.

  1. It behaves differently in either corner.
    This was discovered relatively early in CvS2’s life. If Chun hits with this move in the 1p corner, the opponent gets knocked OUT of the corner. If Chun hits it in the 2p corner, the opponent stays in the corner like he should, allowing Chun to juggle the puffball super.

I was fooling around trying to juggle the Puffball super off the df.HK, and you can juggle it out of both corners. I don’t know if it works on all characters, as I had chun v. chun. You do it in the 1P corner just like the 2P corner. Do the super towards the corner, and as your opponent is flying over your head, Chun will turn around and puffball towards the center of the screen, just catching the enemy in the ball.

The only hitch is that you can do it too early, in which case Chun puffs towards the corner, and you can do it to late, in which case the super doesn’t come out :slight_smile: It’s actually not a lot harder than the 2P corner and looks a hell of a lot cooler, because it sends your opponent flying across the screen.

Another weird thing about this corner glitch is how certain characters act. For example, Rolento has some weird properties coming out of the corner. First of all, you can do the puffball combo and it will actually put him back into the corner. Also, if you hit Rolento with the df.HK in the 1P corner, and wait a split second before you back dash, you will back dash over Rolento’s bouncing body, and cross him up on his right side. If you backdash immediately, you will end up on his left side. It’s not too useful, but it adds an element of surprise. Depending on when you backdash, you can choose to be on Rolento’s left or right side. Weird.

Ok. More updates on the 1P corner df.HK glitch. The puffball motions are always done towards the 1P corner, even if Chun turns and fires it the other direction.

Group A

Blanka - Chun can hit Blanka with a left or right facing Puffball. Can also whiff if Blanka is directly over Chun’s head. Can’t backdash crossup.

M. Bison (dictator) - Can puffball either way. Can’t backdash crossup.

E. Honda - Can puffball (easily) either way. Can’t backdash crossup.

Raiden - Can puffball either way. Can’t backdash crossup.

Group B

Rolento - Can puffball either way. CAN backdash crossup.

Iori - Can puffball either way. CAN backdash crossup.

Geese - Can easily puffball both ways. CAN backdash crossup.

Group C

Chun Li - Generally comes out of the corner too fast to puffball to the left, but can be done if there is space between you before you df.HK. Can’t backdash crossup.

Guile - I haven’t been able to puffball left, though it seems possible with spacing. Can puffball right. Can’t backdash crossup.

Zangief - See Guile. I can’t believe I can’t puffball Zangief to the left. Can’t backdash crossup.

Rock - Can only puffball right. Can’t backdash crossup.

Group D

Hibiki - Even though she is small, you can puffball her to the right. She doesn’t seem to have the same properties as Cammy and Sak. CAN backdash crossup.

Akuma (and Shotos) - I haven’t been able to puffball into the corner, but can easily puffball right. CAN backdash crossup.

Kyo - Just like Shotos, can puffball right. CAN backdash crossup.

Todo - Can puffball right. Maybe can puffball left with perfect timing / spacing. CAN backdash crossup.

Group E

Sakura - Sakura flies out of the corner too fast to puffball. I haven’t landed one yet. Can’t backdash crossup.

Cammy - Freaking small characters…See Sakura. Can’t do either.

Morrigan - behaves like Cammy and Sak. Flies out of the corner way to fast to catch with a puffball or backdash crossup.

Group F

Sagat - Don’t even try this crap on Sagat, for reasons Buktooth already brought up.

Rugal - See Sagat. These guys are too tall to even hit with a df.HK in either corner.

Chang - Also too tall to hit.

If you don’t see your favorite character, sorry. This post is already too long and pointless :pleased:

when u do short jump cross up xx LL and then!!!

is the in N-Groove harder to hit than in C-Groove??
because a friend told me and as i tried it in practice mode i only got it in c-groove?? maybe i imagin that but maybe its right!!

Do c.lp, after the Lightning Legs.


some of the combo starters are already covered in XYZ’s vid. But anyway, his Chun-li combo is really scary. I just get a question…how do you guys do the and then cancel it into the ligntning kick. That’s is a bit tough.