Chun Li Combos and Glitches


for me its faster drumming from right to left

I’m kind of new to this whole thing…so I don’t understand a lot of the lingo (such as mixup and tick and whiff). I really suck with Chun Li…but I’ve heard she’s realy good…is she top tier? What are some good BASIC strategies for her? Thanks

About the SBK…you can combo by cr.lp s.fierce into SBK. Or you can do into SBK. I like to do that…builds meter and damages well. :tup:

VS K groove, I like to do close s.rh xx superjump and air throw if it gets JD’d.

I think you’re confusing CvS2 Chun with 3s Chun. You cannot super cancel Kikoken xx Hoyoku sen in this game unless you’re playing the x-box version in P groove.

I’m sry your right lol…my mistake i got confused :confused:

can someone show a good combo of Chun-li-A good in the ground? cause I only know a good combo AA and wanted to know a diferent one… tips please

what is her basic b/b with out a super? im new

i try to get cr.jabx2, cr.mpXX kick super but i always get puffball, what can i do to fix this?

hold down the mp while doing the kick super inputs. That way you won’t negative edge the puffball.

so that’s the only way? i’m a bit confused since when i do only into kick super it comes out correctly i don’t understand why it’s not the same in the other case.


This is what I think is happening. When doing d.MP xx Kick super by itself, you are likely doing something similar to this:

:d: :mp: :df: :r: :qcf: :k:

Notice that if you Negative Edge the MP at that point, no move will activate as Chun Li has no QCF move. By the time you finish the next QCF the stored d.MP input from the Negative Edge is expired but the first QCF is still present (I really need one of the tech savvy players on this board to answer the question how long after the button release does Negative Edge store for?)and the next QCF + K activates and cancels into the kick super.

Now when you are adding the d.LP, I’m guessing you are beginning the buffer at the second d.LP and pressing d.MP during the second QCF like so:

:d: :lp: :df: :r: :d: :mp: :df: :r: :k:

And when you let go of d.MP to press K, Negative Edge counts it as a punch input and acitvates QCF x 2 P, as this is the code the computer receives. Note also, iirc, that QCF supers need not end at F, stopping at DF activates them as well which may be contributing to the Negative Edge problem.

So, try to buffer at the d.MP and not try to get a head start by buffering at the d.LP or simply hold d.MP to avoid Negative Edge, just as kabukimono suggested.

thanks a lot for the info! and besides this bnb does chun have any other useful ones?

For those looking for combos, there are many combos listed on page one of this thread.

Some common combos for Chun Li are:

  1. d.LP x 2 + d.MP xx kick super
  2. d.LP + close s.HP xx Kikouken
  3. d.LP + close s.HP xx kick super
  4. normal or low jump cross up j.LK + HK Lightning kick + d.MP xx kick super
  5. far s.MP xx kick super*

*if nothing else, learn this one

-combos 1-3 can be started with a cross up j.LK

These are just a few combos I use personally.

A combo I like to use to finish the guard bar against characters who can’t crouch SBK.

cross up j.LK + d.LP + close s.HP xx SBK

Take a look at the opponent’s guard bar before committing to this one. With experience you will be able to estimate which strength SBK to use to just break the guard, giving you an opening for a free combo.

When I don’t want to mess up on dizzied opponents, I go for the easy

j.HP + d.HP xx kick super

Sometimes for chip damage I go for the very easy

j.LK + d.LK xx LK lightning kick

The LK lighning kick is completely safe ±0 on block.

why would i use k chunli or k groove at all

Do you guys think close s.HK xx HK legs combo is useful at all? Just for the sake of doing it? It appears more rewarding than just close s.HP xx Kikoken. If I’m fighting a shorty that can duck the second hit of my legs, then I keep mashing the HK to get the three hits legs. I figured it might be nice to mix up between meaty d.LK/d.MK with something that has to be parried high. I’m thinking close s.HK, since close s.MP can be ducked by P-Cammy. It’s not like 3S where I can easily hit confirm my close s.HK’s into super though. In CvS2 I have to do some one frame link with close s.HK xx legs, far s.MP instead and that’s unpractical.

Maybe forget all those other moves altogether and just go for throw/d.LP game exclusively on a waking opponent?

Thats a showtime combo. I go for it a lot but dont hit it very often. If the game is on the line I wouldn’t go for it, just time a d lp to counter hit then get st fierce xx super. Maybe its just me but close st fierce is close to being a link. Not entirely, but I’ve been able to at the least verify off of it.

I like doing cr short (blocked), and using the +2 frame advantage to do rh legs. Still tough to super off of it, but I find it even harder to do the whole combo off of st lk piano.

Sorry if this didn’t make sense.

I think the c.fierce has a really late cancel window. Becuase many times i do. c.jab, s.fierce…xxsuper. Kinda of easy to hit confirm

is there a reset or something after lv3 kick super, super jump Hpx2 then i do what?