Chun Li Combos and Glitches

super jump HK afterwards, then land, walk/run forward and either crossup or don’t crossup with c.LP, s.HP xx hcf+HP (or if you’re in N/S, you can do c.LP, s.HP xx kick super)

i think you could also do level 3, superjump, late d+MK stomp, then can mixup with crossup/noncrossup j.LK, but i’m not sure… i usually only do super -> stomp -> crossup after a lvl1

i have problems with short pepole so SBK dont hit should i be doing c.lp,c.lp,,kidoken?
or is there a block string like geese has that i can use?

I don’t know if it’s been mentioned here, but I did this combo in an actual battle against sagat, but it should work against tall characters. I haven’t practiced it against all the characters yet, but here it is:

C-groove: …rh legs -> rh legs -> cr./st. mp -> lvl 2 super -> rh legs -> rh legs -> cr./st. mp -> lvl 1 super…

Buktooth mentioned something like that somewhere in this thread, I believe.
IIRC it only works on fat characters, plus RH LL > RH LL is a 1-frame link. Depending on the character you have to use s.MP since the c.MP would whiff (another 1-frame link). If you can pull it off consistently go for it, really good damage.

About this link is the frame data for lighting legs / wrong cos:
startup: 4
frame advantage on normal hit: +2
frame advantage on counter hit: +4

Lighting Legs
startup: 5

Unless I’m misunderstanding something.

I wish I could see a vid of this?

Learn something new everyday… seems buff? Wish I had a system to play around with it.:rolleyes:

It’s not a link, it’s a cancel. You got to drum your fingers over the kick buttons really fast for the LL to come out. I’ve tried it in real matches but my fingers aren’t quick enough to get it to work consistently.

Its top tier!

meh I cant do that shait either?

VS P groove I will have to do something else.

Something that is new to me…

I’ve be doing close cancel out the second hit…LL, to super.
Cool looking combo guys.

DAM I knew it … Cambell posted the shait like in 04…:wow:

There are characters that can crouch the s.MP.

Yo u think it’s would be good to just walk up RC LL back to back as a poke.

LIke C chun-li could do Dash RC LL(2 hits) RC LL (2 hits) / in stead of doing/finishing with Far. mp use the Frame advantage+ hit stun to walk buffer up close RC LL again.

Like keep walking up RC LL…? AT least It’s good RC Practice… I do this IN training to get my hand speed up, and also just too brush up on RC LL.

Also the Triple/double standing short’s to level 3 kick super… Level 3 is more reliable. Level 2 just seem a little random to me.

Might me good vs P groove while covering their wake.:wonder: … s.shortx2 level 3 kick super. Parry that?

Yeah just like SBK’s
IT has been stated. I will be sure to remember that! Gotta have Match/Character awareness:tup: . Rolento can GET IT (close