Chun-Li Combos Please?

I’ve noticed that she can super cancel into her Kikousou but I have no idea of how to set it up? Does anyone know?

also, how do you do her air combo infinite?

You can only set it up off a tenshou kyaku. For that reason its best to do it out of the infinite since its impossible to hit confirm the first hit of tenshou.

Do the upper shom, (air combo infinite ^^):

{ Launch, sj.lp, down+ RH, AD/F lk, (pause) RH, land s.lp } xN

and when you get them to the wall do:

{ s.lp, dp+RHxxPP } xN

There are many informative chun threads here already, a few that I started, and one that shin started. Just search back.

iight! thanks!

PM Higher Jin and get some threads stickied - other char. have 3 or 4.

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hey zach, did you know chun li has the exact same wall dash glitch as spiderman?

PHOENIX DOWN, MONSTER REBORN, LIFE 3… What ever, just revive this topic XD

There was a combo that Risuno and I were making months ago… my pc just… f***d up and I lost everything… only got a new thing now, and now I have the time to bring all back the Chun-li Stuff. here’s the starters.,, psy hits,, j.d+hk,, (1hit), land,, j.d+hk,, (1 hit) land, repeat.

As u can see, its a normal jump form of the Shom. Tested on storm, magneto and cable and only to 2 repetitions (not enough time to test yet, dreamcast just boom and waiting for the ps3 version) ut I think its possible more. Sometimes using j.lp insted of seens to correct some heigh problems.

That combo was finished only cause of Risuno. I came up with that first but I didnt had the idea to continue cause to me there wasnt a chance to continue cause I was starting the combo with Stomp at first, cause I had the frame startup idea in my mind, but then he came up with starting with j.lp or, I though that was too slow, but it worked… it was always like that … lol… hope we can work together more.

Anyway… this is just for starters, soon I will post here again (or in a new topic)… cya=)

Ive gotten 5-6 reps on storm, bulleta, and a few others midscreen. I use the upper shom to set it up now. Its great for connecting to s.lpxxsnapout.

The timing is really strict, but once you get the feel for it its not so bad. Keeping the opponent low to the ground is important.

Sorry i havent been around Shin, been really busy with other stuff. Starting to have more time to get back into marvel now so you’ll see me around more.

Take care.

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i dont understand the timing on chuns air dash after the first stomp. Its like i am sooo confused.

Please help me mr shin chan. one chun mastah to another

Are you doing it on the dreamcast version?

If so, after you launch try to hit sj.lp really early. Then cancel the lp to stomp. short pause, air dash lk. (the air dash to lk has to be really fast, either claw it or slide it like you are doing the rom) then short pause RH.

If you are trying on ps3/xbox, then i cant help you. Ive heard mixed things about it and have never personally tried it myself.