Chun-li Discord


I made a chun li discord to bring all chun’s together to go over everything meta related for the strongest woman in the world. Any information we find there can also be recorded here but this way we can all discover and discuss things in real time.


Invite is expired or invalid :frowning:


Hate how the invitations expire for discord, they really need an alternative.


i will have another invitation up soon

Edit: here is the new invite


This still a thing?? I tried entering the invite but it’s expired


Yes this is still a thing i’ll reset the link later today.


You can set the link to never expire in Discord’s settings.


8 days ago.


I was apart of it at one time now it does not work anymore and the link expired


yup expired.


Can someone reset the invite?


Set it to never expire in hopes of getting more people in. Discord chat feels dead…


looks dead


Let’s get more people in. Mika discord is going strong and I like it.


This is the current active Discord, please remove this thread: