Chun Li Doom

so what exacatly are you doing in order to make this work?:confused:

Chun is like Strider, but not as strong. She is also somewhat more mobile than him, so she can cover more ground quickly.

It’s basically the same as Strider in that you corner person, call Doom, repeat.

I’m still trying to develop my own Chun/Doom duo, but this is what I’ve learned so far.


corner opponent, call doom, repeat?

how do you keep them in the corner with chunners?

anyway, i used to play chunners/doom/cykes back in the day.

-you can dooms rocks to cover your chunners rushdown.
-if you like to abuse her headstomp, dash + assist tactic you can use doom to lock your opponent down after you bounce off and go from there.
-doom + puffball does decent chip damage. not exactly safe though.
-you can also use doom to otg the opponent into the puffball…rollable, though…

uh…chunners, strider, doom…?

sj. XX ad forward, head stomp, bounce off + doom, land, dash in puffball, DHC orbs > trap…

…i dont play striderdoom, so i dont know how well that team would actually do.

I do so with her headstomp mainly. If they try to pushblock it, I use her air dash to get myself back nearby. The big 4 can get out of this situation for sure, but it’s worked in various instances.

I’m not all for Stri/Chun/Doom. I use Psy to round out Chun and Doom because she works well with Chun, and Psy/Doom or Doom/Psy has a few good things to their name.

The team is pure AA assist, but it’s good in that all three can work well together as well as in various duos:



I seem to be able to lock down sent the easiest out of the gods i like chun vs. sent matches and chun vs. storm. Stay above sent and doom head stomp that shit seems pretty effective plus she’s small and hard for sent to combo and such.

Couldn’t you lock the opponent down by trapping them like Strider does, but instead use lightning kick. So you would like rush in and do a basic ground combo and call doom and when they block you can jump/dash over and lock them down w/ lightning kick. Once doom leaves, you can make a very brief pause in the lightning kicks so you can call doom again and repeat. I imagine you could build meter VERY fast this way, so you could put a meter whore in as your second character and DHC when you get to max. The only flaw I can think of is that your finger is gonna get ridiculously tired:( . Someone tell me if this is a good tactic because I don’t really play chun that much.

Her pause is too long for kicks it’s dissapointing really but i think i’ve found some pretty effective ways to use her now. TY

Just my opinion, but Lightning Legs will leave her open for something, even with the help of Doom’s rocks.

Best bet is the headstomp and normal light punches as well as kicks.

I had a good night with Chun and Doom on Friday. Got me a nice 6 wins using the two and Psylocke. Trip, and call Doom, then OTG into Hazan Tenshou Kyaku and DHC into Malestrom went off okay. It also does decent damage IMO.

You can also do Kikoshou, then DHC Psy’s Kochu Gakure, then if you have enough meter, DHC again to Doom’s AA super (Fireball motion and two kicks. Don’t know the name.)


OTGing into HK dhc into doom. Have you tried that?

That works good, but like other things, it has a risk to it.

It’d be like tripping and then doing Chun’s Senretsu Kyaku. The only thing is that if they roll, then Doom can be an easy target. At that moment, utilize Chun’s mobility and try to keep on them so that Doom can make a safe exit.



Chun and Psylocke also go really well together. They can do some good duo combos, have a couple of good DHCs, and their hyper combo of Malestrom and Hazan Tenshou Kyaku can keep a person airborne long enough for Chun and Psy to come down safely.

I really like using them both together because they are the only two non-fly characters who have a triple jump, and it can work out to their advantage.

Anyway, a couple of strats:

  1. The beauty of Chun and Psy is they they both can help each other. Their assists can start good ACs, or set supers up effectively. Either one can be an assist or a point character.

  2. An effective third character is a must. Because both Chun and Psy take bad damage, they need someone who can start off on point, take good damage, and make the best use of their assists. That said, I play Storm mainly because Psy and Chun help Storm with their assists, and Storm takes good enough damage to start off the match. Storm also builds meter for Psy and Chun if they need to DHC often.


lol i remember some old thread about chun li being top tier because of Jump, jump, jump air dash over call doom…OMG TOO GOOD!!!1

was the originator of that thread ‘StupidScrub168399438664’

if that was the case Omega would be up there with the best of them :stuck_out_tongue: