Chun Li FADC double dash bullcrap



apologies for the title, but i’m kinda irritated, it’s made me think i’ve been spazzing when dash cancelling, when it’s really something with lenient inputs messing with my head.

as i’m sure everyone knows, if you hold towards the opponent, then hold mp+mk, you only need to press forward once more to dash out of the focus charge.

what i mean by this: hold f+mp+mk, then tap forward again, voilla, dash cancel. you can also dash the usual (f x 2) way and you’ll still dash out of course.

however! if you are using Chun Li and use the ‘old fashioned’ way you will get a fucking goddamned double dash, even though you technically only input 3 forwards. it’s bullshit, and would explain why i often dash right into fireballs when trying to do quick successive absorbs.

i tested this with 4 different dudes, Chun, Guy, Ryu and Haggar, and this only happened with Chun.

for clarity:

hold towards, then hold mp+mk, then dash forwards. chun will double dash even though you’ve only input 3 forwards.

so does anyone have any theories why this occurs? i thought that maybe it was the fact her dash is so quick, but i haven’t heard of this before.




oops i meant Gief, alt 1 ftw.


play haggar then


idk why you’re getting 3 inputs but everyone dashes twice with 3 forwards


not from my experience…


The reason you might be getting this only with Chun-Li is because she has the fastest dash in the game. So with other characters you’d still be in the dash animation, but with Chun-Li you’re already done your first dash by the time your last forward is input, so you get a second dash. You can thank/blame Capcom for that one. Though the more practical answer would be just to refine your inputs so it doesn’t happen.


well yes, now i know it happens i am less likely to have it happen on me anymore. i just think it’s odd that the input display shows me as having put forward in 3 times, but still dashes twice.


Pick Haggar to help you with the bullcrap.


Well, the answer to your problem is to stop scrubbing it out with your inputs :-/


i should have know what to expect form this forum :confused:

because inputting forward 3 times = 2 dashes. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN OH WOE IS ME


chun is not about dashing anyways


What do you expect when you make threads like this?

Why are you even pressing forward before you FADC if you are going to imput another 2 forwards anyways?


No fair enough, I guess my post is a bit ‘casual’.

The point i’m getting at is that I sometimes walk forward with Chun against fireballers, and focus dash through a fireball on reaction. At the right range you can hit them while they are still recovering from the fireball - unless I get one of these double dashes.

I didn’t realise until recently that charging focus like this and then double tapping forward would result in a double dash. Also my holding forward while FA’ing is not always deliberate, it can happen if i’m inputting quickly. It never occurred to me that inputting forward 3 times will result in a ‘shortcut’ of sorts.

I was wondering if anyone knows why this happens and only with Chun? I’ve tested it on half the cast now and it only happens with her. I’ve looked hard at my inputs and i’m only putting in forward 3 times.


ok ok ill test it



yeah, the input leniency screws with a lot of things in this game. the irony of it is it’s meant to make things easier.


3 inputs 2 dashes, for some reason it is true what smang is saying, but like i said i have no intentions to use this tactic over bulldoging fireballers


Why wouldn’t it be true? LOL I know Smang and he’s a good player (and not just of SF4) I kinda get why people gave him hassle here but in all fairness he’s good and generally knows his stuff, has been playing fighting games for YEARS!!! And also one of the nicest guys around. I never doubted what he said was true hence I never questioned it. Though I agree that beyond its oddness it has no real purpose…

Anyway Mal. I might have to PM you about a few things when I have time cos you always seem to have the tech knowledge I’m looking for :slight_smile:

@Smang: If you see this, we never did get our VS on :frowning:


i have to tested anyways i was bored

ill be waiting for that pm mate