Chun-Li general discussion (SFxT)



The thigh queen makes her way to another crossover. Man hands and SF4 model original outfit nipple bumps ftw! :woot:


Perhaps the biggest shakeup so far is that Lightning Legs/Hyakuretsu Kyaku is motion-based (as opposed to repeated/piano’d for every other game). This can lead into some very interesting combos/tag combos.

A few vids and stuff known so far (apologies for the slain koalas, tried mirrors but they all pointed to EH)
[media=youtube]6kJEKntVYGY[/media] (interesting Chun-Ibuki stuff at 0:41 onwards)

Known moveset so far (thanks d3v and Jae)

More to come


Man hands? Don’t talk about my Chun like that! She is the hottest SF woman! :slight_smile: (imo)

Well, I can definitely say that she will be in most of my teams, she is my SSF4 and AE main and the changes (Lightning Legs input) are really great imo.
I think she will be a good character in this game, because she has great footsies (and they are very important in SFxT, they can lead to 40%dmg combos) and her Lightning Legs move looks like to be perfect for Tag Cancel.

EDIT: Why didn’t you name the thread like that “Legs of Justice the Chun Li thread!” :smiley:


Chun-Li x Xiaoyu baby! Still waiting on that Xiaoyu reveal…


Her Spinning bird Kick won’t be useless in this game. Hopefully she will be able to combo into the hard version. Unlike street fighter 4


Dem thighs.


Yea I hope so too. I guess SBK will be like Tatsumaki in this game, perfect for Tag Cancel, pushing the opponent to the corner while the other character is coming in and continues the combo.

Mhmm, they give me sweet dreams all the time… lol.


Definately agree with you on the “Hottest SF woman” thing. :slight_smile:


BOOOO YEEEAAAHHH! Gotta make a thread for Chun and Ibuki – they are soo wicked together
Legs of Justice I really like by the way

I suppose I could repost my SF X T vids from SDCC–oh wait you already did! Damn I sucked haha
I kept holding down back like I was sitting on charge!

One really nice vid you missed is over on, called Dragon versus Demon or something like that
its the one that shows Chun doing a MK stomp into TC HP landing with Mk then EX SBK.
seens some crazy stuff of Ex legs-MP-HP Kikouken juggles too haha! can’t wait!


I wish you could transfer your AE alts. onto this game, that’d be so fire. Alpha Chun wins on so many levels!


Yay for Chunli :slight_smile: So I guess she is no longer a charge character in this game


Not entirely, looks like you still have to charge for her kikoukens :frowning:


Chun is definitely going to be on a majority of my teams in this game. She’s still my favorite to play in AE and her combo potential just looks insanely fun in this.

At first I didn’t know what to think about legs being a motion command but actually it’s going to make SF x TK’s juggle heavy combos a lot easier. I also think it’ll make things like the legs, cr. MK, legs link more effortless.


dude me too LMAO!!!

interesting enough she can do cr fierce into legs alot easier now since her LL is a qcf K motion. now as far as a loop I wasnt able to get an opening to try it. but I think the possibly is there


kikoken is hcf motion now, like alpha and 3s


from my play of her at Evo she is definitely good in this game and has really good combo potential for some creative stuff


Oh is it? Wow that’s awesome. I assumed she was still charge by her movement in the video at the top. But oh well, yay for Chun!


yea definitely makes her zoning better too, not force to hold down/back or walk back.


I think Chun might be top tier in the game due to her footsies and he Lightning Legs and SBK being great or tag cancel combos. Thoughts?


Is that one full combo or is it two separate clips conveniently edited together?

It LOOKS like:
B+MK, MK, D-U+MK Tenshyokyaku into Headstomp into air Target Combo, ground juggle with cr.MK into EX SBK

Which would be SICK.


j.HK > cr.HP xx Legs (MK?) > cr.MK xx EX Legs > st.MP xx EX Kikoken

I hope this amount of juggling stays in the game.

(I would have embedded these videos but couldn’t get the embeds to start at a specific place)


That combo in the first video was so gdlk :’)