Chun Li General Thread: Blue Jade



Ryu and Chun were the first to be revealed but no one created a separate thread for them. So here is the Chun discussion thread.

Chun-li Video/Discussion Thread

My God the pose in that artwork is alluring. I do like the direction that they are taking her in with this game. I like the idea of the charge with motion legs and she seem to be the fast rushdown character in the game even if her damage as of now seems a bit lower than the rest especially Nash :smile: .

Looks and style wise this is my favorite version of Chun Li in a very long time. I probably would pick her up as a secondary but i am really liking what i am seeing with her.


I’m really happy to see her legs are a motion command this time around, same as her CA.
That small hop means she will be played much more offensively, which I like.
With her EX SBK and V-Reversal she might even have some solid defense.


This looks like 3S-Chun mixed with the best parts of SFxT-Chun and a command jump added into the mix. That’s like, the two best and most fun versions of Chun with a additional offensive tool.

We’ve only been shown four characters thus far, so I’m wary of announcing that I’ll play her, but damn. She looks pretty effin’ fun in this game.


The only problem I’ve seen so far is that, I think, non-ex SPK is again useless. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen it being comboed. The only instances I’ve seen it were when it’s blocked, whiffed or hit airborne opponents. And you could tell it’s again very slow.
We don’t know what it does if you fully land it. Does it cause KD or juggle or what? But it has to give the player a reason for not canceling into LL but into SPK if you can combo it from normals.
Of course, I may be wrong. Somebody please show me an example of her landing it if I overlooked something.

There are things that were lacking from the older videos:
1-I’ve recognised that her multi-hitting punch normal is absent from all the yesterday’s IGN gameplay videos.
The one we see here at 0:23:

2- And we also never see her b+mk during these new videos.

Of course these could be because the players never hit those buttons as a pure coincidence. But I find that hard to believe as they obviously mash everything during those gameplays.


Probably my main in SFV.
Unless they bring back Skullo Mania.


She was always my go to character after Dictator (and Urien in 3s) so I am very with her changes and that she still remains somewhat of a charge character. She kinda looks op actually with her insane pressure.


I’m not a fan of her new doll face. Just feels too fake looking to me, I liked her old face better.


She might also have retained her retarded kara-throw in this game as well:

Then she reversals. This is the first frame out of hit stun I think:


They are trying to appeal to the moronic waifu crowd.


This video gives a pretty fair idea what she can do in SFV:

In other videos it doesn’t appear she can link anything after LLegs and so far we haven’t seen anyone “extend” the LLegs either.
For example in SFxTk you would do her motion LLegs and you could tap out extended Legs with additional kick buttons.
It is interesting to note that the LLegs are cancelable into her Critical Art; makes me wonder if LLegs can be canceled into EX LLegs for additional damage on hit confirms as an example they were in SF4 but not in SFxTk.

St. Mp looks quick and has a nice reach - not quite like SF4’s but not as short as 3S, looks to be in-between
If it is still special cancelable we should still have access to moves such as Cr. Lp, Cr.lp, St. Mp xx Kikouken

HSU appears in other videos but the usefulness has me squinting eerily at it, we’ll have to see what different strengths looks like.

Cr.Hp can cancel after the second hit, which is interesting. I dunno if you can cancel the first hit or not, but may not have too.

V-Skill has me interested although it doesn’t appear to be good for going over fireballs, which sucks considering zoning can be nullified by Nash’s, parried by Ryu’s and sent back to your face by Bison.

I haven’t seen anyone use D/F Lk yet as an Anti-Air, which looked solid in promo videos.

Sadly I won’t be attending SDCC this year to try it out. Anyone here want suggestions on trying things hit me up.


So glad they reduced her thigh muscles.
In SFIV they looked ridiculously huge…


They’re still almost the same as 4, pretty big… pretty much the point of her character :blush:


How do you guys think she stands so far in comparison to SF4? Stronger or weaker?


If the bit about her normals being SFIII strong is true, then I’d say stronger.

On a related note, when her CA hits, someone should randomly shout “Let’s go Justin”.


Look at Chun’s win pose at 2:13. It is so fucking ugly. It looks so awkward and she’s all wobbly and shit. My god, SF5 is SOOOOOO much nicer.


Didn’t know she had chinese in her english voice


All I can say is, she’s sexier than ever! And that’s coming from someone who hated her in A3, 3S and IV.


Why not let them do that when Ryu parries all of the hits? :smiley:


I’ve been noticing in further watching of videos that her Jumping HP TC, which could usually be followed by stomps, doesn’t seem to put the opponent in a slow fall juggle state like in SF4 or SFxTk.

It is possible that Stomps can’t be done after TCHP, unless you just have to hit the stomps really late.
But if stomps aren’t possible maybe Ex SBK or other moves will be possible.

I’d really like to see a legit use for that Odd looking Cl. St. Hk where she practically kicks straight up. So far I haven’t seen it hit. Potential Anti Air? Potential stupid move? lol… I dunno but I like the Knee to the face Cl.St.HK in SF4 so this one needs to impress me somehow.