Chun Li General Thread: Blue Jade

Lol,ok glad to know it is available to steam, i think u r right, is still hard to know since capcom still can make changes for it, just hoping the reduced lag spikes and teleporting for the 3rd beta,it really affecting my gameplay lol :D,thanks anyway for the info

does any1 knows about chun li changes for current build?watch the vesper vid said tat to LLlegs doesn’t work anymore?

It’s available for steam and if you order on th playstation store. It is a sexy costume. :slight_smile:

@michealahuey yeah just know it :smiley: and sexy costume which i really liked it,:smiley:

i guess no1 knows about it then :d

We aren’t 100% on what the latest build is, in-house they are always usually further ahead in builds than what the public are shown. Beta 3 might even be an older build depending on what the dev team are up to at the moment.

The last public showcase was Capcom Cup and that is most likely one of the last times we’ll be seeing the game on such a large podium, some of the lovely people here on the forums have actually compiled a list of changes and such that the characters have gone through, the link is right here SFV Buffs, Nerfs and Fixes Thread. UPDATED with new Beta 4 data. White chip damage buffed

That’s as much as we know at the moment. But again I wouldn’t really stress too hard about it or use it as a learning tool, things are likely to change until February hits. So until then just keep a clear mind on everything regarding SFV and then just grind everything into your head on week 1, you won’t have to force yourself to forget things from previous builds that way.

Basic changes were that s.MP doesn’t link into f+MP, tiger knee legs has a bit more recovery, some changes to her V Trigger combos

A lot of it was already listed in the nerfs/buffs thread.

Chun Li:

  • b+HP is now a crush counter. Allows juggles into grounded legs.
  • df+HK now hits crouching opponents
  • Now has unlimited juggle potential on super.
  • crMP - On Hit -4->-2, On Block -10->-8
  • crHP - On Block -3->-2,
  • DF+HK - On Hit +6->+9
  • Second hit of c.HP no longer EX/super cancelable.
  • Lost juggle potential on V Trigger
  • Certain links off s.MP and other normals no longer work in V Trigger.
  • Added recovery to head stomp legs cancel. Can’t link s.MP off of it (only c.LP or other 3 frame normal works now).
  • c.MK no longer links to c.LP
  • c.MK on counter hit no longer links into itself.
  • c.MK got nerfed to 6 frame start up, negative 2 on block (same as 3S).
  • s.MP, f+MP no longer links
  • V Trigger F+MP no longer combos into EX legs.
  • df+MK overhead now negative 2 (used to be 0)
  • df+HK is plus 4 (used to be 5)
  • sLP - On Block +3->+2, Damage 40->30
  • sMP - Damage 70->60
  • sHP - On Hit +1->0, On Block -5->-6
  • sMK - Damage 70->60
  • crLP - On Block +3->+2, Damage 30->20
  • crHP Damage 8040->6040
  • crMK - Startup 5F->6F, On Hit +3->+2, On Block 0F->-2F, Damage 60->50 - No longer links into itself on CH
  • crHK - On Block -7->-12
  • F+MP - On Hit +4->+3, On Block +2->0
  • B+HP - Startup 6F->7F, On Hit +4->+3
  • DF+MK - On Hit +2->+1, On Block 0->-1 - No s.MP link on counter hit anymore
  • B+HK - Startup 7F->8F, Damage 100->80
  • F+HK - Startup 17F->18F
  • df+HK On Block +5->+4
  • V-Skill - Startup 11F->12F
  • V Skill no longer hits crouchers.

I don’t get her V skill. Is it just a fancy way of jumping over fireballs?

You can punish fireballs if you do it preemptively, but on reaction its unlikely (you’ll most likely either hit the FB on the way up or eat an anti air on the way down). Its a gamble either way. A way to make it sort of safer if you do it preemptively is to cancel into air legs halfway if your opp doesn’t throw a FB. Sometimes that saved me from an anti air and sometimes I still got punished.

A more practical use of her VS is a cross up setup off a knockdown. After ex legs or short sbk (midscreen) you’re left at the perfect distance to score a cross up with her VS if your opp quick rises. You can make it ambiguous too by taking a slight step back first to not cross up. It’s also a gamble though because if your opp does a back quick rise then you’re wide open to a reversal. But against Ryu for example, on a normal quick rise cross up you’ll go over all reversal DPs (except EX), but if the Ryu delays the wakeup DP you might still eat it anyway. It really depends on the character you’re facing and what they can do on wakeup.

Ultimately though I’m not a huge fan of her VS. Seems too limited in its use. But I mean that might be a fair trade off since her VT is so strong. Who knows.

I mainly use it to set up cross ups since her jump is very high and a bit floaty. Usually go for it if the opponent forgets to tech or if I’m in a situation where I know they won’t. In general it’s just nice for allowing her to move forward across the screen without having to perform a very high jump that isn’t as good for crossing up in neutral.

ok @Frost, i understand,just asking whether there is any changes in latest build for chun li, i hope not :d

Thanks @“DevilJin 01” :D, sure a lot of nerfs for her dmg T_T,take note for this one :slight_smile:

For me, i think her V-skill mostly use for cross up and punish fireballs if reacts faster, but for sure her VT is good for dmg and juggle potential,not sure why still sum1 talking about her VT is trash?lol

V-skill just to cross up, avoid fireballs, and slowly build up v-gauge because it fills on wiff.
Not a fan of her v-skill. I feel that there could’ve been a better option for it, but it’s what we got, so we’ll make do with it. It doesn’t matter how good or bad the v-skill is. It’s how you use it.

@michealahuey u r right :), it doesn’t matter lol, becoz we are chun li fan forever :smiley:

HSU V-Skill would have been better.
Think of it Like a mix of Necalli’s and Cammy’s
Neutral V-Skill would be like MK HSU
F+ V-Skill woud be HK HSU
B+V-Skill would be LK HSU
but that didn’t happen, oh well.
I loved doing Kikouken on opponent’s wakeup and V-Skill with J.HP, but that was back when it was considered an Overhead, now the second hit is pointless.
So now for screen positioning purposes you can do a jumping attack into V-Skill for a nice corner carry and meterless combo with two D+Mk stomps xx LLegs, 1 bar with 3 stomps xx Ex LLegs.
Be aware it is easy to anti-air as it is heavily telegraphed; I had several Chun’s try to gimmick stomp cross me up when I was playing Ken and they just got Dp’d free for the effort.

Which build are these changes from? The short stress test that just occurred?

Probably a mix of stuff from stress test and beta 2

So is her most reliable anti air standing lk or does she have to use different one depending on range like in sf4? i was trying to use B+Hk last beta

I think st. LK and B+HK will cover a lot of your bases, but she still has several anti-airs she can use. I just don’t think it will quite as situational as SF4.
Like there were actually quite a bit of cases in SF4 where you had to choose between st. HP and st. MK vs someone coming at you from the exact same angle, but with a different hitbox/hurtbox on their jump attack. One would hit almost 100% while the other would get stuffed/trade too much.

For this game it’s been pretty much all about the jump angles from my experience.