Chun Li General Thread: Blue Jade

comparing on dantarion’s hitbox viewer

Seriously they can keep nerfing her and she will still be fine, don’t worry guys!

I’d like to know how bad the hurtbox nerfs actually are before judging, usually when something only says “expanded” the actual increase can be negligible…I need a hitbox viewer before I pass judgement fully. She’s still gonna be top 3 either way

Does this change the st.MP cr. MK xx (latecancel) MK SBK?

Depends if they changed that recovery frame is still special cancellable. Not sure how they handle special cancellability in this game. If it is still special cancellable during the same frames the combo would work the same.

It does make it a worse move to throw out preemptively in footsies though.

Chun Li matches from Mad Catz Cup

More matches


I personally hated Justin’s style…it felt way too dumbed down especially when you’re fighting someone as nutty as Ricky, but he’s the king of doing it simply and it shows, could at least do cr.hp into L.Legs for punishes though come on now!

People are heavily rating his and Ricky’s match but it didn’t seem too special to me, it was literally just a bit of input buffering and actually playing footsies as opposed to randomly jumping and starting block pressure with strongs like most matches between pros we’ve seen thus far. Shimmying isn’t new, counter poking isn’t new, playing Street Fighter isn’t new. The whole “Everyone who said this game was garbage, you look stupid after this match!” seems dumb, it was just a little bit of footsies, jeez calm down. And why did JWong keep getting SBK from

Aside from that though - Floe’s Chun? Lol.

The only person that really has a Chun there is Crackfiend. He would actually go for more optimal stuff like f+MP VTC c.HP, light legs stuff. Used instant air legs occasionally and got s.MP, c.MK, MK SBK on occasion. He wasn’t using b+HP enough for my tastes, but otherwise I liked what I saw. She has so many button tools that you’re not going to see them all from every player.

Justin has footsies so so that’s usually good enough during a beta.

When the game releases we’ll see more “Street Fighter”. Right now I think people are just trying to enjoy themselves.

I’ll take hitbox nerfs if it means they keep her tools.

People saying “chun li is S tier” are dumb imo. She’s A tier, not S. She has huge vulnerable points all throughout her body. If you touch her with a jab then jump over her, she can just go ahead and be sad because she has no answer other than reactive dash forward.

Don’t listen to scrubs saying Chun is some new god tier char.

Come on deviljin, help me out here. She is good she isn’t broken.

She’s definitely not broken, but she’s top 5 as she was in Beta 3 because everyone else was getting nerfed hard and nobody was believing in Chun. She got nerfed every beta like everyone else (despite what the “pros” said on stream last night lol), and she was definitely top 5 in Beta 1 but nobody knew and they refused to look until now.

In comparison to the rest of the cast in her overall ability at everything, IMO she is in a tier of her own; comparatively at least. Everyone has a weak point in their design, just because they have a flaw doesn’t mean it invalidates their ability to out-perform the rest of the cast. I don’t think she’s “broken” if anything you have to be competent to actually excel with her as she requires thought in her buttons and has to work through neutral to shine properly, but she is visibly better than the rest of the cast regardless. She has jab conversions, long reaching limbs with good frame data, excellent hit confirm ability, some of the strongest pokes and counter-pokes, the best crush counter in the game, one of the fastest walk speeds, a very versatile V-Skill, one of the strongest V-Triggers, an air throw that is very viable as a reactive anti-air, a super with great reach and anti-fireball utility, a slide to dodge fireballs entirely, strong punish options and the air legs pressure that can be used to bait lows and change her jump arc.

She’s S Tier for sure, but again - a lot of theory still being applied along with guesstimates in possible changes before release.

Broken status would be as stated in another thread - ST Akuma levels of power.

There’s nothing broken in newer SF games. The word is just an exaggeration when used in SFIV or V.

Chun is really good though. I only play good characters and Chun is good. She just fits what the game is about which is playing neutral and hitting buttons real good. I’m sure the more mix up heavy characters will get their chance to shine when their options get figured out, but I think just having good walk speed and buttons will be key in this game.

People are sleeping on Vega too though. Nearly as good buttons, even slightly faster walk speed and better anti block options (command grab, 19 frame overhead). His V Trigger also allows him to cover mid and far range much better than Chun. Chun isn’t really a threat unless she’s within poking range of you for the most part. Not that that’s a huge issue, but gives Vega specifically more options in comparison.

Only problem is you have to know how to block in order to play Vega and nobody wants to block.

I seriously feel like you’re overestimating her.

Unsure, I think a lot of people originally underestimated her early on and are now realising she’s very strong leading to thoughts of people saying that she’s good looking slightly more hollow than before, bandwagon etcetc. My guesses are my guesses, I like playing the tier game; it’s fun.

I think everyone will agree that she is good tier.

Can’t deny that. I’d like to see where her, Vega and Bison land on release, I’m wondering if Bison will blow up and I can see Vega being a niche pick but strong just due to his playstyle.

If she still had her head stomp and legs stuff she’d be in a tier above her own completely, but you have characters like Necalli that get more damage from longer range fierce normals on CC AND have a command grab. Having a command grab near the corner just makes you so terrifying in that position. It will really come down to if with the mechanics and EX spinning bird that she can keep herself out of the corner and danger. EX Spinning bird is one of the best metered reversals in the game though, so I doubt she’ll have the hardest time. She’s in the high to top tier but the tiers in this game minus Ken are relatively close together (or appear to be at the moment).

Chun 's buttons are much more versatile. Besides her s. Hk is amazing vs the big characters and necalli can’t get max damage unless he’s really close because it involves a walk forward (whereas Chun can get max damage from a dash).

Notice you said ‘against the big characters’. That is 3 of 16. st. HK from Necall is better for those other 13 and just because day 1 people are having a harder time walking forward then dashing doesn’t mean the walk forward is impractical yet. I’d defend in the majority of matchups Necalli st. HK > Chun st. HK.

Chun still has the best CC though with b. HP.