Chun Li General Thread: Blue Jade



So Does Chun get her season 1 IALL back?
Anyways, I still feel disappointed when she doesn’t get any new moves that she deserve like Houenbu or Hanzasu… especially that houenbu is too cool >___<. Moreover, her new V-trigger seems cannot compare to the old one. It quite useless and the damage is weak


IALL only got buffed to be +4 on hit. Seeing kikosho cancel from most of her pokes might make it not seem as bad as I though it would be, considering you can juggle after it too. At least fw/back mp is cancelable into kikosho.


I was a bit skeptic at first but by now Ricki mentioned that she would rather use VT2 over VT1 as it leads to high damage whiff punishes given that it combos off of Chun’s pokes. It’s plus on block and GB is useful too, apparently.


Yeah being able to cancel off of long range pokes while it’s active like F+MP and st. HP is very valuable and she can still VTC it off of EX Legs from what I’ve seen. Not too sure about it being + on block. I would assume whatever advantage and disadvantage on block it has would depend on how long you charge it.

EDIT: Potential big nerf right here if true (saying that cr. LK no longer combos into cr. LP):


Not good if it’s true but it seems to still combo here:


I’m not too worried yet about the to c.lp just yet. None of these changes are final yet anyway


I didn’t see it in that video. What’s the time stamp?
Anyway my main concern is if they removed it, would that also apply to her VT1 as well? Because if so, she loses out on a valuable low starter in VT1.


It’s ok if she lose it then take back her 3-frame jab, safe block IALL and st.LK range


Sorry it’s at 13:20, time stamp got a little messed up.
It just shows that cr. LP links with cr. LK but it might’ve been on counter hit and I’m not sure whether the other guy even tried to block it, so it’s hard to make anything of it. We need to wait for someone to test it out properly.


Kikosho looks pretty safe on block. Throw range is still non existent.


LOL, the ken walks forward after the This is definitely not confirmed. Really weird that he says “there was no microwalks from chun” when there was clearly a microwalk from ken.


You gotta be careful with the random youtube/social media vids. Lot of stuff from people who aren’t very particular with the game mechanics. They’ll just see something random and go quick to say it’s something. Not very wise to take a lot from casual vs CPU.

I would wait a while for the propaganda phase to wear off and just read the patch notes when they come.


I find it interesting that people have found that slide into VT2 works even while it’s active, but nobody has confirmed or denied whether overhead into VT2 also works. I figured being able to combo out of her overhead would be one of the things VT1 would have over VT2, but that might not actually be the case since in VT2 we already know she can cancel into it from normals that aren’t usually cancellable.


Ricki said that Ono told her that he buffed Chun li. I hope those buffs are enough for her to compete with other characters in SS 3


Ah man, didn’t even notice ken walk forward last night when I posted. My bad for the misinformation. Removed the second vid.


F+HK has crush counter properties now? Which makes the opponent spiral up?
So no more F+Hk (counter hit), Cr. Lp, St. Mp, xx MK SBK?
Nerfed again…I’m still out


No, it’s a crumple stun on grounded hits and allows dash up cr.lp,, combo.

The the spin stun you are seeing is when it hits backdash, since the backdash is airborn they spiral, like all airborn CC hits.

This is a HUGE buff because chun now has a way to get v meter from range, and it allows chun to convert max range fhk CH, whereas before she only got the combo you stated when she did fhk from point blank or so, and put herself in a -2 position at point blank. Now she can make FHK safe and still get full combos on hit. Uber buff.


I see
Thanks for the clarification Dime!


Might as well just make her F+HK her V-skill at this point.


If we can still do cr.LK X2 into ex legs, then i don’t think it is that huge of a nerf. I am certain that cr.LK,cr.LP,cr.MK xx Hk SBK still works in VT1 as well.
I will take that, cr.LP combos after air legs and mini-kikoshos comboing after F.MP and st.HP into juggles as a much needed buff.

Just the fact that you can convert out of F.MP and st.HP with VT2 is going to make a world of difference for Chun.