Chun Li General Thread: Blue Jade



The changes Capcom is proposing seem quite reasonable though half a year late, though I’m a bit iffy on the crush counter property of the f.Hk. Could become a salt mine, although, Chun certainly isn’t the only character who can crush counter at far distance.

I like that i.ALL is plus on hit. That makes sense. If they left it as it is on block, this is a welcome and execution rewarding change. Thanks.

If she also got more damage (15 %?), then that is two out of three problem areas gone, and I think I can make this work. I’m torn between more damage and more consistent anti-air. But why did it take this long to realize this?

Now: Any guesses how long it will take that whining of i.ALL and “Chun is OP” starts again? B)


F+hk is still really slow so it’s only gonna be so good. Beta/Season 1 fhk would have been more of a problem as it hopped over lows and could beat throws.

She doesn’t have anything plus on block to force down your throat and doesnt seem to have many pushback on block changes so she will just be more solid than before at best.


Oh yeah, I’m not trying to overplay it, it’s a huge buff, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg of shits that’s wrong with chun that they could fix.

I’m looking at chuns + on block moves and man… shits bad. Both light punches, neither of which is one hit confirmable so to use them well you have to frame trap after them which causes more pushback. And her which is pretty good but also has to much pushback and requires a neutral input. The neutral input and pushback is what reigns this move in and makes it so bad for pressure.

Imo, chuns buffs that are needed are:

Ex legs has as much pushback as ryu fhp. She shouldn’t use meter and then immediately be in a close range -2.
All versions of regular legs become -5. No reason for these moves to be -8 or someshit when they have no range and have slow startup.
Fhk combos on regular hit. Slowness of this move doesn’t warrant its terrible on block attributes when ryu has the better fireball and AA and fhp.
More range on her throw so she can tick from cr.lp without walking forward (should be a universal thing for all characters tbh)
BHK better hitbox like Cammys bmp
FMP taken out so chun can walk forward and (still has BMP) to have less pushback on block.
Charge time for kikoken reduced.

Wishful thinking all of this, but it would make for a much more solid character


So can we do season 1 BNB with IALLegs?
Legs, Cr. Lp, St.Mp, Cr. Mk xx Mk SBK

I’m hearing IALLegs buff but I’m not seeing just what is possible with the new frame data.


Yes, that was possible on the Capcom Cup build.


Yes, air legs seem to be +4 on hit now.


Will that buff be enough? I hope she will also get her 3 frames jab back


Could be that it’s still +3 on hit and the jab is just 3f now. Won’t know until patch notes are out.


Two more chun costumes on the way LOL!

Not ashamed to say, I’m buying them both. Also can’t wait for the Morrichun cosplay from Ex battle mode.


I know I’m buying them both. I’m gonna get every Chun costume, i dont care how much it hurts my wallet!


The real question is…who is the lucky fella to get Chun in that wedding dress?
Capcom gets a lot of Hate from Chun-Li Haters, Hating on all the costumes she’s getting.
It’s a lot of hate - but her costumes have been really awesome. The hardest part is deciding which one to use.
I used the Swimsuit costume for a long time, I’m loving the Alpha (as I always do) but these are excellent.


Well, Chun-Li and I wanted to keep this our little secret, but Capcom leaked the information to the public. We plan on having our honeymoon in Hawaii. :slight_smile: :smiley:

I think the hate she gets is justified, but as a Chun-li fan, i have absolutely NO PROBLEM with the amount of costumes she’s getting. I love her costumes choices. And I believe these 16 costumes (with more to come) have been the best Chun costumes ever, though granted, volume plays a part in that.

I’ll keep purchasing Chun-Li costumes, though the only one I’ve used since purchase would be her vacation costume (easter egg version). What can I say? I love it when Chun-Li shows some skin. (plus, scienctific studies show that sexual arousal will slow reaction time, and in a fighting game where reactions are key) *credit to Game Theory.
I don’t think I’ll ever switch, and the only reason for me to buy the premium costumes is just to add to my collection and to unlock colors.


I think my favorite thing about Chun-Li so far in this game is that situation where your opponent completely whiff something and me like an idiot actually think that you might punish that, then i just eat CC to my face…Love it.


Not a fan of those cliffhangers…can’t they give her different shoes like a nice heel again. Though not as bad as Menat’s cliffhangers on her Christmas outfit


What are cliffhangers? I did a search and am getting all types of results. Personally I like the previous batch more than the current new costumes, but I just cycle through them all when I play anyway. Much better choices than she had in SF4.


Cliffhangers are when your toes go over the edge of an open toed shoe


Oh wow lol. I don’t think she looks bad at all. It’s not like she’s got some eagle claws going where she can swoop down and catch fish out of the water. :rofl:


Damn I didn’t know that. Why the hell is Chun committing fucking fashion fauxpauxs! Unacceptable!


Why do all the Chun-Li pros do after AAing with or Why use as opposed to cr.lp> Is it just because the medium button has more priority?


My guess is st. mp is more meaty than cr. lp. In addition, cr.lp might give that extra pushback that might throw off the combo.