Chun Li General Thread: Blue Jade



Cr.lp is a bit harder to time because it has less active frames, and because there is more pushback from cr.lp, rather than just And is 1 hit confirmable anyway so there isn’t really any reason to use cr.lp in that situation.

You’ll see them doing a lot more cr.lp, if they crossup after the AA, because the crossup has more likelihood of connecting, so may as well go for a more damaging confirm.



Kikosho gonna put the 3rd Strike back in Chun Li.


I have to admit, I’m partially guilty of this… speaking for myself, I usually do after aa because of the, frametrap/combo. If you do cr.lp first then go into, then whiffs on standing characters. Also, due to’s higher knockback in season 2 there are some situations where even if your cr.lp lands, you will be too far to get a full, combo. With that particular frame trap better players can abuse it much more heavily than even just pretty good players because they almost always confirm and they understand that Chun needs to check her opponent low constantly. I also feel like many people are fairly likely to walk back (not blocking low) after being hit by maybe because they have to quickly switch what side they are blocking and it’s easier to go from left to right than down+left to down+right. As a character specific thing, you will also want to lead with against the “pushback tech” as hitting something like a Laura st.lp with your cr.lp will cripple your combo potential unless you ch confirm it into cr.hp/ Meaty may be overrepresented though, as cr.lp (as long as you are spaced close enough) or throw are in most circumstances perfectly acceptable meaties as well.

After b+hk though, I usually do cr.lp (at least when not in VT), you usually get a crossup that nobody blocks and the spacing is very friendly to your 3 hit combo so I agree that you might as well go for the most damage.


Patch notes came early. From what I can deduce, spinning bird kick had its damage un nerfed, changes from the playable builds like crush counter and +4 air legs, v1 trigger had its timer extended, has a damage increase to 80 as well as changes to the landing position of the opponent. Until better translations come out that’s all I can report on


V Trigger 1 timer buffed thank god.

Unfortunately Juri’s V Trigger got buffed to 2 bars also and apparently lasts longer than it did in Season 2. If that’s so then lol


I really wish the pushback on lp did or will get reverted. Since it is no longer 3 frames, that’s the least they can do.


*all subject to change, but here’s what’s reported so far



If fhk stays -2, then chun might become top tier with that change alone. Fmp got a 5 damage buff… lol.

Iall I think will still be mostly useless. 18 frame gap to be -2 point blank isn’t good. It needs the negative frames to be fair, but it could use increased pushback on block to make it a little safer especially when characters can AA it on reaction.

Her kikoken and her fhk are what is going to pull her forward, if anything, still weak as shit to fireballs and people can just run from her still and still no cr.lp> throw without walking forward. Her issues weren’t really addressed. Just gave her some buffs she really should have had in the first place.


Oh wow, B+HK actually does slightly more damage than a medium strength attack now. :whistle:

Damage buffs are welcome. 'Going to have to do some damage comparisons between VT1 and VT2 conversions when the update is released.

-I did want to see her get a better ground and air throw range and for her V-Skill to be better (like become a legit AA), but if she actually got no real nerfs this could be good for me and my style of play.


b+HK can beat cross up attemps now, good.

f+HK crush counters now. Good.

V Trigger lasts a time that actually makes sense again Good.

Good stuff. Not good enough, but good stuff.


Honestly, the f hk being a cc now is probably the biggest buff and game changer. St. Hk was too finnicky and unreliable as a CC when it came to fishing or trying to catch someone in nuetral. I catch people ALL the time with f hk so if the followups and damage are as easy as I think, this will be glorious. Horizontal CC seem to be more effective anyway.


I’m happy with a slightly better AA. Still give us back season 1 please. Hope it doesn’t trade as often now. I hate how I have to block a jump cause I’m not sure if I can AA the attack or not


IDK, I don’t actually find myself counter-hitting that much with F+HK other than the knockdown setups vs people too stubborn to not press buttons on wakeup vs those setups (which doesn’t happen that often anymore… 9 times out of 10 they’ll block it). I’m more often blowing up tech throw attempts with it in v-trigger or spacing it so that I’m + AFTER they block it and I can get CH cr. LK or something then. And too often it gets CC’ed itself by random sweeps. It’ll be a “nice to have” for me when it does work, but I really don’t expect it to be doing that often at 18f.


I think Chun’s biggest buff is BY FAR the nerfs to other characters while she didn’t get nerfed in almost anything. Just the throw loops being gone and many of the others having a similar pushback nerf closer to what she already have to deal with, will make her better.

VT1 being better is a nice buff and more reward for air legs is also nice. I wonder how effective B.HK will be but overall, not a bad way to go. I think the changes to her and other will make her a comfortable mid tier probably. We will see if Kikosho is good enough to push her into the top realm, that remains to be seen.


Probably one of the biggest stealth buffs chun got was her vt2. Specifically how her now goes into vt2 and combos off a low hit that has that kinda range and is now +2 on block. Gives her a safe low that does damage andndoesnt have to be hitconfirmed which is rare for this game. Means people won’t be able to just back away from her offense nearly as much once she hits v trigger.

I actually got fhk to CH from max range a decent amount with chun, the problem was that you couldn’t combo off of it. Now presumably you can, which is the big buff. The CC also will help out her farming resources for v trigger as well.

I can see myself using her BHP for punishing reversals on block now to get the better v combo meterbuild.

The iall buff doesn’t seem like much at all. Still a reckless move to throw out since it leaves her at -2 point blank.


Oh boy, already have scrubs complaining about Chun buffs and how Capcom’s “biased” towards her.

You ****ing kidding me?

Apparently season 2 never happened?

And for the record, her “damage buffs” still leave her with nerfed legs damage across the board from season one (by like, 20 points) nerfed SBK damage by 10 points after factoring in the +10 buff, nerfed ex bird damage, nerfed sweep damage (because her sweep did so much damage /sarcasm), nerfed IAL damage across the board, crap cross up hitbox on jump forward that was nerfed, pushback on many light normals + trash grab range that wasn’t addressed, huge hurtbox that is visually misleading behind her, nerfed slower fireball, nerfed cr lp but if she gets a few MODEST damage buffs and tools Capcom is at fault.


like, these buffs are a step in the right direction but IAL and towards roundhouse are situational. It would of been nice if we received more… consistent damage buffs (I do like the +5 on towards strong, + 10 on back roundhouse, more of that would of been welcomed…) Would of been nice for them to fix her grab range and reduce the hurtbox on her, she’s way too fat and I’ve gotten hit with things that made me go, “how did that cross me up?!” You want to nerf her hurtbox, fine. Just make it visually logical.

Hopefully her V-trigger 2 will be good, V-trigger 1 might be scaled to all Hell and back with the new mechanic. It sounds like Chun will be solid while remaining honest, instead of being below average/ barely mediocre and being honest like in S2.

And nerfs to other characters might be the best thing for her, really.


Chun Li being honest and not bottom tier is enough for MOV to kick some major asses in s3, and I’m content with at least having something entertaining to watch. Afterall I’ll never be good at her anyway.


Unrelated but I made it to super platinum with Chun today! Just in time to enjoy the incoming buffs!


Yup, called it. The update has not even been released yet and there’s already a bunch complaining of Chun getting any sort of improvements and it’s annoying as hell. And it’s likely the same bunch who is complaining about the difficulty of linking her Crush Counter BnB combo in the trials. And on top of that, she was apparently mid-tier already in S2.5 which I certainly wasn’t aware of :o Makes me wonder whether those saying that ever even tried to main her? Well, there’s of course S2 Alex, FANG and Juri, but c’mon. A lot of people are saying they haven’t seen a lot of Chun in S2, wonder why that would be?

She will be at least functional in S3, given the similar nerfs for the other characters that she received in the beginning of S2. For a curious detail, let’s see if the Crush Counter property of is removed; the patch notes say nothing about that so Chun may actually get three standing Crush Counters which is again guaranteed to invoke some reactions - and likely totally unnecessarily as far as I can see. What I actually hope is that there’s generally a bit more of juggle state after an anti-air to further increase the damage for wanton careless jumping. About 230 DMG meterless for failing a jump in? Yes, please - for all characters!

As a result of the changes to light attacks and throws, the neutral game could be improved in S3, but let’s see how this goes. Ryu mains seem to be crushed, and I’m sort of wondering if Capcom’s treatment of the character is because of his continuing popularity at 10 %? Then again, compared to Chun, Ryu quite a bit ahead in the actual match statistics up to Platinum if I recall. Chun was in the bottom five for most of the leagues until picking up the pace at Ultra Diamond where she rose around the middle if I recall. I still think some of the Ryu usage stats are incorrect as he is quite frequently mentioned to be the beginner character. There’s no doubt he drops off at advanced levels, though.

Capcom really could make the hit and hurt boxes match the animations better. I’m pissed off at the visualization of that whiffs far too much, specifically with larger characters. Chun’s ankle is clearly behind the opponent’s foot and it STILL keeps on missing! Do I really need to start studying the actual hurt boxes of all the other characters when the game already offers a visualization tool that really should be enough to quickly estimate if it hits for 90-95 % of the cases?