Chun Li General Thread: Blue Jade



It seems so. Many other chars got their low profile nerfed that way. I guess you can’t low profile Abigail’s v-reversal with either?
You still can low profile Mika’ drop kicks with though. Or stuff it clean with if you can react to her startup frames.


Doesn’t cr. Mp work anyway? It has been a while since I fought her but I think it does.


c.MP is one of the best low profiles in the game and there’s a reason people hated it so much in Season 1. It’s just for stuff like Mika’s drop kicks, c.MK is much faster and safer to attempt.



It’s a bit to early to say, but for now, I don’t feel confident with VT 2.
Since you have to build 3 bars with 950hp, I often have it with low HP when one mistake can cost me the round. Fishing CC with is cool though, even if I need to get used to confirm it with dash c.lp.

My game plan hasn’t changed overall yet. s.LP AA is still there, so it’s cool as I use it quite often. I need to test some MUs to see if I need to change some strategies. 50/50 feel way more scarier now (Mika, Laura VTs…). Abigail may become a real problem too? idk…

I know Chun has some cool unblockable setups with VT2, but the conditions to land them aren’t guaranted everytime.


I haven’t got to play online yet to really gauge on how good Chun’s vt2 is. I’m still trying to unlock every gallery and ending right now. So my opinion about her new vt2 potential isn’t complete yet.

With that said, she’s still pretty good to me. st. lk works as an AA with some distance, I’m glad bk. hk hurtbox increased. And I’m also happy that IALL is back (though I’m still trying to learn instant air stop into IALL.)

I do want to master the optimal chun combos, especially with a new CC in, waiting for the awesome vids of S3 combos and analysis of @SeaLeafDojo


I’ve been using VT2, it’s really good. It enables Chun to get solid damage and knockdowns from neutral which is what I like to do.

So shit like whiff punish with VT2 up becomes a knockdown. That’s really good. You can turn xx legs confirms into a knockdown as well. In general the boost to her damage and buff to the confirm game make it great IMO, not to mention set-ups for full charge and the initial VTC juggle you get.


Chun having a real CC with 950 health makes a 3 bar trigger pretty viable.

The only character who got a 3 bar that it might get shaky for is Cammy because she has 900 health and stun with no good CC’s (or V skill that builds meter well) and the only other character in the game with 900 stun is Akuma. Most of the other low healths at least get 950 stun and usually have better CC’s.


B+HP xx Legs is probably going to be the strongest meterless option to react to Dropkick with.

-I tried Kikosho in a ranked match… that was a mistake lol. Ran into the same player and picked Renkiko and felt a lot less limited. A lot happier with the general damage buffs to go with a slightly longer timer.

Currently not in love with VT2 and after the initial confirm (into the VT activation version of Kikosho), it doesn’t seem that powerful if you don’t have meter on deck for any followup conversions. Even with the guardbreak set up, guardbreak scaling is meh and for a 3 bar VT it’s not worth it imo (without super it’s basically like taking a throw that you can stuff more easily). Long range conversions from pokes that are not normally cancellable was initially why I found it interesting, but it seems you can’t hit confirm from those single pokes as easily as I thought (they have low hitstun other than st. HP and st. HK)… it’s better for whiff punishing with those pokes imo and people don’t give that up a lot in the higher ranks.

Haven’t tried any frame traps with it yet (like cr. HK xx Kikosho or cr. MK xx Kikoken xx Kikosho).

I can’t really gauge how scared people are of it yet compared to VT1 (personally I’m not afraid of guardbreaks unless I know it will kill due to its scaling and I can react with an invincible reversal if I have it, but other people might handle them differently). Once the characters who have parry learn that you can parry it for free, they won’t care about it anymore. I would think if the opponent is obviously scared of it, then you can leverage the threat of it and go in/get them to flinch while they’re frozen in fear, but I feel like VT1 does that anyway. It does allow you to threaten with it as a sway since it moves her back out of most characters’ button ranges (be careful with jumpins though).

There could be stuff there to utilize, but ultimately even if you open people up with this stuff, the damage isn’t adding up as much as I’d hoped for a 3 bar V-trigger.

My friend is freaking out about it in the chat, but I’m not sure why he’s more threatened by it than VT1 since he blocks all day anyway… I think I might’ve made him hate Chun in general though.


Yea, I need to play better neutral till VT2 is available, I guess.


If anyone cares, I wrote down the damage and stun for a bunch of combos at the end of Season 2 (not all of them, but a lot) in order to compare with how much damage they do in AE after whatever buffs/nerfs:


Thanks Darklight, so, except for VTC combos, her damage is slightly buffed overall. Good news!

Apparently, she has a safe jump in the corner with VT2.
Here’s a video from Lud, check at 01:16:38




It really is. Already tried it out in a set, it’s sooo reliable. <3


Yeah it beats literally everything, I’ve yet to have it trade.


I stopped playing months ago, started to play rank again yesterday and man chun li is really good now. Went from 10k to 12k points in like 2h.


Not sure if this is new for season 3 but i will post anyway. v skill into earliest air legs possible doesn’t combo into cr jab, BUT it does combo into cr short, i guess it’s just slightly too high so you only get +3 instead of +4? I don’t remember being able to combo off this before season 3 because of the height, so you can actually get cr short, cr jab, sbk or something after. That extra +1 ey. Nice little mixup post super or something.

Not the best but it might catch a few people blocking the wrong way when they see the v skill.


In season 2 if you did V-skill into air legs late, you could combo a cr. LP afterward while the non v-skill versions couldn’t (unless the opponent was crouching). If you did it early I don’t remember if you could link anything, but I would assume if they changed it to be in line with the other versions of air legs in season 3, then the added frame advantage would make it more feasible to combo from a higher height. It’s still possible to combo into cr. LP from a lower height and doesn’t seem as strict as it did in season 2.


I’m not feeling KIkosho. I don’t know what it is. I just don’t know if Chun is a strong enough character to justify a 3 bar V trigger, especially one that doesn’t let you “steal” rounds.


I like both VTs, they’re good. Kikosho gives her good knockdowns from neutral hit confirms, so your xx HK.legs confirm suddenly becomes a knockdown. It’s really good.