Chun Li General Thread: Blue Jade



I just found this myself yesterday as well, was gonna post about it lmao


I know it’s early to ask. But how’s the Blanka matchup treating you guys.

I know I’m struggling with it. Especially with dealing with the rolls.


Some mu knowledge that you guys may find helpful: this is all to do w/ what to do after a successful throw tech, and how to deal with problematic buttons that are often thrown out immediately after (mostly only listing things that b+mp will NOT beat)

Zangief: press immediately, this will beat his cr.lp and can link into EX legs (not MK)
Birdie: beats his jabs,, and I believe will also whiff; can link into b+MP or EX/HK Legs
Abigail:, I believe will also whiff; b+MP or EX/HK Legs
Vega: beats his
Fang: beats his but loses to st.hp, b+HP trades with his st.hp, EX Legs beats both
Bison: b+hp beats his as well as his (?? but someone did this to me last night). won’t beat his but i haven’t seen someone do that
Chun: b+hp
Laura: EX Legs beats, and thunder clap
Urien: b+hp beats his pokes and tackle, whiff on st.hp; raw EX Legs beats everything
Menat: EX legs should beat both her orb MP’s, however not too sure what she actually presses here

Note: someone else can feel free to test this, but despite Ibuki having a 6f, it seemed to always trade with my… dunno if i was doing it too late or what. Anyway, hope you guys find this useful!

In other news, I still haven’t fought a Blanka yet in ~300 matches and Humanbomb beat MOV off screen at Final Round.


With the Ibuki trade, it’s most likely that the first frame of st. MP isn’t within range, so she’s trading with the 2nd active frame of it.

I do keep reminding myself that I have to break the habit of defaulting to F+MP after a throw tech and use different moves to challenge characters that could either beat it or trade with their own normals, so thanks for this. Gives me some more ideas than what I had in mind.


Not sure why I never really went for this before, but through the new in-game frame advantage feature I see that after a B+HK anti-air, another viable option is to do F+HK as soon as possible. It can hit them meaty on the way down and leave you point blank at +2 on block (and now CCs anyone who has the audacity to press buttons as soon as they land). That point blank +2 gives you a throw/frame trap opportunity.
So in addition to the dash cross under option, B+HK anti-air is now even more potent in my eyes as you can fish for an easy CC to build v-trigger and still be at an advantage.

Edit: Upon testing this further, be wary of characters with super low jump arcs like Abigail as you will not get the +2 on block. (That character is obnoxious).

Another F+HK being point blank +2 on block setup (vs. Quickrise) is after you land SBK or EX Legs in the corner: whiff cr. LP -> F+HK. Backrise will make it whiff and leave you minus and no rise you can do another F+HK ->B+HP to meaty them.


Sorry, this is probably a dumb question, but could someone give me some tips on doing mp > cr. mk > mk sbk? I can’t get the charge in time. I’m on pad if that matters.



I am a fellow Chun player on the pad. And I’m not gonna sugar coat it for ya, it took months of practice before I was able to be very efficient with it. But to answer your question, the moment you press St mp, you hold down immediately for your charge. The timing is pretty tight. You can’t be too early with your down charge, otherwise the St mp will be a crouching mp. And you can’t do it too late otherwise, there won’t be enough charge. Here are a few videos to help you.


Awesome, couldn’t ask for a better response :smiley: I’m doing alright surviving on footsies atm, but I want to finish my combo’s right. I’m very reliant on lightening legs to finish my combos and it don’t feel right haha!


Don’t be too hard on yourself. Ending with a (EX) Lighting Legs is totally fine. But to totally take your Chun to the next level, mastering the SBK combo will help you.
SBK does more damage, has more corner carry, and ends with knockdown for oki setups. But ending with legs aint bad. It’s just baby steps.



Standing LP and Standing MP (Normal/V-Trigger)
–Reduced the upwards hitbox

Koshuto (Forward Throw)
–Changed the distance from the opponent after a throw

Rankyaku (V-Skill)
–Can be performed from cancelable moves
–Decreased the V-Gauge meter gain from 100 to 80

Yokusenkyaku (Normal)
–Decreased the advantage on Crush Counter from +19F to +18F
–Recovery increased on whiff from 13F to 18F

–Changed so that the hitbox for the second hit onwards will not disappear when Kikosho collides with the opponent’s projectile

Developer Notes: Rebalanced the recovery for Yokusenkyaku on whiff, and Chun-Li’s status after Koshuto hits. Also, can cancel into Rankyaku from normal moves, which expands her combo options from successful close-range attacks.

Gonna have to make some adjustments on certain knockdown setups with the whiff recovery of F+HK being increased.

Also looking at the range of V-Skill as it is, I don’t think it will combo from as many things as people think it will.


So this means that we can’t just throw out F hk after we land a throw without fear consequence anymore, right? That’s gonna affect her pressure game. And just when she was starting to get good again.

Also, the patch to her V-Skill, I don’t know how I feel about it. I fear that her V-Skill might now be combo-able after counterhit normals, But if you can combo off it something decent like a heavy punch/kick attack, then maybe it’ll be decent. But We’ll have to see.


I said it in the main thread, but they need to take away the cc properties of The 5 extra frames of recovery on whiff isn’t worth being stuck with such a mediocre cc. She already has 2 other ones anyway, and with Rankyaku now being able to be comoboed into from normals, we actually probably have a legit good way to build v meter now. So the nerf makes sense now I guess, but the tradeoff isn’t worth it. They should’ve just gotten rid of the cc properties.

I am worried about the general cc changes in general though. Her damage is so poor as it is. She always suffers the most from these damage reductions cause she’s not scummy enough in mixups or frame advantage/traps to adequately compensate for the changes like other characters.


i wonder what they are changing for distance after a forward throw… closer? probably not… further?

also, did anyone notice that chun DIDNT get a throw damage buff like everyone else?

ken can now also throw after 1 single light attack and chun still cant?

also, canceling from a normal into vskill? i wonder if she can… jab/short ~ vskill would there be enough hit stun… or if say… cr. lp, st. mp, cr mk ~ vskill would work or is it too far?

or would she be restricted cause of distance? so only things like… cr. lp, st mp ~ vskill would work…

ive always wanted more utility from the vskill… in terms of combos… i think head stomps into ender would be fun…

also, more theory fighter… like this counter hit combo i do… CH st. mp, cr fp ~ legs, cr lk ~ legs (ex) is good damage, but would…

CH st mp, cr fp ~ legs, cr lk ~ vskill… stomps ~ fp or legs, probably not… but… ch mp, cr fp ~ vskill


another thing that would be fun???

if you could consistently AA B+HK into vskill into stomps or AA J. MP into stomps


Can you do it into LK SBK?

also, ending it in legs isnt too terrible right now. just baby steps. ive actually been toying with more leg pressure alongside with SBK pressure…

doing things like… cr. lp, st mp ~ MK legs, cr lk. ~ MK legs puts you at a decently close to the opponent and i believe +3 so things like ST FP/HK beats a good amount of things :slight_smile:
also ST MK does as well and on CH can link into legs

or you can have a charge during legs and almost instantly just buffer CR MK into SBK and if the push anything or walk forward theyll get tagged. works with EX LEGS too.


I wouldn’t put too much stock into comboing into v-skill. I looked at the range for v-skill after hitting several normals and the range on it is just not great. Even when cancelling from normals, unless they really bothered to do something that extends her body forward, I doubt she’ll be able to get it from anything other than a button directly in the opponent’s face, a CC… or cr. HP (and I personally only land that if my opponent does something really stupid). Probably more likely to get combos into it in VT1 (where it loses its purpose for building v-gauge) than outside of it.

As far as the F+HK CC, I’d rather have it than not have it. It’s still extra v-gauge if it happens to land and easier to confirm on sight. The v-trigger version is apparently not affected either.
I don’t go around whiffing hopkick like it’s Christmas, so not too worried about the extra recovery on whiff. I also tested some of the no rise whiff F+HK setups and she was +6 to +7 before the patch on most of them so, now she’ll be +1 or +2 as they wake up. I’ll just have to adjust to that accordingly.


I like the CC properties on f.HK. It allowed some easy follow-ups on reaction up close and if you’re on point you could always dash in for the BnB. Her other CCs don’t give you that freedom.

I really don’t see the point on nerfing that move though when there are so many better CC buttons in the game.


V Skill stuff sounds fun. I know @Frost was figuring that by frame data you might be able to combo V Skill off c.MK. IF that’s true then could have some good stuff for it. Would be nice for her to finally have a somewhat unique V Skill as far as application in the neutral. The best characters tend to be the ones with both solid V Skills and Crush Counters for building gauge and it’d be nice to finally get Chun up there for that. Not holding my breath, but holding out hope.

Not sure what the change to her forward throw is, but maybe by some shot of luck it actually keeps her closer for oki. Likely not because it seems they’re generally taking away the remaining oki/loops from throws away (Sakura lost her certainly unintended corner throw loop and Juri losing her midscreen one). f+HK getting berfed is predictable. They usually dont give you a buff without taking something away. That’s just Capcom way.


c.MK into V Skill combos from about throw range. You’re welcome.


throw range… wonderful…