Chun Li General Thread: Blue Jade



I didn’t say it was gonna be wonderful.



well mine isnt done updating yet… does it NOT combo from lights? does it combo from st mp? IF so, could cr. lp, st mp ~ vskill work? Also, what about CH st mp, cr hp ~ vskill ?


does it NOT combo from lights? No
could cr. lp, st mp ~ vskill work - No
CH st mp, cr hp ~ vskill ?- Yes

It does combo from CH lights


So basically worthless? Even more salty about the f hk nerf now.


Based on what I’m reading, it doesn’t seem optimal at all, except to build V Gauge.


some pressure from max range cancel, nothing special


I like the options once you are in throw range. Probably your best shimmy throw whiff punish now also.


Yeah, maybe I spoke too soon. It’'s decent enough if you fish for hits with st. mp, but beyond jump ins, you can forget about comboing into v skill on the ground from combo strings. Seems mainly restricted to close range single hit confirms, and as mentioned, if you can get clean jump ins, comboing into it from the air leads to alright v gauge build up and still decent damage.

Also, nerf still applies in v trigger. I thought there was some confusion on that. And man is it noticeable. Do not ever whiff this move anymore. There’s something weird about her f. hk cc combo now. It looks like it only combos with bnb if done from max range. Close up hit doesn’t seem to connect with c. lp bnb and you have to use c. lk instead. Can anyone else test? If so, looks like optimal punish after a close range f. hk cc is x l. llegs x st .lp x l sbk. Also a St. hk cc combo now does about 26 less damage. Could’ve been worse though. After season 2, you really are thankful for what you have.


With the CC changes, does that mean CCs aren’t the ideal punishes anymore? How big of a difference is it from a CC combo after a dp punish compared to other punishes?



c.HP V Skill is nice throw whiff and close range button whiff punish.


That’s good to know. My throw whiff punish game with Chun hasn’t been optimal as of late. I usually either do a shimmy > throw, Shimmy > F/B MP (xxx Kikosho), shimmy > cr mk XXX M legs xxx Kikosho.

I feel the cr HP > V-Skill might be the better whiff punish in terms of damage without a V-Trigger. But the risk is that if the cr HP gets blocked, it’s minus. If they block that into the V-skill, your opponent could potentially blow you up in the air, right?


You just gotta be fast with it. The first hit of c.HP is 7 frame start up which is plenty fast enough to reaction punish after throw whiff.


Cool, so it’s mostly what I expected.

Pretty decent damage too. Better then my current CH combos by a fair margin.


Yeah this makes her throw game legit scary now. Don’t think there’s too many other characters that build that much damage and V gauge off a throw whiff. Especially not any of the other footsie/mid range characters. People are going to be taking lots of throws vs Chun now.


Also did chun really not get a throw damage buff ?


Considering what happens to you if she walks out of a throw tech vs you now, dont think its needed.


Can anyone double check on the possible new cc requirements that I mentioned earlier? I just wanna be sure it is the new timing/spacing rather than bad execution.


Yeah I’m doing c.LK, LK legs, s.LP, LK SBK when c.LP doesn’t work.


Thanks. I am always gonna go for that now. It’s too hard for me to tell when I hit f hk. at max range to confirm for her regular cr lp. bnb. Sucks, but at least the new v-skill shenanigans might make up for it.