Chun Li General Thread: Blue Jade



I saw on a VesperArcade stream. Chun-Li’s throw got nerfed super hard. The distance is so much greater now.

Chun-Li’s v-skill buff was a good addition, and needed to make her v-skill not useless. But overall, I think Chun-Li got nerfed so terribly bad. It’s hard to say if she’s like Season 2 Chun, but she got nerfed hard, compared to what she was when AE first came out.


Just a reminder to late cancel cr. HP into V-skill, so that you ensure you’re in range. This makes sure it doesn’t whiff on crouchers in pressure situations like blocked cr. LK, cr. LP or st. LP (counter hits), cr. HP xx V-skill: If you were to do V-skill immediately in that sequence, it would whiff due to all the pushback beforehand, but late cancelling into it instead will make sure it hits.

Also I think the best thing to do off of CC F+HK now is walk up cr. HP xx V-skill -> stomps now.
Off of CC st. HK, dash, st. MP xx V-skill stomps etc. is good too.

-If you weren’t aware of this already in Season 2: while in VT1 comboing into V-Skill, stomps x3, j. HP, air EX legs -> dash is about +11 to +12 advantage vs. a quick rise and gives the opportunity to attempt that powerful CC st. HK combo in V-trigger (make them guess between either st.HK or tap down-> then throw/st.MP). I’ve written these setups before, just putting it out there again now that comboing into v-skill should be more common.

-After V-skill stomps x3 xx air EX Legs -> Dash, you are at +8 vs. quickrise
-After V-skill stomps x3 xx whiff air LK Legs -> dash, you are at +3 vs. quickrise
-After V-skill stomps x3 xx land-> dash, you are at +9 vs. quickrise

…there are more setup frame advantages I’ve tested (like if you immediately do air EX legs after v-skill to give you an idea), but I’ll just leave you with these for now, since those tend to sacrifice damage just for a different oki situation.


Explanation for this is that they reduced frame advantage after CC f.HK by one frame. So yeah, just go for the 3 frame move to be on the safe side.


The frame advantage for CC F+HK is +18 outside of VT1 and it is still +19 within VT1 (so you can still dash, cr. LP while VT1 is active).

The only way you’ll get a dash cr. LP outside of V-trigger is if you hit the F+HK on a later active frame. Seems like kind of a pointless nerf as her damage from it was going to go down anyway (and is still less than what someone like Urien can do from CC st. HP). Also with walk up cr. HP still being possible for the same damage or more (depending on what route you go), I don’t know why they even bothered.

It’s like the LK legs nerf where sometimes you have to link st. LP afterward to get the LK SBK knockdown (that link should have lost its relevancy once air legs got buffed to have more frame advantage).


That’s the thing. The nerfs to f.HK (or the changes to Chun in general) seem to me like they were implemented before they decided on the system changes. It’s the same thing with the throw damage that got buffed more or less across the board, except for Chun.


Chun’s throw damage is in a good spot. It’s just landing them that is the issue. Some characters also got stun reductions on their throws while Chun’s stun remains intact.

Cool thing on twitter:


Does mean Chun-Li’s Renkiko trigger has elevated to being the better (and more preferred) V-trigger of the two?


Chun-Li 3.5 DP punishes.

  • It seems her Mk SBK Bnb is an optimal and essential (non-meter) punish, netting 272 dmg, 466 stun
  • The new v-skill combos (with meter) range between 290-294 dmg, and 412-493 stun


I can’t remember what it was and


Rising Up: Season 3.5 at a Glance - Chun-Li


After showing my opponent tick throw till they decide to tech, I’ve been using walking jabs to really good effect. Walking crouch jabs really punished people who rely on delay tech and will get people to start sticking out the pre emptive buttons which you can read and start to frame trap with cr.lp, standard frame trap. For people that like to walk backwards I just do walking crouch shorts instead. Chun is uniquely situated to use this strat because she has a fast walkspeed and a good range on her jab which most of the faster walkspeed characters don’t have.

The key here to remember or notice, is that doing something like cr.lp, is an all or nothing confirm. If it’s blocked you are pushed way to far out to do anything. So against defensive minded players it’s good to do walking jabs even if there’s no confirm ability because it makes them have to press buttons to stop you or you just go on nearly forever. Lately I’m doing between 1 and 6 walking jabs before I go for the frame trap or throw. It’s been working out pretty well because it makes people scared of the pressure and when they get scared of the pressure they become much easier to read and shimmies and shit start working a shit ton more.

This may be why capcom is so stalwart on giving chun a true tick throw and giving chun more damage on her throw like they did everyone else. Once I started doing this I started throwing and frame trapping and shimmying people at a much higher rate. It’s a risk of course, but everything is in this game. The risk becomes very mitigable though if you show them the tick throw first because that is what makes them delay tech and that’s what allows your walking jabs. If you just try to do walking jabs without showing the throw there’s a much greater chance you will just get jabbed out and have a jab>don’t jab guessing game that isn’t as highly in your favor.

My timing is basically to move forward enough that I negate about 80% of the jab pushback. With that timing I can get out walking jabs at a fairly fast pace and can do about 4 walking jabs before I get pushed out. I change this up depending on how defensive I think my opponent is… ie bigger walk forward the more defensive my opponent is. If the opponent hits this with a jab it’s good because the timing for them to do it is much smaller than the timing for delayed tech and a simple cr.lp, should blow them up, and WILL blow them up if you give the a super small delay to make the gap 4-5 frames instead of 3. Happy hunting.



Since I mentioned it in the general thread when talking about VT1, I thought I’d record and post one of the oki options off of VT1 v-skill. There are more but this is one of the more reliable/consistent ones and makes the opponent choose between more than just meaty B+HP: