Chun Li gives me a hard time. (Haha)

OK guys, I’m not the greatest Vega. I can hold my own online though. But when it comes to good, and great Chun Li’s I can NOT seem to block her strikes. I don’t know if you guys know Killa B00, but his Chun Li’s strikes single handedly killed me. They were so quick and somehow broke my guard. Is this a special characteristic for Chun Li? My blocking is usually good since I’m more of a counter guy rather than aggressive. It looked like she could throw multiple strikes in the air and usually the second punch would land even with my guard up.

So if you could help me figuring that out, and also how to counter it and how to beat a really good Chun Li.


Her j.hp hits twice and has to be blocked standing. You probably block the first hit then try to crouch block and get hit.

Yeah I was charging the scarlet crouched.

So standing block blocks both of them. Thanks for the tip. Does a EX wall dive on the way up interrupt that jump flip kick where she comes down hard on a split? Or does her kick beat it out?

EVERYTHING beats EX wall dives. If Chun Li is spamming that move just stand there and Focus Attack her ass as she comes down. That’s what I do.

How about the EX sky high claw? I know it wouldn’t connect on the way up but would it go through it? And could I just do a normal focus on that move? Or would I have to be at a certain range? Like for SRKs. BTW Vermillion rocks :rock::rock::rock:

I honestly have never tried EX Sky High Claw on a Chun Li who was doing that. I’d hope you’d drill right through her… but knowing Vega you’d probably get stuffed. Someone else might know. What do you mean by range? I mean if you’re in range for your claw to hit her you should be ok.

Well when I say range, you know when you’re fighting a shotokan and they try to SRK you while you’re focusing but you’re just far away enough to absorb it. If you were right in front of him you’d get Vega’s beautiful face smashed in >_<. But yeah thanks dude and anyone else who adds any insight

That’s most likely because the srk was input as a reversal. Range doesn’t matter unless it’s a multihitting srk.

Well those are the ones i’m referring to. Like a firey one from Ken, but if you’re at a certain range from him you’ll only catch one hit of it thus absorbing it. So I guess Chun Li’s kick dosen’t break through it. Awesome, thanks guys

You just have to be a great blocker. If you want to beat Chun, you’ll have to make blocking cross-ups an instinct almost. Her focus combo (Think that’s what it’s called, can’t remember) from the air is unblockable though on the second hit, so just try to predict it and backflip.

Not sure what you’re talking about here, if you mean her J Fierce that hits twice, it is completely blockable. You have to block both hits standing, you are probably starting to crouch too early and getting hit. The mixup is that she doesn’t have to perform both hits and can go right to a low attack instead.

Supposedly Chun is improved in Super, so not really looking forward to that :frowning:

He didn’t mean the J Fierce. He’s talking about her focus combo; the second hit is NOT blockable AT ALL. Only way to dodge that is by backflipping when she jumps.

Hmm I still don’t know what you mean… guess I don’t know what this focus combo is. I’ve never had Chun Li do an airborne attack that I was unable to block. If you’re saying backflip is the only way to avoid it, then other characters have no way to escape it? Maybe I’m confused but I’ve never heard of anything like this.

It was just a figure of speech. You can always anticipate the jump and air throw. Or you could back dash before the first hit lands.

Vs Chun li players that like to jump in with a late HP (x1 or x2), it will be good to walk backwards a little when they start jumping and c.HP them out of the air.

It’s called a Target Combo, not focus combo. Lol, that’s what rust will do to you.

chuns target combo is COMPLETELY blockable…LOL u guys.

thats the funniest shit ive heard in awhile.

chun DOES have 3 unblockables in sf4, but 2 arent on vega and the 3rd is only an unblockable fireball. her target combo is blockable by every character… your blocking low too fast if you are blocking the first hit but not the second one.



Look man, I don’t know if it’s her target combo or not. All I know is, in one of her air combos, the second hit is unblockable. And I’m not silly enough to block low on an air attack. >_>

Hmm, looks like the jury is still out on this one