Chun-Li HD Remix


Well thats a bit terrifying, but mad fun still.

Right my next question is about something which occurs in every round, but appears to be random and if it is mastered is a huge game changer.

Situation: Opponent jumps in and hits you but your character seems to perform a mini jump out of the combo which was about to hit you :confused:, WTF is this, it happens alot and saves me from some very big combos, i think its ST’S roll cancel equivalent, a total game changer, which no one seems to be able to abuse. I think its linked to the old wiggle tech.


I don’t think that meaty cross-up Headbutt is worth it unless you absolutely know its gonna work. If that shit gets blocked, Honda is in a reaaaaaaaaally bad spot.


There seems to be very rare instances where combos can be jumped out of (or interrupted by the guy getting comboed on) if the timing is late as possible (like Rog’s super fucking up in the corner).


This happens since WW. If you get hit while preparing for a jump, you will get hit either once or twice (if the enemy hits you for a combo, ie., before hit-stun ends), then you get into air recovery animation.


What happens is if you get hit on the last jump frame, the next hit of a combo will make you pop out as if you got hit in the air. It’s pretty rare for most part, but quick jumpers could probably do it on purpose. It was done in one of NKI combo vids where T Hawk jumps out of Ryu’s J HK, Cr. MKxxSuper and does his own super in the corner. It had classical music playing, but I don’t remember what it was called.


Yay new tricks! I’ll have to try this on cross up pressure and see if it helps me escape or get me killed lol I bet if I had a stored super I could jump out land and land a super before they recovered from their hit frames. hmmmm?


If you get any time, please expand on your explanation.

Big O
It was done in one of NKI combo vids where T Hawk jumps out of Ryu’s J HK, Cr. MKxxSuper and does his own super in the corner. It had classical music playing, but I don’t remember what it was called…
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the phenomenon iam talking about isnt in that video, i watched it again and T hawk bounces off the wall or something but there is no mini somersault animation.
Maybe iam going for upkicks late then trying to block down back almost instantaneously.


The only reason there was no “mini somersault” was because T Hawk was in the corner. The corner does weird stuff to knockdown and air reel animations. Basically he would have flipped but the corner cut it short, which is what you would probably want anyway since you recover faster.


I rewatched it and i was wrong, your right it happens at 56 seconds, does this mean NKI knows how to do it???




Thanks for the Chun Li ass whoopin Voltech <3. I got a lot of improvement to do within my game before I am consider a good player. Also what up Guile75 (play to win) :D.


I have a feeling that all my ST skills have disappeared since marvel 3… I’m a little bit afraid to go back to playing and get owned by scrubs… =/


hey guys im still somewhat new to the game can you give me tips on how to deal with bison? i cant jump at him, and i get thrown a lot. this match is just really difficult for me and i dont even know where to begin


voltech keeps kicking my ass with his cross over supers… i have looked into this move in training mode but cannot seem to work out how to pull it off?

how do i jump over a character (or even cross up) and into super as soon as i land?


Re: Honda cross up with headbutt… If this is what I’m thinking of, I don’t know if it’s actually a true cross up… Honda has to time it such that the headbutt flies over the opponent who is knocked down and is still getting up-- i.e. the opponent will get up facing the other way/same direction Honda did his headbutt to-- AND have it connect with the opponent’s hitbox right before the headbutt goes from the state of hitting to the state of recovery. I say not really a true cross up because the character got up already facing what would have been the other way.



Hehe - The cross over super is just like the cross under super while the cross up super is a little trickier but the same principle.

  1. Store super and hold in the direction of the character.
  2. While changing sides (jumping over or walking under) move the stick in the direction of the character you are focusing on. You have a small window of time to move the stick from say right to left and keep the super stored.
  3. Press kick to release the super.

If done correctly you should be able to jump over the character an unlimited amount of times and release the super at will.

For bonus points you can cross up into a combo before releasing the super but most times you will get the dizzy before the super ever comes out so it’s best done on a dizzied opponent.



thanks mate… i’ll give that some practice now!
thanks again!


lols ha ha.,. lol… etc…
works perfectly, cheers for the tip votech… see you online… !..


^^^ Is that a legit combo at 1:38?


This dead forum is now my personal whine zone.

Everything beats Chun’s Upkicks. Always finding something new stuffing it. Just fought a beastly Cammy who jumping light kicked my Upkicks, and did that flying grab to stuff it also, plus jumping medium punch. Bison is the only character so far who I don’t think can jump at Chun without being punished (aside from neutral jump, he can do that).

Can’t help but wonder how they were deemed acceptable. She literally has no priority in 9/10 trades. Im happy when I clash for Gods sake.