Chun li Help !!

i cant seem to really beat chun li i really have to change up my basic strategy since she can go over fireballs and pretty much just wait it out and win i mean what am i supposed to do against her its really frustating to keep losing to flowchart chuns so any1 help ?

I don’t play dee jay; I actually just started messing around with him. Who I do main, however, is Chun Li. And while I haven’t played many dee jay’s, I can point out her weak spots for you.

wake up: chun li is basically free on wake up. If you are getting hit by ex sbk, take it to the training lab and find a way to beat it, because it’s not that good of a wake up option. And with dee jay’s great vortex pressure, chun li shouldn’t much of a problem on wake up.

anti airs: chun li has very specific anti air normals that she can use to beat jump ins. Ideally, with dee jay’s floaty jump, you don’t want to be jumping too much out of range. Standing fierce punch and standing roundhouse will tag you for every bad jump in. Go to the lab, and find the range were dee jay is JUST out of standing jab range. This should be a good place to jump in on chun li, and with your KST (?) and you should be good for the mix ups. Just watch out for ex sbk as an anti air, but once again, learn how to beat it.

footsies: I don’t know this for sure, but I imagine chun li beats dee jay clean with footsies. Standing MP for chun li is fantastic and is a great frame trap…not to mention she has other great spacing tools as standing fierce, standing roundhouse, crouching forward, and crouching roundhouse. Also, chun li’s super is only 1 frame.

Chun li has some 40+ frames of recovery on her kikkokens, dee jay has 39, so you should be able to win the fireball war. If she isn’t throwing fireballs, don’t throw them if you aren’t in a good range. Hazanshu will go over them, but you can also level 2 focus attack it and punish with a big combo if you see it coming in a block string. I’d say you’ll just want to score a knock down, mix her up on wake up, and get the health lead.

For the love of all things holy…dont let that bitch get super…try your damndest to make her use ex spinning bird.
Be very mindful of her charge and positioning in the fireball war when she has ultra 1 stocked.

I couldn’t agree anymore with Thunda…Super will make DeeJay FREEEEEJAY with any blocked sobat kick. ANY. Yes, even lk. Force her to burn the meter, and use well spaced sobat kicks if she has ultra 1 instead of fireballs (if she doesn’t have super, of course). If your feeling ballsy, throw a fireball and FADC when you KNOW she has charge. It’ll cost you two meters but if you baited her into Hosenka then you get a punish with your own ultra.

My main is Dee Jay. What you want to do is bait her. I have a list of all of the characters I bait heavily just for reference. I throw slashers and when she goes over fireballs NEVER EVER block low. Just keep backing up and throwing projectiles. An easy bait is to throw them then crouch, that makes them jump over with that flipping move and you can cr.HK slide for a hit or trade. Always try to cross up when she has no meter. If I am in a heavy lead I try anyways even though I eat the ex spinning bird kick.

Chun is a problem for our Jamaican friend. Besides fireballs, you have to watch using ex rolling sabat through her fireballs because it can also be punished by ultra 1.
Just go on the offense, stay close and don’t let her get space to use her amazing normals. The slide is a decent anti-poke. Like someone else said, make her use her meter, learn the timing and how to beat ex-sbk. It’s still an uphill battle, good luck

EX SBK is one of the easiest reversals in the game to safe-jump (it’s 6 frame startup). Just practice timing your crossup to hit as late as possible. Even if you time it too late and whiff, most Chun players will still panic and do the EX SBK anyway.

When you land and block the EX SBK, wait a slight moment before punishing it. If you punish too early she is still considered airborne and will pop out.

If you are still having trouble with the safe jump, there is another option you can try: after a knockdown, walk right up to her and do a neutral jump as she’s waking up. She’ll bust out the EX SBK and you go right into an NJ HK -> full combo. (*note: this usually only works 1 time, as it’s a pretty obvious bait).

As for ground game, do NOT attempt to play footsies with her. All you need to do is throw air slashers and stay just outside of her Hazanshu range.

Eventually, she’ll get frustrated and attempt Hazanshu (99% of Chun players do this. They can’t help it). As long as you’re outside of Hazanshu range (so it whiffs), you can punish with Sobat (i prefer EX or HK). If you have no charge you can punish with slide, or just use the opportunity to come in with knee shot.

So putting it all together, this gameplan works against most average Chun players:

  1. spam Air Slasher and try to make her whiff a Hazanshu
  2. punish with Sobat, go back to A.S. spam. OR, punish with knockdown, start up the vortex
  3. when you get a knock down, safe jump the EX SBK til she’s out of meter. Once she’s out of meter she’s done (most Chun players rely on EX SBK so much that they have no clue how to defend themselves without it. Kinda like Blanka players and their EX up-ball).

I’m sorry, this is so untrue.

I’m a scrub. I am a very bad Chun. However, I can tell you that if I know when not to use EX bird, most every Chun will know this too. If you neutral jump right in Chun’s face, EX bird won’t hit, and I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that most Chuns know that. Chun’s only major problem, really, is very close jump-ins (jump-ins where EX bird doesn’t work). She has a plethora of AA options, but they all require very specific spacing. Directly above her is one of those areas that she has trouble defending. So yes, take advantage of this, but don’t rely on the fact that your opponent is going to reversal EX SBK and give you a free punish.

Again, I’m going to have to disagree; Hazanshu is an INCREDIBLY unsafe move when it whiffs, and all Chuns know it. It’s also really really easy to focus absorb. Personally, I’d focus absorb dash up fireballs until I had Ultra 1 (or I pushed you into the corner) and then shut down your zoning game entirely. Once I have you in the corner, I can easily HSU over fireballs because I’ll be in the right spacing. Chances are that the Chun player will know his/her own moves better than you will, and will know the correct spacings. Instead of “spam[ming] Air Slasher”, try throwing one and walking behind it. See if you can get your foe to back away. Be aware of Chun’s powerful pokes that can come at you, though. When Chun’s in the corner, she’s in very bad shape. Take this with a grain of salt, however.

See, the problem with this mindset is that it will only help you to beat scrubby Chuns in ranked battles. If you ever go to a tournament, you’ll get stomped on if you try to use this strategy. I suppose it boils down to whether you want to beat all of the awful Chuns online or if you actually want to learn the matchup and use legitimate tools. Either way, I disagree with the above poster, and if you’d like to play some endless against a bad Chun to work on the MU, look me up. I only play on PC though.

Ok, first of all, you are clearly not a “scrub chun”. You’re much better than you’re giving yourself credit for. I watched a couple of your videos and you remind me of another really good Chun i know named FlyGamer (unrelated, but IMO he’s a little better than OMG Itz Andre). When I play Flygamer, my only goal is to lock him down with safe jumps and frame / throw traps (which is pretty damn hard cause his spacing is so good). And the purpose of safe jumps is just to eliminate the possibility of EX SBK, and he knows that and never does it (unless he notices my jump timed wrong).

Anyway, all of my advice i posted was for Kurtis, who started the thread and said he was losing to “flowchart chuns”. And you know what flowchart chuns do? Wakeup EX SBK, random HSU’s, lp kikoken and dash behind it, etc.

I stand behind what i said because i think it’s very applicable to the type of Chuns that Kurtis is running into online.

Edit: and yes, I’d like to play on PC but my PC is pretty weaksauce (basic AMD processor with no video / graphics cards, i literally bought it on sale at Walmart). I’ve actually been meaning to ask someone, what are the minimum specs you can get away with for a decent AE experience on PC?

Wow, I’m…flattered, thank you!

My mistake; I missed that part (or at least didn’t process it). Like I said, yes, the strategy that you outlined will beat random scrubby Chun’s on XBL, but not a whole lot more. Perhaps I didn’t come across correctly; I was trying to say that, though this will work in that setting, if OP ever wants to go to tournaments & the like, he/she should learn different strategies to deal with higher level Chun shenanigans. This

is only true of low-level Chuns, and I want OP to understand that point. But if low-level is all you’re dealing with…god, abuse this ALL DAY! :wink:

You can get cheap PC components and turn your settings all the way down. Turning off the background (I.E. the stage) makes a HUGE difference. Try to track down a copy of AE and run the benchmark on your PC now…who knows, maybe it’ll run =)