Chun Li in AE (Arcade Edition)

I make this topic to list the change between SSF4 on console and SSF4 AE.

Df lk (her anti air) is consider airborn during the active frames.
In super, Chun li was airborn at the end of the active frames.
So that means, if Chun Li trade, she is reset like Ryu with shoryuken or Sagat with Tiger Uppercut.
Because of that, it’s seems impossible to punish with dash ex legs or ultra 2 if you trade.

Also stun on sweep nerf. Seems somewhere 100-150ish. At least that’s what I think.

Damage nerf on I think it might do only 50-60 now opposed to 70.

Speculation on exsbk being but safe. Even though I don’t see it.

IMO. Biggest nerf is dflk. also has slower startup. The only test I’m seen done implied sweep does 100 stun now, as oposed to 150.

There’s also of course the issue where Rose falls out of a Juggled U1, and can punish you.

Out of curiosity, has anyone tested whether Rose falls out of a grounded U1 as well(both in the corner and outside of the corner)?

I haven’t, but Akuma also drops out, and can also punish you, and I’ve hit him several times with grounded Ultras, and there haven’t been any issues.

Anybody have any experience with the slower df. lk? Does the slower df. lk change its quality as an anti-air?

Not only is df+LK slower, its hitbox and airborne frames have changed.

It is more likely to trade now than it was before, and it is now airborne in its active frames, meaning if you trade (i.e. get hit during its active frames), Chun gets air reset (she does the little bounceback in the air before landing on her feet). The air reset makes it almost impossible to trade and follow up with anything, unless your opponent is in the corner.

It is still of some use as an anti-air, but it has now become situational like all her other anti-airs.

Also, regarding characters falling out of Ultra 1:

A large part of this has to do with spacing. For example, there are certain characters where, when spaced JUST the right distance away from the corner, will still juggle properly with Ultra 1 in Vanilla and in Super. However, in AE, when a normally juggle-able character gets Ultra’d at that distance, the launcher will connect but not all the hits of the follow-up, the rising whirlwind kicks, will connect. In some cases the opponent will drop out before the final hit of the Ultra.

Also, far HK feels slower to me. I might be wrong, but it sure feels that way.

I really feel like she’s kinda different in AE. When I was at AI I felt like things that should have landed didn’t. Can’t really say if it was me and/or the game.


Haneyama still seems to play the same, maybe these changes are just all in my head haha

Is it back like it was in vanilla SF4? I hope it is still better than that one ;p

And about her U1… Are Rose and Akuma the only one that will fall out from her U1 juggle? Or are there more characters?

Haneyama’s tier list

Fei long

Akuma, Sagat, Chun Li, Ken

Yun, Viper, Makoto, Zangief

Yang, Rog, Adon, Bison


Asterisk, were you at AI on Saturday? I was there from like midnight till about 4.30 on what would technically be Sunday morning.

I don’t remember any Chun players other than a tall black guy with a white and blue striped collared shirt. For some reason I didn’t think that would be what you looked like so I figured it probably wasn’t you.

Haha, nah I’m a 17th year old Asian lol

You think they nerfed her sweep because of her c.hp xx legs loop?
Cause it doesn’t make sense to me…her sweep is good, ok, but she’s not vanilla akuma that stuns people by randomly sweeping them and proceed with the wakeup rape (with more sweeps).

Doubt that it was because of the cr.HP xx Legs loop.

Her sweep starts up pretty quickly as far as sweeps go, so it actually is a decent poke. I guess counter-poking with it, or punishing whiffed pokes with it (+CH so even more Stun) made it too easy to dizzy people.

That’s just my guess.

It’s just a nerf without a cause, that doesn’t really matter.
They do these kinds of nerfs to calm the ignorant masses “oh, at least she got nerfed”.
While the Chun players are like “Yeah, that nerf is going to hurt” /trollface

That and the damage nerf on st.MP are both silly. The only (known) change that matters is d/ Honestly even the silly U1 dropping Rose/Akuma doesn’t seem like a big deal because afaik it only drops them if you juggle them point blank in the corner and more often than not there’s a little space.

Why recent tier lists like Mago & co’s list Chun as not even top 10 is beyond me. Not that tier lists matter, but does anyone agree with them or have an idea why they think Chun is so bad in the AE metagame?

Yeah CH stun + untechable knockdown + its speed and relatively decent recovery is a bit much… At least that’s the main complaint I get about it.
Apparently 200 stun on sweep was one of the main things Akuma used to have in vanilla SF4 to accumulate stun so well and his is just about as hard to fuck with as Chun’s.

In a long set my with Akuma playing friend, both of us were surprised one round when he got stunned so quickly and neither one of us realized how he got there. I just know the last hit was a CH sweep. We’re both well aware that Akuma has 850 stun but it was like only 4 quick attacks in like 4 seconds and he was dizzy. It was quicker than you would normally imagine even for a character with low stun.

I think after this, Viper is the only character left with a 200 stun sweep. There might be another character as well, I don’t remember.

It won’t hurt, but the pleasant surprises like the story I mentioned above will probably be non-existant.
Sometimes nerfs are just taking away nice things. Oh well. ;0

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Nemo think this new hitbox is good and bad.
Bad because before chun li had some setup to hit opponent with a focus in avoiding in the same time an attack.

Good because it will be more easy now to absorb an attack and dash forward or backdash.

has anyone played AE chun is there that much difference… apart from nerf to DF short?