Chun Li Infinites

Can anyone give me a couple of Chun’s Infinites. Thx!

Attached… the other three I’ve seen vids of are just lightning leg x a kabillion (off an incoming character, vs Mecha Zangief or against Ice(?) Silver Samurai).

Thx Preppy :tup: BTW (sic) MegaMan

That Bitch Is Wack!

Wack meaning bad, or wack meaning good?

They’ve hugely nerfed her, but she’s really effective - and a great AA assist - if you know how to play her. She’s quick and can move around a lot in the air, so works well with either Tron-Y or Sent-Y. (Ground combo + Tron-Y + ax kick into launcher for air combo on match open is usually either a 70% reset combo or a a 40% combo, since that ax kick is tough to block the correct way when Tron’s there too.) The chief problem I have is that once you get that hit, I can’t get to ground fast enough with her.

I was just saying the other day that I’d really like to see a REALLY good Chun Li player in MvC2. I scrub by with the help of Tron (and used Chun some in my pools at Evo this past year (I won my pool 6-0)), but her timing is so peculiar compared to every other character that I think only maybe Duc Doh and a couple other old school players REALLY know how to play her. Which is a shame because she’s too much fun when played well.

I tried to download the zip, but it’s no good. Can you re-up?

N - If I’m gonna play Marvel, I might as well use someone wonky.

^-- Done. You may want to Save As the file instead of opening it directly - soemtiems ZIP programs don’t like direct links for whatever reasons.

If all else fails, you can get it on the hub. =\

she is a very fast past person…i found a inf. on doom i have not tryed it on other people it goes like…jump cancel right at his chest i can get up to 20 something hits but other then that all she has is resets…no long air combos


any other start ups ( like on here own) or any other assists(guess ill start using tron whaa!) but it’s all good.:wgrin:

and preppy i love the vids man… you da man!!!