Chun Li Intermediates Thread: Interpol Technology

Interpol Technology is meant to serve as a place where intermediates, like myself, can communally learn the fundamentals through Chun-Li as well how to approach tackling the game as Chun-Li. Similar to the Ancient Aztechnology thread, which I created on the Necalli forums, it is not meant to derail either the [beginner](Chun Li Beginners Thread: Don’t Skip Leg Day thread or the more advanced [combo](Chun Li Combo Thread: Showing Off Her Kung Fu and [frame/tech](Chun Li Tech/Frame Data Thread: ICPO Cyber Security *3/7 Update* threads. I’ve realised that generally the information is either too simplistic i.e. “Which of Chun-Li’s buttons are good pokes?” or too technical/execution-focused i.e. “How much of a frame advantage do I get from toward + MP and what combos can be chained off of it for big damage and stun?”. We need a middle ground or rather a bridge between the two levels of conversation where situations that actually occur could be addressed.

I want to have conversations about actual situations that I’d face as Chun-Li and examine which buttons are either useful or harmful relative to them. I want to learn when NOT to use certain things without having to focus too deeply on how many active frames certain buttons have. I want to figure out when to use cr. MP versus when to use cr. MK. I want to learn what situations does Tsuitotsuken (toward/back + MP) work better than Tenkukyaku (back + HK). I want to examine when to activate her V-trigger versus when to hold.

There is a wealth of useful information which can be lost in the ‘complexity’ of advanced-level responses. Information which can be useless unless one has graduated beyond intermediate-level. This thread is for persons who want to use the full repertoire of Interpol’s Blue Jade to crack the case of Street Fighter V wide open.

To get this ball rolling, I am wondering in which situations other than chasing down aerial opponent, in order to lead into her air-throw, does Rankyaku work well? For me, it seems very situational more so than other V-skills like Necalli’s Culminated Power.

When should I try to apply instant air legs?

I like to do it when I think they are going to counter throw. So cr. jab->IA leg or after a jump in. You can do it from farther out sometimes also (like max cr. MK range). However, it isn’t something you want to be super predictable with since it isn’t the fastest. It really only punishes throw attempts or bad low pokes.

I have been having trouble with the Chun Li vs Nash match up. I think it’s a bad match up over all. It feels like you have to play perfectly and all they have to do is just throw fireballs. The only thing I’ve found that works is her standing heavy kick. It can punish Nash if you’re up close after they throw a Sonic Boom, when they try to throw a second. If you have perfect execution, you can chain that with an ex legs.

Honestly every time I see a Nash go into the air I just airgrab him. Majority of the time he’s going for that reverse flashkick thing that has hella start up.

Has anyone been able to cancel Chun Li’s dash into forward throw? I believe I saw somewhere that it was possible but I just cannot seem to get it done when I try.

I just discovered this in training and have been lightning people up with it all morning. Has anyone mentioned that Chun’s St.HP one of her best pokes is CA cancelable. I find this to be huge, as the range is long and you can sit in neutral and throw it out, waiting for the opponent to walk into it and get a free CA.

Edit: Can someone test if you can late cancel enough to hit confirm? I would myself but i already packed away my stick and i have to bail soon D:

No way you can hit confirm it, but yes, st.hp cancel into super is really good. I mainly use to as a whiff punish. As soon as I see the opponent’s normal you KNOW it’s gonna hit, so you can visually confirm it from that. It’s even easier if you whiff punish a whiffed sweep or something (and you can also punish most sweeps on block with st.hp xx super, which is obviously more damage than just a raw super).

You can absolutely hit confirm this both visually and audibly, set the dummy to random block and practice buffering the 2x qcf while the st.FP is coming out. Only hit kick when you see the orange from a successful hit or if sound works better for you the clearly distinct sound of a hit vs a block in this game. It’s similar to cr.fwd xx sa2 in third strike, only it’s way more obvious in SFV

If you get a CC with standing heavy kick, you can dash up and do things like -, xx mk.sbk.
More damage.

Just wanted to say that as an intermediate chun player (I go back and forth btwn about 1100 and 1500LP) and intermeditate fg enthusiast in general, I really support this thread and would LOVE more stuff geared towards intermediate players! Like… some optimized easy execution combos…

For example, I personally can’t pull off an sbk after a smp cmk, so I’d love to see best damage options with that off the table. And practical situational stuff, of course… Like:

Best (intermediate) v-trigger options after Hp xx VT; cmp xx VT; Bhp Xx VT etc. At my level of play, v-trigger is really the only time I’m able to hit confirm, so I’d like to take advantage of it.

Honestly, haven’t posted in srk for years because, as OP alluded to, most of the stuff seems to cater to the top 1-5% of players (or the brand new). Would love practical stuff for the rest of us!

Thanks for any advice.

I’ve got some stuff in my journal first post you might want to check out. As far as what to cancel into if you can’t SBK… It’s ex legs or super. Not really rocket science :slight_smile:

Obviously, and legs is what I do. Just figured it was possible that completely different strings were optimal when removing mp cmk from the table.

And OF COURSE I can sbk, just have difficulty with it in strings which go from mp to cmk.

I’ll check out your journal, thanks!!

Evolution of the jump back OS that stuffs IALL. Something to watch out for.

Could anyone give me some tips on the instant air stomp? I’m struggling with it because either A. it comes out as Instant Air Legs, B. my input is late because i’m past the optimal height.

Seeing how MOV won his rounds with the IA Stomp, I’m wondering if anyone has any pointers or advice? I can do it if it’s a neutral jump, but I don’t get that potential mixup opportunity. Thanks.