Chun Li is an impossible match-up for me. T_T

Man! I’ve been playing SFIV for a while now (over 6000+ matches both games)… I used to know how to deal with Chun Li in Vanilla. However, I’m pretty sure I haven’t beaten one above-average Chun in SSFIV Onilne anymore. After all the buffs she got I can’t seem to get in, stay in and even block or tech against her. I’m TOTALLY FREE against Chun Li.

I main Sakura and Rose. But this goes for any character I play… (Duds, Abel, Rufus, Guy and Makoto) the only way I can get even close to having a shot vs Chun is if I pick Ryu and play it very careful and such. This is sending me into new levels of frustration, looks like the Chun Li vs. ME match-up is a 9.5-0.5. I never feared any char in vanilla, not even Sagat, but now I’m so frustrated with that match-up that I’m throwing away whole matches when facing Chun’s online.


I’m here, at the all mighty Saikyo Dojo (I love Dan) feeling like the crappiest scrub in the world. My good friends of F, D, DF + P dot com, what should I do? What’s the best way to learn this match-up, deal with those annoying pokes, zoning, footsies and that annoying throw range of 1.0 that this woman has?

I’m at a loss… 0_0

PS: The Irony is that I love Shizza! <3

You forgot to input a punch in, beside that look at the match up strats in the Sakura sub-forum.

Focus attacks kill her pokes, and outside of EX SBK she dies to even basic pressure.

Sakura’s standing RH poke is godlike against Chun’s longer pokes.
When she starts going low, abuse Tatsu to go over.

since when was free a derogatory adjective to describe skill?
with sakura, bait out a high poke and go into one of her low attack to sho o ken. she pokes low, cross her up, or try to, and set up a combo or throw.

Bison is a hard character to fight aswell

her ultra 2 (sakura) can also kill off jump in attempts by chun. rose’s ultra 2 could change the tide if you can use it well, as in use it both as a shield for rose and a means to pressure chun.

Learn the range of her pokes and figure out what beats them. As a Chun main myself I can say that I lose to focus a lot. When you get in, learn to bait the EX SBK as well. It really is tempting to do one as soon as someone gets in on me, but losing the metre hinders Chun’s defensive options quite a bit.

And this isn’t really advise, but if you’re losing to Hasanshus all the time online don’t sweat it. A lot of her setups can be pretty ambiguous when they’re actually really easy to block offline.

use blanka or guile

Yeah bait EX SBK and then start the pressure game. The moment she gets meter, try to go for a knockdown and bait the SBK.

But her BnB requires meter

Real chun players aren’t retarded enough to waste their meter on random reversals unless they have it to spare

^^ I rarely use ex SBK unless I’m certain it will work, it simply loses to too many things deep jump in, dive kick type moves, anything that will hit her in the cooch will pretty much stuff it… pun intended.

I’ve noticed chuns lately will turtle until you jump in then hit you with an ex SBK… it wastes meter, stops momentum that isn’t happening and does shit for damage

Is chun a popular scrub character right now?

^ thankfully no. I find that she is an offline beast, her AA requires pretty precise timing and her meterless BnB is a 1 frame link. When you hit a button you need it to come out now… not a fraction of a second from now but right now. Plus she has low health

As a Sakura player, you should utilize her offensive pressure and strong mixups to keep Chun guessing, throwing in crossups and overheads to force Chun to lose charge or take damage. Remember to stop every once in a while and block so that you can try and bait a reversal EX SBK, then punish accordingly.

I know there is a safejump against Chun, but I’m not 100% sure how to do it so that is also something you should look into.

If Chun has Ultra 1 stocked, don’t fireball.

Unless I’m mistaken, EX SBK does 170 if all hits connect, as well as a decent chunk of Stun damage (also 170? not sure). It’s not great, but not terrible. Besides, if you can afford to lose 170, sometimes taking the hit is worth making Chun lose the meter. She loses a potential EX Legs > Ultra, and is that much further from stocking her Super, which is a fantastic punisher.

When you do it to someone who jumps in you barely get any of the hits

If they time it correctly, you still eat a decent amount tho. Especially for crossups

Thank you guys for all the help.

I’m dedicating a lot of my time on the lab to polish my skills vs Chuns. I’m starting to recover my confidence in this match up a lil bit more. Still I wish I had a good Chun to practice. A special thanks goes for the Chun mainers that shared so much valuable information to me. While I know it seems I should have just gone to the Sakura match-up threads it is more of a me issue vs. this particular char, so I decided to share with everyone.

Another thing I noticed… Chun’s speed + online lag = major beatdown for people who likes to react at the last moment possible o_O

Also, if you can score a knockdown Sakura’s Neutral Jump RH is a good way to bait and stuff an EX SBK, then you can just combo off that.

The bad thing about your fight is, as a Chun player, Sakura does not scare me at all. She can pull off some really cool combos but they all are weak in damage if you aren’t able to keep the mix-ups going. You can’t lose momentum in this match-up. If her pokes are messing you up then try focus attacks. If she is just barely hitting you with her S.MP then pop it with a LP Shoryuken(This is based off Ryu’s doing it to me, dunno if it would actually work with Sakura’s Shoryuken).

Sakura’s SRK has a huge start up time.

Basically, Play smart and don’t let go of the momentum you get with your resets