Chun-li is dope



A,A,B,C xx :dp:+:snka::snkb:,SJC, aerial rave with double jump, :qcf:+:snka: :snkb:


This is the most fun I’ve had playing chin in a long time.


I’ve been messing round with Chun a bit myself. I initially had issues trying to land her L3 on player opponents. Came up with this.

Regarding her L3 Super. I think the most effective way to utilize it is SBK cancel into L3 Super.


That’s the basic gist. You can throw out a crouching short or anything else that cancels in to SBK to get yourself started.


I noticed that either the hitstun on her SJ.C or the active frames on her air super have been slowed down just enough so that they don’t combo anymore. It connected off a fierce anywhere on the screen in the EVO build.

The problem lies with the super’s usefulness being destroyed by damage scaling, since it only seems to link from SJ lightning legs now.


I just tested it and :d::u:+:snkc: xx :qcf::snka::snkb: works for ~22k on Ryu. Chun air combos in to her Level 3 are as easy as anything I’ve seen in the game, it’s just the damage scaling can make it not worth it sometimes.


chun is pretty awesome in this game. one combo i managed to get down consistently after a launcher is B,B,C jump B,B,C jump B,C,C. also instead of doing B,C,C at the end you can also do C into lightning legs and cancel into the lvl 3 super. you cancel after the lightning legs hits once.


Infinite in the corner, lolz.

last part.




well yeah, but uk, what if you don’t have 2 super bars? EH? No I’m just messing around, it’s fun to find this stuff out tho.


You build them by getting comboed, like any other long combo in the whole game. Nice find though.


how is he doing the infinite?


just emulate what the video is doing?


Ok I tried a few times, how do you get the lightning legs to come out that fast, I got one rep, just doesn’t seem practical on top of the fact that you can get out of it with mega crush after a few reps.

Infinite is as follows. :snka:,:snkb:,:snkc: :df:+:snkc: xx :snkc:lightning legs, dash , :snka:, :snkb:, :snkc: xx :snkc: lightning legs

Maybe I’m trying the wrong version of lightning legs, I am buffering as well, when I say I can’t cancel fast enough, I’m hitting them with the lightning legs too high off of her launcher, maybe its this damn GC pad.

Also, from the video, Looks like you can get about 10 reps off before they can get out of it, that is if they are sitting on 1 meter, if they had 0, you could prolly do about 20.


**You can also set up her infinite mid screen and bring them to the corner and then continue in the corner.

(mid screen) Crouching A, B, C into C Lightning legs then dash forward A then standing C into C lightning legs, repeat about 3 times or 2. Then once in the corner do the infinite. Dash forward, A, A (with a slight delay as seen in the vids) then standing C into C lightning legs, repeat… Doing this setup in the beginning of the match if u get the first hit will get you 83 hits of the infinite before they get 2 levels.
Also that crouching A,B,C into C lightning legs is an easier setup than doing it off of a launcher.


How much damage is this doing?


Well it took me a while cause it’s hard starting from mid screen, but I got it again. I did 84 hits with the same setup I explained earlier, and it did 35608 damage until they got 2 levels. And it gave me 4 levels. They’re pretty much almost dead at that point. Depending on the character I guess.


In the first combo in that vid, is he air dash canceling her j.C?.. or does j.C just recover that fast?


i dont know if you guys are messing around with her mixups a lot. i find doing guard strings into fwd.Cxxxbaroque, launch, etc. is super useful. also, this is pretty universal, but doing aerial raves involving delayed attacks on the way down gives you a lot of good cross up situations that are very hard to see and block. something i have been using a lot is an air reset similar to storms dash under lightning crossup in marvel. you usually cant even see her cuz she will be off the screen. also, if you dont pause as long, she will not cross up, useful for mixups. cheap. i think my description is probably the worst ever, so hopefully you guys can wrap your heads around it. tomorrow i will practice it some more and write it up in a way that is more concise if anybody asks.

chun is just a beast, shit.


The idea is to still hold down the DF after doing the 3C launch.


I have tried this combo it works on level three. not any thing fancy at all.

2A, 2B, 2C, XX Lightning Bird, 236+ AB.


Hardest part of the Chun Li infinite is timing the dash off the lightning kicks IMHO. Took me about an hour to get the timing down right,but once you do you can make so many infinite combos based off of A,A,s.C==C light legs.

Chun really is a beast in this one.