Chun li just won a major!



Valmaster just won the capcom pro tour event in the UK. Beating the Evo champ Luffy in grand finals. Does anyone have footage? thoughts, analysis?


Omg Chun Top 5.

I got footage but I won’t be allowed to post.

Omg Chun Top 5.


ive been saying for a long time that Chun is very strong in ultra. I actually think shes probably better than Rose overall.

This is technically the second major she won :stuck_out_tongue:


First Rose and now Chun-Li. Femme Fatale is right.


She’s always been good. Maybe snuffed out a tad in AE and v2012 (and even then I thought it was possible), but Vanilla an Super she was common. With the buffs she got in Ultra it was only a matter of time.

People just like to whine instead of putting in work.



I thought she was strong in AE2012 also. Valmaster is the same as Luffy, in the way that he has mastered his character. They both play completely different to anyone else that plays them.


I would count some of Infil’s wins as Chun major victories tbh

CEO 2014 for example, he used a lot of Chun-Li in the top 16 to top 8


good shit


I just saw some matches on youtube, Valmaster is awesome.


Here’s a question: do you guys think ultra chun is better than super chun? I do. Her damage output is better and she controls space so much better with ex hazanshu and fb.


Ultra Chun is certainly a lot better than Super Chun. Her damage output is higher. She had her vitality increased by 50. Kikosho received an extra frame of invincibility. EX Spinning Bird kick has an expanded hitbox. So many great changes to Chun Li happened in Ultra. There has never been a better time to start playing Chun Li.


It’s possible. I always thought the Super tier list was kind of screwy. Honda and Chun were really good… but top two? I didn’t think so. A lot of the strong vanilla characters except for Sagat were still really strong in Super.

Suepr Chun has df + lk sure, but USF4 introduced full juggle Hosenka and U2 damage buff, both of which really help.


Most people’s opinions about Super top 5:


… but all I saw was Ryu, Rufus and some Balrog.


Cammy was really good. Viper and Akuma and Seth were pretty good too
I’d also like to think Fei began his climb to the top in late Super (and this was realized by the time AE came along)


If people played super longer I think all chargw characters would have went to mid tier status. Super Akuma vs super chun is a nightmare. Add in Seth as well


Yeah, I don’t see what Chun-Li had in Super that beat out Akuma. I played some real beastly Akuma back in Vanilla and every round I had to play like I’ve never played before just to keep pace with him. Seth made me cry so hard back in Vanilla too, I hated playing him more than I hated wading through the barrage of tiger-shots only to endure the tiger-knee loops when he got close enough to put you in block-stun. (Eventually somebody figured out that avoided that, but it was still hard-work.)


The problem with this was that the tier lists were skewed because charge characters had a lot of advantages against new characters introduced in Super, plus most of the characters listed got pretty substantial buffs in Super compared to the rest of the cast. ON PAPER they were numerically better because they had more skewed matchups, like 6-4s and maybe even 7-3s in their favor. But ultimately their good matchups were against characters unpopular in tournaments.

So yes Ryu, Rufus, Akuma and Viper still dominated around Super era because they still beat or went even with all of those charge characters listed.


I personally prefer Vanilla Chun Li because of the clear-cut, non-laggy movesets. Falling out of Ultra sucked, though.


Official Capcom vid in good quality

Valmaster’s other tourney vids here