Chun Li: Kara Throw News Reporting Technique!

Chun-li has three different Kara throws.

She has two different animations for the forward (MK I’m old school so from here on forward = MK and toward is the joystick motion). When you press the forward button she will either step towards the opponent and stick her foot out, or she will stick her leg straight up and do a two hit combo. The first animation is called far standing forward. The second animation is called close standing forward. You can Kara throw off of the far standing forward.

You can also Kara throw off of the Roundhouse that lifts her up. If you want to be sure that you are getting the right animation, press toward and roundhouse, and she should go up on one leg, spin around and move towards the other player. This is the prefered kara throw to use and the reason behind it is simple. She can’t be thrown out of the animation, and the close standing roundhouse is superjump cancelable. (You can also superjumpcancel and then supercancel the superjump into SAII).

When you are in the air, you can use Fierce as a Kara-Airthrow.

Please discuss strats for these throws!

Far s. forward has more range.

!! :eek: Sounds like gold to me! :smiley: I’m going to have to work this one out…

I like kara w/ rdhouse. One trick i like to do is to superjump after SAII, throw j. fwd, land, dash to where they’ll land, kara throw w/ rdhouse. If u mess up, u’ll do a innocent rdhouse that’s safe, but most often u’ll throw them. There’s just so much option after u land. It’s another mind game.

errr… what happened to the huge thread about Chun (about 25 pages)?

On the Chun Li page, just click on the page sort options as shown in the attachment. Then hit go. It should show up.

and why did they closed it? u

what should the air kara throw look like so i know if im doing it right?

sorry for reviving but this is a great thread,
Personally, Forward Mk kara throw at close range is too slow and from experience i kept getting hit, so HK kara throw is a much safer approach and works a treat, although when tick throwing i think MK one comes at best so i try use both.

Whilst in air, opportunity only arises at times and its usually me parrying so i have not tried fierce yet, sounds interesting though.

if people have any views/discussion about tick throwing please post here, what is it ? how it works best ? AFAIK its basically d.lp then tricking opponent by going back, then forward throw, or straight into throw and mixing it up with other moves?

I don’t see how the MK kara could be ‘slower’ than the close s.HK considering that they both cancel the first frame. If anything, the MK is safer since you can throw most characters from beyond their standing or crouching LP/LK ranges…

If you’re too close and try to do the MK then you end up with that retarded close MK move that she does that is worthless and doesn’t help you at all.

Deciding what karathrow to use while ticking is dependent on the move you use to tick and the character you use it against.

You don’t have to start everything with c.LP as a tick. c.LK is usually better to use when they’re waking up since you can only low-tech it. c.LP can be high-teched. All sorts of stuff out there:

s.LP (will hit crouching chars on first frame of wakeup except another Chun), c.LP chain -> karathrow.
s.LK -> karathrow
s.LP -> karathrow
stand there -> karathrow
stand/duck at max MK kara range -> karathrow
close s.HK -> MK karathrow

You can replace ‘karathrow’ with ‘c.MK’ or ‘b+HP’ easily and go for a hitconfirmed super.

Sometimes it’s better to do walk-up throw instead of karathrow for mind games. By doing that, you can train your opponent to think that everytime you tick and then walk up, you’re going to throw and they will try to either counterthrow or stick out an optionselect tech. If you can get them to think like that, all you have to do is start mixing up your ‘walk up’ with ‘walk up/walk back, c.MK’ and super if necessary. If you watch Jwong play Chun, he does that a lot.

Why does this thread live anyway.

Ciddypoo thats great, thanks alot for sharing.
i was under the impression the fact she moves further froward with f.MK would make it a bit slower , since kara cancels at first frame totally passed me. But from my experience close MK has never worked as well as HK, but could be execution problem on my side.

thread lives cause its great :slight_smile:

this maybe useless info but, i just found out superjumping forward after close hk, then doing, u can do it unlimted times, well more than nine but i don’t know how long for.

Care to elaborate? Tried roughly what you said , but uhm , doesnt combo if thats what u ment :confused:

im gonna try this, are you talking about after hit stun ?

it doesn’t combo just that u can go on for ever, usually she bounces away after nine hits but she doesn’t if u superjumpcancel off hk

what do u meen by hit stun?

what youre saying doesnt work,

CLOSE HK a jumping opponent,
SuperJumpCancel [at this stage i am with the opponent in the air]
DOWN.HK [opponent lands before me so it is impossibly for me to HK again]

can you explain exactly what you are doing, or take a video or even some phone pics etc?


I think he’s referring to a non-jumping opponent, and that it doesn’t combo.

the opponent will stay where he is then and il jump off to the other side, HKing some air?

Yeah im confused as well. Im thinking maybe he ment SJC the cl.HK and then do stomps afterwards ( down + MK , not HK ) . That sounds more likely , but not extremely useful. I do it from time to time for shits and giggles , but thats about it.

nah that doesnt work 9 times either, plus i only do that when you poke a person to KO then B.HK sjc :slight_smile:

although trying this i found several new combos, il post a new thread later