Chun-Li & Ken wallpapers

Hey guys, here are some random wallpapers I put together and thought I’d like to share it with you guys.

Hope you guys like it, enjoy!

1600x900 - Chun-Li wallpaper

1600x900 - Ken wallpaper

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Fuck I wish I could rep you for this, good job Albedo!

They’re pretty neat.

Is that the right command for the shoryuken? I’m not up on all the shortcuts for sf4, but I’m not sure if you can do a shoryu with that command. =/ (if that’s what you were going for)

no thats the wrong command.
also please credit the proper people, i see artwork in there (the spacescapes) that was taken from another artist.

Unless your the artist himself (which I doubt), its art stealing :frowning:

yeah I put different images together as I stated in the OP. I never claimed I owned or did any of the original work.

Definitely lovin the Chun one!

amazing work. I really like your style!

Personal prefrence though, I’d take the ken one

Damn i wish that ken one wasnt so wide on the aspect ratio, i’d use it.

Awesome awesome awesome work.

Because I’m a res-whore, are there any chances of seeing any 1920x1080 wallpapers? =D

And I’m curious as to where those character art are from, I haven’t seen them before.

Chun pic is from Artgerm.

The Ken pic…I dunno. The comic or something? I’ve seen it around many times, but never bothered to find the source.

thanks albedo for the wallpaper. i used the chun li one for my tekken 5 stick. just flipped the image

^ Whoa!!! cool stuff!! That looks actually pretty crazy nice job! The blue ball top and white buttons go really well with the image. Really good stuff!