Chun Li kick custom



I have a file call: gcc-cvs2-agroove.mpg (it start with Yun and finish with Bison)

inside that file, theres a chun li kick custom that does around 8000 dam. I was wondering how do you do that one?? Since the movement are so fast, I coudn’t imitate the whole custom.


Hey you should check this place out.
There links of the character custom and other stuff on the 1st page.

>>>>Video Opera<<<<

-oh ya there a chun li one listed there that does dmg somewhere around 8k. not sure if it the same one u talking about though


the combo goes something like this:

ACTIVATE c.FP, s.HK (x4), s.MK…then from here on out he just goes crazy with a few more c.FP, followed by random c.MK, random s.MK, random c.FP, followed by kick super, then ended w/ SJ into FP x2.

i gave it to you like that because it would take me forever to continue turning back the vid over and over again, and typing out every single damn thing he did. hope this helps.
If your still confused, then just take the inputs (c.MK, c.FP, etc) i showed you above and practice making your own innovative CC.
TIP: the inputs that thrust chun li forward to continue hitting are s.MK and s.HK



I would just try, S.Fp, S.FP, S.Rh, towards MK, repeat… Havent tested it, but I think it will do decent damage.