Chun Li - Lightning Leg trick

When you use Chun Li a lot in 3S and pressed MK countless times, you’ve probably noticed that every once in a while lightning leg will come out instead of the low MK. There is actually a way to take adantage of this so you can use the lightning leg/EX lightning leg at will!

Let’s take a look at the properties of the EX lightning leg for a moment. It has extremely short start up time, has very high priority, does decent block damage and with a few exceptions cannot be punished on recovery. When you knock an opponent down, this trick compliments the meaty/kara throw guessing game very well, since if setup properly it is virtually undetectable and leaves you very safe afterwards.

Now let me to explain how this trick works…

To trigger the lightning leg, you have a 2 second window to input 4 of the same kick buttons + any kick. This means that within 2 seconds you can press low MK 4 times (you’ll only see one low MK animation on screen), and for the remaining time you can do whatever you want! For example you can charge for the lightning leg, dash into throw range, then stuff any counter attempts with EX lightning leg. Or if they jump in while you’re doing the low MK, you can now counter with the lightning leg! The charging process will be negated if the kick that serves as the charge hits the opponent or any punch button is pressed.
You can start the charging process with any kick you want, as long as it meets the criteria before the time runs out. The key to to know how fast you can enter the commands within a kicking animation. If you choose to use stand HK to charge, you won’t have as much left over time as if you charge with low MK. Of course charging with low SK will give you the most time to maneuver, but it’ll be too easy to see it coming since short is hardly used offensively or at all.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

this sounds useful, but i am having a hard time understanding it:) can someone explain further?

it means, “learn to double tap the buttons”

i’ve seem like some players do back fierce over a down body, and then when they get up go into ex kicks like nothing can someone explain that?

They are doing the same thing when they do Back + Fierce xx Lightning Legs during Dudley’s jump in.

Buffer the Legs during the Back + Fierce.

what is the best method of doing it? i’m a cvs2 player so i’m used to doing piano motions (drumming my fingers from fierce to strong to jab OR rh to forward to short) for RC electricity or RC lightning legs, but i can’t do this at all. i’ll go into training mode, have ken jump up and down and parry everything, then i’ll walk up and do back + fierce (parried), but no lightning legs ever come out. any advice on which kick buttons i should press and in what order?


you can only use one button, just double tap 3x+*

you could also do…

quadruple tap x1 + double tap x1


mash the hell outta one kick. that’s a sixduple tap!!!