Chun-Li Lightning Legs Question



How does Chun-Li buffer her back+Fierce into the ex-lightninglegs? I’ve seen this done in various tournie videos but can’t figure out how its done. Anyone have any ideas?


The easiest way is to drum your fingers on the two kick buttons of your choice. Lightning legs starts as soon as you hit any one kick button 5 times in a row. If the 5th press has two kick buttons pressed at the same time, ex-lightning legs will come out.

So it goes Back + Fierce, then hold the pinkie and ring fingers over the forward button, and the middle and index fingers over the short button. drum pinkie-> ring-> middle-> index-> pinkie-> ring-> middle-> index-> then all four at the same time.

If you do all four at the same time at the very end of the animation for the back + fierce, EXLL will come out.

The more important thing that you need to know is that you need to do that first sequence any time you do back + fierce as an anti-air. If you see a parry, THEN you jam on the final dual button press and EXLL will come out. If you don’t see the parry, don’t hit the buttons and EXLL won’t come out.

Sounds simple huh?


when you are using b.fierce > lightning kick as anti air, when they parry the b.firece the lightning legs comes out a lot easier.