CHUN li looking for extensive balrog training



whats up. as of right now im pretty free to Balrogs. I know the matchup but i can never utilize it. any balrogs down to play long sets.with a chun. i will be on xbl all day today.

srry for not going to the xbox thread but i t wasnt in the stickies so i assumed it was gone


Are you going to be on tonight? 11ish? If so, I’ll be down to scrim.

tag=Dutycawwwws. 4 w’s


yea ill be on


Hey Atrain i’d gladly play against you but i live in Rome…

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this video before or if you’re familiar with One handed Terror but here’s the link [media=youtube]KqjsI4ciG2g[/media].

Great tips for chun on how to deal with Balrog check it out if you haven’t.


i studied that vid alot the day it was posted but w/o good balrog training ill never get good against the matchup also ill addd all who are down to play