Chun-Li mainer seeking advice

Hello SRK!

I am fairly new to this community but I am slowly beginning to get more involved. I know a lot of you have a lot of really great knowledge about the ins and outs of SF4 and I am hoping that some of you will help me out with this.

I recently bought a digital video recorder and have begun recording my matches online. You can find them at If any of you could take a look at them and comment on them in any fashion (criticism, praise, advice, ridicule, you name it, I’ll take it) I’d really appreciate the help. Thanks in advance to anyone for any advice you can give.

Your good and I’m no way close to that. How do you deal with fireball spammers?

Honestly, fireball spammers can still give me trouble too.

I find a good technique is to FA absorb a fireball, dash cancel forward, then HK Hazanshu over the next fireball, or neutral jump.

Sometimes if you jump and are close enough when they throw the fireball you can land the Target Combo > Cr. HP > MK Spinning Bird Kick, which is a combo I probably overuse. =P

Most good players wont watch you absorb fireball and shoot off another one as you dash towards them

Some things I noticed:


  • Not attempting Ex Legs > Ultra makes me a sad panda

  • [media=youtube]WQgbG_O_DKE&fmt=18#t=1m32s"[/media] Also not punishing all those Hadoukens with Ulta leaves something to be desired

  • More tan twice I saw someone FA you on wake up when you had Ultra and you didnt use it

  • If you have health lead, you dont have to ruh them down. You dont have to be a turtle either but I noticed when its down to the wire and you have a small lead you jus throw yourself at your opponent

  • I saw almost no BnBs, and you wasted most of your meter on Ex SBKs that wouldnt land and Ex Kikokens from full screen

  • Dont wall jump when your opponent isnt whiffing a move into the corner. You are asking to eat a DP, TU, Throw, etc

  • Dont Kikoken, especialy FP kikoken when your opponent is in jump in range

  • I saw a lot of random Ex Legs, both unconfirmed and also just plain random

  • Dont constantly jump in on a Shoto. The few I saw you do this against were dumb enough not to DP you. And dont jump in with, at least not all the time. TC breaks AA FAs and sets up tons of damaging combos. Use to cross up, not jump in. Though AA is good because you can land and walk under them which most players wont expect

  • Random hk.HSU wil get you raped against good opponents

  • Dash up is a horrible idea. Id be FAing all the sweeps you throw out all day long. Use sweep to punish Tatsus, far jump ins, etc

  • Get used to using normals as AA. (,, st.hp,,

  • [media=youtube]_zkNsGXRiWc&fmt=18#t=1m25s"[/media]

  • Dont just mash jab til they are out of range, especially if they hit.

  • Use and to avoid jump ins and set up frame traps

  • You sit there and block jump ins a lot. Other than what Ive already said, FA is also a good idea. Speaking of which I saw almost no FA use in your gameplay

[more to come as I watch more vids]

- You could have Ultra’d his Ultra and avoided chip damage here Also not punishing all those Hadoukens with Ulta leaves something to be desired

I didn’t want to risk mistiming the Ultra especially since I was so close. Since I had a health lead, I preferred blocking and doing the Ultra during recovery.

- Why didnt you Ultra this Ken during his recovery?

I tried! It ended up coming out as df+LK instead. Execution issue, which I am working on.

Thanks for your other tips though, I will keep them in mind and do my best to implement them.

I’d have to agree with a lot of what ClxJames said…

  • Lots of jumping: I know I have a tendency to do this as well but it’s always in the back of mind to keep this to minimum if possible and work on my footsies + pokes.

  • Unconfirmed EX legs: I saw that you’d throw EX legs after you landed a Hazanshu. Instead of doing that, try and combo in a -> EX legs instead. Also work on getting the BnB EX legs as well from your cr.lp’s (cr.lp -> -> -> EX legs) instead of just jab spamming until your opponent is out of range.

  • Wall jumps: Every time I saw you wall jump with your opponent standing nearby, I couldn’t help but cringe especially when your opponent was a shoto. That’s definitely asking for a DP! Try to keep this to a minimum as well.

  • Unpunished attacks: I saw a lot of chances where you could’ve punished a whiffed/blocked attack with your Ultra but you just sat there. A few that come to mind is the up close Ryu Ultra and all of those blocked Blanka balls although there was that one you did land it correctly.

Those were mostly what I saw that stood out. As I said though, try and work on your footsies game and put in some pokes here and there to change up your game a little. Otherwise, keep up the good work!

As soon as he is done saying “Metsu”, do your Ultra. Bam

I"ll put in my two cents shortly… about to critique another match video but it seems the rest of the crew has already got the topic well covered.

Dido here

^ I didnt mean to sound lke he’s horrible, I just personally found a lot of faults in his gameplay. Im not saying he’s bad, but he’s not necessarily good. A lot of what he does would be stuffed, punished, etc by better opponents

He’s alright.

Clx has covered most of it but one thing I noticed … Sloppy strings.

I see you doing C.LP, C.HK very often … This does not combo. Why do it?

Also, you use the command cross up move way too predictably. Against a Shoto character (Especially Ryu) that’s just asking for trouble.

But you’re alright, not bad at all.

One thing that hasn’t been said that could very well be an assumption: Learn the match ups. It seemed like you played a lot of different characters the same way no matter what and while some players I happen to know were pretty good, so I can’t really tell.

Block more. I know we all want to just beat our opponent down as fast as possible, but this is a pie in the sky dream which rarely happens since most of the time we rush in to our demise. There’s 99 seconds on the clock, so pace yourself.

Get your timing down. I saw a few times when you AA EX SBK’d terribly early and got maybe one hit out. I don’t play chun-li but I’m pretty sure that move has invincibility frames so treat it like a dragon punch or zangief’s lariat and wait til the point where an air attack will hit you.

With that said I have a couple questions:

Are you using a stick?
How has the lag been for these recorded matches?

Sup snake! Have u on my buddy list but didn’t know u were on srk. Cool videos!

Yes, I am using a stick. It’s the first time I’ve ever seriously tried to learn stick after spending the last 20 years of my life playing on a pad, so even though I’ve had it for a month or so it still feels unnatural sometimes. It’s a problem I’m aware of and am working to fix.

Lag is generally not terrible, but not ideal. 90% of my matches are 3-bar matches or less. Granted, some of the 1-bar matches are actually still fairly responsive, but it really depends. My PS3 is wireless right now so that may be contributing to the problem; I just moved into a new apartment, and our router location is too far from the PS3 to use the same ethernet cable I was using before. I’ll probably go to Best Buy and just buy a really long ethernet cable sometime soon.

I have tried to avoid posting some of the laggier matches I’ve recorded.

One last troubleshooting issue – if anyone has any experience with the Dazzle Digital Video Recorder, I am noticing that once in a while my videos move in slow motion while the audio continues at regular speed. On videos where this gets bad the slow-mo can last almost the entire match and then sort of play catch-up in the last 15 seconds where everything ultra-speeds to the end of the match.

Anyone know what causes that issue? I am guessing that it’s lag but I don’t really know for sure.

Oh. Forgot something.

The early execution on the EX SBK is sometimes intentional. I have gotten into the bad habit of executing moves occasionally too early (or on anticipation) because of the lag that I get while playing online. In a lot of matches I can execute the EX SBK right when I see myself about to get hit, but it won’t come out because of the lag and I end up getting hit.

My logic in that regard sort of goes, as long as he didn’t hit me and I took off some of his life, it’s all good.

:slight_smile: Keep it up SnakeAes. You’ll play a better Chun then I ever could. SRK will treat you well methinks.

Hey Locusta!

I dunno, the last time I played your Chun was a while ago, but I still get the impression that you are much better than I am.

We shall fight one of these days and see!

I am bumping this thread to let you guys know that I have posted some more vids. Again, you can find them here:

I didn’t have a lot of time to record, so some of these are not particularly good – in most of them I squeeze by with wins I shouldn’t have taken, and in some others my opponents just aren’t thinking… or they’re not very good, but I always try to give them the benefit of the doubt. It is possible after all that in a single-elimination format they could have just had a bad game.

What I really need critique on is repetitiveness - am I doing the same thing too much, too often? I know I overuse Chun’s command crossup. What else? I probably overuse cr.LP > Hazanshu too.

Any and all advice is welcome!

Edit: I only managed to upload one batch of videos, there are several more coming in a few days.

I think you play well you might want to work on your punishes though. There are much better ways to punish a blocked dp than her tenshokyaku target combo.

i played Chun Li a bit and from what ive seen …

You crounch way to much.
You jump to much and you become predictable.

In fact … Yer big problem it’s footsies.

Sure i know that you’re charging birding kick … But when you’re crounchy … Your pacing take a hit and you’re easy to zone.
Also when you’re crounchy your opponent take more confidence

My main’s boxer and from what i have witnessed and try to do … It’s not crounching … When you crounch to much … you’re more vulnerable …

You need to keep moving … Show that you own more place than him.

Oh anyway i’m such a noob
Don’t lsiten to me.

Oh and i love also standing medium punch … You should use more often standing poke … because you rarely use them.
What it do? Well you take more space and you stop being so crunchy.

Tell em that you own the place between you and yer opponent …
Show em the power of the thight.

It,s not only a chun li thing but that goes for every character.Learn to be more mobile.

my reference

watch how the boxer play and how he rarely crounch and stay mobile

Another quick tip on your Chun:

I’ve noticed that when you’re in a tight situation up close, you tend to start mashing cr./st.jab. Not a bad habit, since Chun’s jabs are very good, but you should be trying to complete this string properly. From either her crouching or standing jab Chun can link a st.fierce, so when you hit this string, you should go for something like jab x 3 -> st.fierce. You have lots of time to see whether your jabs are hitting or not, so there’s no reason not to take the free damage on the fierce at the end of the string.