CHUN-LI Match Up Thread




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If Chun li starts doing instant air lightning legs, cr mp beats it clean. Resist the urge to stand against this. Cr heavy works well in person too but can be hard to do online sometimes.

Cr. MP cancel into hp psycho blast when you anti air this for Hella advantage on block.

If she does short hop setups on you in the corner you have to block cross up but she will land in front.


To me, she seems like one of those characters that everything is safe and she just pushes buttons all day. If i get them low health they just turtle since all of bison’s buttons are punishable by 3f jab. What do?


s.HK into cr.MP should beat anything, it’s a 3 frame gap and medium beats light. If she turtles and you have life advantage, just wait it out.


I agree with @evilfozz, Chun-Li seems to have everything (AA, good damage output, good zoning), and she seems to be safe.

I get so easily zoned out by Chun-Li players spaming Cr.HK, which doesn’t seem to be punishable to my knowledge. If you have an idea, it is welcome :slight_smile:


Her cr.HK is -12, it’easily punishable on block unless you are out of range. Also, it’s slow. I’ve been able to anticipate it sometimes and dash through it. Another option is to use Psycho Axe to get in. You can do that from a range where she isn’t likely to throw random cr.HKs. Also, you can stay just outside her range if she does throw a lot of random buttons and whiff punish with LP Blast or s.MK.


Her sweep is as punishable as any other (-12 on block), you just have to be aware and react with s.HP xx HP Inferno.


I did not think about that since her Cr.HK has a great range, which is why I thought she was safe despite the -12 on block.

I will try it out in training mode, thanks the tips :slight_smile:


Dont try to punish Cr.HK if you are out of range just walk up a little bit. I feel like if you close in the range she doesnt have many options to fight you up close.


First i thought that V-skill only block high/mid attack, but believe me or not i blocked her and reflected it :*


What is the solution when chun has v trigger and has you knocked down with a cc sweep seems like she can go for ia legs low into combo low into throw plus obviously overhead or just into cc fierce again is it just a case of blocking and reacting seems very difficult to deal with.


MOST of her frames on block in VT are the same, with a few exceptions like cr.HP which is now -2 instead of -5. She just gains more combo potential, but she doesn’t gain very much in the way of frame traps that she didn’t have before.


This isn’t really Chun-Li specific but she’s the character against whom this bothers me the most. Basically how do I stop her from mashing cr.LP on wakeup?


Your best option is to read all the CC/CH wake-up setups we have posted in the tech/combo thread.