Chun Li Match-Ups Thread: Police Reports


What in the fuck.

In a vacuum I guess you could say his buttons are better since he has more that are plus, but Chun has faster walk speed and only really needs to use c.LP, s.LP or s.MP if she wants to press you with advantage. Chun’s s.MP is 5 frame start up and plus 3 and Bison doesn’t have a 3 frame normal so you will be putting pressure on him with his slow walk speed and no reversal once you start getting in his face with that.

b+HP will stuff all his regular pressure/plus normals except for c.LK and df+HP. df+HP has a stupid hit box that can stuff even her b+HP, but luckily its slow as molasses start up. It is plus 1 though so not bad for something with that much range. Still rather situational move because of 16 frame start up. c.LK obviously low profiles and is plus 2, but you’re going to have a lot of other standing normals that can beat it if he’s not right next to you with it.

Pics for comparison.

Bison frame data

Chun frame data

If you relax/read the dolphin dive you can nJ.HK into whatever or late punish it with st.MP,cr.MKxxSBK/Legs/Super as well

Yeah exactly, You want to punish that dive hard. Can’t settle for a measly

Any advice on the Laura match up? Not sure what to do.

I noticed on the frame data that d/f+HK is supposed to be only +4 on hit (and -2 on block), but I was pretty sure I got some linked after that, so I did some testing in training.
Turns out it depends on the height of the other character (was it like this in 4 too?)

So here’s the list for the frame adv on each character in the game:

+8 Cammy
+7 Rashid, R.Mika, Chun Li, Ryu, Laura, Karin, Nash, Ken, Necalli, Dhalsim
+6 Vega(claw), Bison(dicta)
+5 Zangief, Birdie, FANG

the adv of course increases if they’re crouching. In this case you can link a sweep even against the tallest ones.
Subtract 6 to get frame adv on block.

A little Birdie punishment list for the most annoying stuff:

f.HP - c.MK xx SBK; s.LK xx LLegs (if you did not charge); raw sweep; reversal ex Legs
d/f.HP - s.LK xx LLegs; reversal ex Legs/Super
f.HK - s.LK xx LLegs (if upclose and only second hit blocked - s.LP xx LLegs)
L,M.Bullhead - s.MP xx LLegs or c.MK xx SBK (depending if you charged)
H.Bullhead - s.MP xx LLegs
EX Bullhead - reversal M/EX.LLegs
Bullhorn - whatever you want
EX Bullhorn - walkup s.MP c.MK xx special or s.HP (xx VTC s.HP) xx Super
Hanging Chains - depending on the distance: dash s.MP c.MK xx special or walkup s.HP (xx VTC s.HP) xx Super. c.MP works almost everytime with almost every distance except max. Both Chains have deceptive recovery, you are able to move earlier than you’d think. Also MK Chains feels like it has more recovery (or less blockstun) and is easier to punish being the same negative frames as LK one.

reversal mk sbk works on ex bullhead as well.

Guys… I’m sorry. But I’m convinced the Bison matchup is in his favour :frowning:

lol thanks @Dime_x for the tips provided,it did helps me for dealing against ryu, if really warping match,going to GG, have any1 here face Graphene ryu? just asking hehe.

same here, i have difficulty dealing with bison,is hard to punish his move even the move is - on block like psycho inferno, after the, inferno string,i can’t seem to punish him after that. :s

He doesn’t have a reversal and his neutral game is not as strong as Claw’s. Especially not before he gets V Trigger. He can be a pain if you let him get going, but with all of Chun’s neutral options it feels like you really have to screw up to let that happen.

He’s one of the few matchups where I regularly do keep a fireball on screen. Even with his V Skill if you are close enough walking forward to him after its still a bit risky for him to try and use it.

Certain specials are going to leave him too far away to do standard button punishes. Regular inferno should be an easy EX legs punish though.

Bisons Ghost Rider flame thing is punishable on block by sweep or better yet c. mk into stuff.

I feel that you just have to get used to it. Better Bisons know its recovery and will use scissors kick or fireball for an ender instead if their normals get blocked.

Pokes and footsies to keep her out. EX bird to eat up fireball setups but be careful if the Laura catches on/has anti anti tech for that. If she tries to blow through your fireball with an EX armored move, respond with Lightning Kick or CA. You can c. mp under her fireball if it’s not spaced too tightly.

Mika matchup finally think i’m finding the button to make this a real match.

st. FP beats everything of hers but sweep if you are on offense. If you are defense cr. MP is the easiest answer to charged HK if you have v-trigger otherwise cr. MK the b. FP doesn’t work well for me unless she does it at a really dumb range.

My whole issue in the match is once he goes v-trigger … like I’m winning then I get crossup EX head stomped in v-trigger for 25% of my life and I just cry. I’ve heard ‘air throw’ can beat it but I just get stomped every time i’ve went for it so the timing obviously isn’t to lenient. In general how do people handle bison in v-trigger? I’ve resorted to just down-back and try to ride it out unless he does something I know I can take advantage of because EX headstomp is terrifying me.

Okay guys, I’m genuinely confused. I’m working on character match ups in training mode and I noticed for some reason that Ken’s v-skill on block won’t allow me to do, It works when he’s standing neutral, but for punishment the NEVER combos. Am I doing something wrong or is this a glitch of some sort?

I’ve settled for just punish with x legs, but I want more damage than that

Hey all, looking for some tips/advice for the Rashid MU. I feel like I can’t properly punish anything. I know Chuns normals are leagues better but I’m getting counter poked to high hell (a lot to due with frustration/bad habits, I’m sure). How are you guys approaching this match?

Nah it Is a range thing. He us so negative you are probably hitting him further out or maybe the pushboxes are weird during his run. After forward throw dash cr. Jab you can hit the st. MP but not the it is weird.

i can’t seem to punish v-skill atk from ken,it seem like too much pushback for me, when i try to,it block even i react in time :expressionless:

guys,any1 here mind to share dealing with laura,bison experience? not really gud dealing with their pressure :s