CHUN LI Matchup Thread



Info, tips, and tricks go in here.

Nash Match-Ups Thread

I keep getting chun-raped.


Word. Her neutral game is so oppressive and her up-close game even more so.

One normal of hers stood out to me -
cr.MP is a scary damn button when Chun has V-Trigger on deck. Can’t throw bad Sonic Booms, can’t whiff big otherwise she will punish with cr.MP xx VT into EX Lightning Legs. Such high reward for such an easy confirm.


Her range and priority are a bit much; it’s too easy to get picked apart. She can literally keep you full screen, come in and stomp on your face; then beat you from sweep range. Even on a whiff’ed EX bird, it’s hard for me to punish her; she recovers from it so fast.


So you guys think is it looking like 3rd strike Chun li? For me it’s too early to tell


Doesn’t eventhubs already have her as the top tier character? (Looks like she dropped to second behind Bison)


Bump. How do we fight Chun? What’s the game plan?

I just played a decent Chun in a FT5 and lost 5-1. I got out footsied by a single button lol that st. HP is ridiculous.

How do we fight dis bitchhhhhhh



Here’s my WIP match up information for Chun-Li. Please refer to the google doc.

Fireball zoning is still applicable against Chun-Li but significantly less effective against her given her toolset. On screen information and situational awareness is really important when deciding when and where to use Sonic Booms against Chun-Li. At about a character space away, Chun-Li can use her cr.Strong to slide under Sonic Booms and hit you. While the damage is not significant it does allow Chun-Li to start offense.

At farther ranges, you can safely use Sonic Booms and if Chun-Li is not using her fireball to nullify the fireball she’ll either have to neutral jump, block, V-Skill, or cr.Strong under the fireball. The V-Skill can be anti-aired easily with s.Forward or s.RH and the cr.Strong can be whiff punished with an early Short/Forward Sonic Scythe pending on the spacing. If she throws a fireball to nullify yours, you’ve already recovered from your fireball and can use this as an approach opening. A common tactic for Chun is to neutral jump over your fireballs and if you try to approach she’ll use the range of her neutral jump RH to counter your approach. The way to deal with this is to just dash and do an immediate s.RH to anti-air her neutral jump.

Once Chun-Li has Critical Art available you either have to sparingly use Sonic Booms or stop altogether, as she’s able to use her Critical Art to punish the Sonic Boom on reaction. If she has meter she can use EX Kikoken to nullify your fireball, potentially punishing your recovery, and use that as an approach opener. You can strategically try to bait the Chun-Li player to use meter for EX Kikoken in order to prevent her from having Critical Art to keep Sonic Booms an available option.

Chun-Li’s fireball, Kikoken, is a strong neutral tool for her. It has fast startup, fast recovery, and the fireball itself is slow moving. This allows Chun-Li to follow the fireball and use it as a shield to force reactions from you. The only major weakness to it is that it’s a charge move so it takes time before she can use the fireball. This strategy is very similar to how Nash uses his Strong/Fierce/EX Sonic Booms but Chun-Li has better walk speed. If she’s using Kikoken at range and then starts moving forward behind the fireball you want to avoid using Sonic Booms or V-Skill to nullify the fireball. It’s going to be dependant on spacing but if Chun-Li is close to you when attempting either action she can punish your recovery with either a normal or EX Lightning Legs. During the early stage of the match it might be okay to V-Skill the fireball, and take the a normal hit to build your V-Trigger faster; however, you do lose momentum by actively taking the hit. It’s also not worth the risk of potentially taking EX Legs or Super later on. At farther ranges, it’s okay to nullify the fireball but you’re going to be giving up a lot of ground because Chun-Li can continue to walk forward until and even force pressure with her ranged normals.

A common tactic for Chun-Li is to throw a fireball and then use her V-Skill as an approach option using the threat of the fireball trailing behind her as cover. You’ll want to anti-air her from her V-Skill with s.Forward or s.RH. Your other anti-air options are too slow due to the timing required against the aerial angle of her V-Skill.

Chun-Li can punish a max spaced f.Fierce on block with EX Legs or Super if she has full meter.

Chun-Li’s Hyakuretsukyaku (Lightning Legs - qcf+K) special are, from light to EX, -8, -9, -10, and -2 on block. The normal version are punishable with a s.Fierce starter. The heavier versions can be punished with cr.Fierce, s.Strong xx Sonic Scythe but you’ll need to recognize the difference between the three versions. If you block the EX version you can check the opponent with cr.Jab, which will beat out any normal attack they try. If they have another EX meter you’ll have to be aware they could try EX Spinning Bird Kick (SBK), which has startup invincibility. This will beat your cr.Jab check but is a considerable risk for the opponent as EX SBK is -12 on block. The standard s.Fierce Crush Counter combo will work if you bait and block EX SBK. If you try to bait the EX SBK the opponent could try for a throw attempt but you can do a delayed throw tech, which will let you block the EX SBK and tech the throw attempt.

Chun-Li can TK (Tiger Knee) her air Lightning Legs and add an additional layer to her offense. As a neutral tool TK Legs can allow her to navigate around your fireballs while controlling space. It’s pretty easy to anti-air at a distance with your typical anti-air options. It’s only a major threat when she’s using it in conjunction with her offensive options. It’s mostly used as a throw bait and it’s a really effective one. On block, it’s +1 so be careful about pushing buttons after wards. The main issue is that Chun’s walk speed, and strong normals gives her a strong frame trap and throw game. Once you add TK legs to the mix, you don’t want to be pressing buttons when Chun is on the offensive and it makes teching throws even riskier. You want to avoid getting into this situation at all cost because this is where you can simply lose the round. V-Reversal and V-Trigger is your best escape options to resetting things back to neutral.


I didn’t see this mentioned anywhere, but a blocked sweep at max range can be punished with EX tragedy assault, which leads to some good pressure, especially when cancelled into V-Trigger for the cross-under mixups.


I hate this bitch.