Chun-Li Matchup



Hey, I was looking for the

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Thread but can’t seem to find it, or it was never created.
I have a major issue with this matchup for a couple of reasons and was wondering if anyone could shed some light.

First here are the flaws in this matchup.

Her backdash. Its too good.

f.MK os light DP, or HP DP does not work and wiffs.

Reading a backdash and activating Ultra 1 Does not work as well. I have successfully read a backdash, U1 before her wakeup, and she still manages to block after the backdash which is really strange.

Another thing that is bad about this matchup, is the fact that she controls the air.
Everyone of her air moves beats your airmoves.

She also controls the ground game with her footsies, and quite dominantly i might add.
The only thing that seems to work for me on ground game vs her is s.HK buffered with ex MGB to try to counter hit her pokes. But you can only play that game for so long before getting hit 4-5 times before giving up on that option.

Um once you get the knockdown in the corner theres a good chances shes gona ex spin bird kick.
So you try to bait it out with nuetral jump HK? Great, the problem with that good chunlis will wait for you to land and ex birdkicks reseting the position. And if they dont see a nuetral jump they will ex birdkick on reaction of overhead or

So… if she controls the air, the ground, and your 50\50 mixup options are useless midscreen after a knockdown due to backdashes, what would be a good strategy to even consider in the matchup? any help would do! thanks

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I don’t normally care about this, but since you’re NOT new, did this really have to be a new thread when there is already a stickied match-up thread?


We have topics made dedicated to specific character matchups, how is this different?

On topic:

You can punish blocked EX SBK with crHK and U1. I need to check this out but I accidentally blocked a EX MGB and threw out sHK to punish (missed input on U1) and it hit her standing up so I could’ve followed up with a EX MGB or duck upper/straight.

Yeah, don’t go air to air with Chun. Her jump is slow and floaty so just hit her out the air with a move of your choosing.


I don’t like this matchup. IMO, it’s definitely worse than Honda matchup. Nothing’s worse than Guile matchups.


Can you really punish exSBK with U1 on block? that’s pretty helpful i never thought of it, thanks


I think I saw xAPO20x do it…never tried it.


On paper, this matchup is pretty much unwinnable, but you can pull it out if you’re patient and smart enough.

Most Chuns are st.MP happy. Fish for CH f.HP hit confirms and hope she forgets about her cr.HK.

If she doesn’t forget about her cr.HK often enough try to bait her into sticking it out and jump over it or FA it.

Don’t jump for no reason, she will win A2A. If she likes to jump, look out for it and buffer LP Uppers. She takes ridiculous damage off AA juggles.

Use U1. Her fireballs are easy to anticipate. If she’s walking backwards, she probably wants to throw one. Be ready for it. Wiggle technique. Use it.

Her backdash is a big problem for your wakeup game, but no more than anyone else’s. Most Chuns love to backdash constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY. Use f.HP to punish it and stay on her.

Really, just use f.HP alot…I dunno, good luck.


Chun is the bane of my existence. My friend will just throw kikokens and hazansho’s at me, building meter, while I unsuccessfully try to get in to do some damage, but usually get snuffed by her pokes… ugh.


As a Chun main/Dudley sub, this matchup conflicts me. :razzy:

Most Chun’s spend a lot of time moving backwards. Let her. If your Chun opponent is backdash/walk back happy, don’t try to catch up to her mid-screen, just let her corner herself and close the distance. Getting her in the corner takes away a lot of her escape options, and often causes the player to panic and start throwing out random things you can punish. Also, they’ll be looking for ways to get out, so look for more sweep into DF+RH, things like that.

At certain angles, J.RH beats EX SBK. Chun has other AA options to beat the J.RH but your Chun player might not know them. Use them if possible.


s.HP is what i do

i rarely combo that bitch anyways. i’m usually getting my damage from focus attacks and s.hp
ES SBK is U1 punishable

if u wanna punish her backdash, step fierce has to be hella delayed.
i think you can jump in OS mp.mgb but that’ll lose to ex sbk, a meterless chun option i suppose.
OS U1 only works in the corner. do it anywhere else and she can block, hell she can continuously backdash and avoid blocking it.

if it helps:
[media=youtube]DjwkhTNOgFE]YouTube - [CH] Hondatech vs [DU[/media]


Guile’s easy, just work him into the corner. Honda’s stupid, there’s no answer for his stop sign bullshittery. Chun li is in-between. She’s got great footsies but low health so you don’t even have to combo her to win.

EXACTLY. Just stop trying to go for combos, they’re too risky.

#12 anti airs stop sign, it anti airs a few of his jump ins actually. honda is one of the less harder matchups, i’d put it 5.5 in his favor


There’s no way that works from the kind of range where the stop signs are really troublesome, unless has a better hitbox than I’m giving it credit for. Must test.


Guile’s easy? ONly when he’s in the corner…if you’re out, you’re pretty much out of options unless you can predict before he throws out a fucking boom. Also, Quotes is right I checked out EX SBK on block with U1 and it does work. I’ll see what I can do with on Honda’s stop sign.


oh yea i forgot to add if they do jump back roundhouse instant overhead its U1 punishable as well.


You’re convincing me to start using U1 in that matchup. Stop it.

Where on the screen is Guile a threat? Like, actually legitimately scary? Never. Just be patient, block those booms and anticipate his backfist. Use FA lvl1. It does more damage than his booms. You’ll work up a lead if you just hit him a couple of times. Sonic boom chip is not very scary. He’s going to try to jump in on you at some point and that’s easily punishable with pretty much whatever you want.

Guile is free for Dudley if you just don’t behave as though he doesn’t have flash kick on wakeup (which is just about the most punishable move in the history of SF.)

And counter hit setups rape him.


i forgot to tell you that it’s a punish hit or block
i dont see any reason to use U2


God damnit.


I rage every time i even see any chun li online, because its like Dudley can’t really do anything at all. Shes completely broken. All she has to do is really back dash and use those little counters as Dudley gets close. I hate that stupid overhead too. It takes no effort at all. :mad: I also hate fighting Guile.


I noticed in training mode that S. HP knocks her out of her sweep animation at certain ranges. Is this something you guys utilize a lot to stop her sweep or is impratical? I need a lot of help for this match up haha.