Chun-Li Matchup



I’m new to Akuma and when facing Chun-Li she always spams sweep. I was told to focus attack to punish but when I get the correct read the focus attack misses by being out of range. And even in some cases when the focus attack is level 1 I hit chun but then she recovers and hits me.

Also for some reason chun doesn’t get hit by an overhead followed by cr.HP when she is crouching, it just whiffs! How am I going to do the BnB without making her stand to do the lk tatsu?


The question is more why you use this bnb so risky without hitconfirm ? You will follow direct to tatsu ? what if the jump in was blocked ?
Anyway the cr.hp works but only if delayed. The good solution is as always the true bnb cr.lp cl.HP then hitconfirme to tatsu or fadc. On Chun the good news is, if she get hit crouching, cr.lp cl.HP xx fireball, sweep works, meterless KD.

For the rest of the match you shouldn’t try to punish her sweep at all cost. Analyse the situation. Someone is focusing on the ground game, the obvious counter is air game. Someone abusing slow pokes at medium range, throw some fireballs. Neutral jump lp fireball too. Mobility and creativity, giving impressions of weakness while waiting for a safe opening. The only thing you should worry about in Hazanshu because that’s her almost only way beside ultra super, to punish fireballs. Her jump being so slow you can SRK her if she tries it.

Chun control the ground easy with badass pokes, don’t challenge her in this area. Respect the char, and fight the player.


iv tried testing all off chuns long reach normals. it can be beat. with crouching mk buffer gohado fadc sweep. youll be surprised… cr mk can reach her from near midscreen if she presses any button later than akumas cr mk. her hurt box is huuuge . in exchange for large hitbox


footsie her at sweep rage. even cr mp bait counter hit sweep. i find is best. just my opinion


y isn’t this in the matchup thread?


Every normal in the game can be beat by any other one in the correct situation. Irrelevant point, so to speak.
That’s not how you define a matchup and choose your strategy. Zangief would destroy Sagat with this kind of tech, you know, Zangief just have to SPD that far HK…

Let’s see how I see the match up.
Bad points :
She walk fast forward and backward, her backdash is godlike, she have pokes that reach WAY fewer than you, she can poke you where you think you’re safe ( And she’ll do it ! Chun doesn’t want to get close, but you do ! You have to take risks (initiatives at least), not her. She’ll do this with no effort while at the same time you’ll need a lot of concentration to read and time (or most likely gamble) your normals to beat hers. If you beat 1/3 of her pokes, witch is already a great result, you’ll die first. When she get super/ultra you better stop whiffing shit anywhere on screen. Her anti air are good, it’s not a good idea to test it just because you have no idea what to do. If she’s in control of the ground, of course she’s baiting you to jump ! Finaly, you have no life to spare on tries and errors, you have no life to give away just to prove your point against one of her poke.

Good points :
Slow ass jump make her air threat unlikely a concern unless you whiff a sweep, whiffing things doesn’t give her a free jump in. You can focus more on ground game because sudden jump is easy to punish late. Her only solution is her Hazanshu, but once you train against that move enough, you’ll block it right, and even find the punish that will put you ahead in health. Slow jump also make your fireball zoning more efficient in this matchup.
Once knocked down she’s easy to safe jump and OS. She’s tatsu sweep-able and weak to vortex. jump HK+OS > DF kick on her obviously.

With all this in mind, you build your own plan, with player habits, round reads, patience, safety, respect.
Like against Guile, stay safe, win the fireball game straight, and you’ll turn the game more towards the "good points"
In round 2 if she have super, good luck with zoning. but you’re fast, you have air fireballs, DF palm whiff/bait, mobility, and the datas of round 1.


Actually that’s not true about her pokes. There’s a range akuma can stand where all her buttons whiff that akuma can whiff punish with sweep.


Never said the opposite. Punishing whiff is a standard in SF.


Yea, but good luck keeping that range without throwing any fireballs. Her walk speed is pretty much going to force you to the corner if you try to maintain that spacing

You have to zone in this match up. If you try to confront Chun head to head button wise you are going to get your ass handed to you on a silver platter for the most part.


I wont argue against the idea that you don’t wanna play that game with her, but if you have to you do have options. Its like Fei, you don’t wanna go up against him in a footsie battle.
What I was meant was that I noticed Chun has a very wide hitbox after some of her “go-to” buttons that you can stay way out of the range of and whiff punish. Its not like trying to whiff punish Bisons or adons fs.rh. Unfortunately though, that is just too good.
Either way, my point is know your options. Don’t just say “oh they’re too good at this range and there’s nothing I can do”, every little thing counts.

For those who are lost though, I think a good point of reference would be Tokido vs Vivitan (#1 bp Chun).
It plays out just like you said.


that’s wise and accurate to say the least.


I found that crMK is the best wiff punish for her stMP. And some times it low profiles it if you time it right!


Oh and if you guys didn’t know, cs.fiercexx fireball on a crouching chun has an odd reel animation, which makes the fireball meaty and you can follow up with a sweep for no meter. If you find yourself in the corner you can use cr.mpxx ex tatsu/ex fireball, srk for a follow up.

Off a basic j.rh, cr.jab, cs.fiercexxfireball fadc, cs.fiercexxhp.srk does 387.
However if you use as a follow up, instead of fadc, you get more mileage out of your meter usage.
Cr.mpxx Ex tatsu=378
Cr.mpxx Ex fireball, srk=380
Cr.mpxx Fireball fadc, cs.fiercexxhp.srk=403

Edit: you can also do cs.fiercexxfireball focus attack lvl2, backdash, small step forward, fs.rh, cs.fiercexxtatsu, srk for some flash. Does only 383 though.


Plenty of things,

Akuma has a decent focus attack, it’s not like it’s Oni, Balrog, Viper, Dahlism. Someone like Balrog would have to focus a hit, dash through it and then grab, Viper have to dash back out of it as there only option due to focus attack is very slow, Dahlism can focus hit but would still requiring dashing back seeing how forward dash is very slow.

You can also get out of Chun’s kick range and projectile at close range or even jump in the air and projectile if your really desperate at close range, remember Chun is a jump floaty character compared to most and all you really would need to watch out for is an ex slam kick. Of course there is also timing your own pokes to counter Chun’s.