Chun Li Mirror Matches

I consistently dominate matches that are not Chun Li mirrors. But I’ll lose to Chun Li scrubs in mirror matches way more often than any other character…

Any strategy for Chun Li mirror matches?

Anybody else have that problem?

You just need to think what you’d do if you were in the position they are and exploit it. I hate mirror matches personally so I take them slow to gauge my opponent. If I get a feel for them(usually within the first round win or lose), I can take an offensive stance and run the mind games/shenanigans after that.

As Dime, Dae, Az and many of us will tell you – this is a very challenging matchup which we find entertaining; but it can be frustrating too.

It all comes down to the player that:

a. has better mind games.
b. has more consistent execution
c. possesses a solid understanding of her attributes/weaknesses.

What exactly are you losing to? Most chun “scrubs” as you call them are probably just using tactics you don’t expect to be abused so frequently.

The typical Chun player starts out by throwing a kiko or retreating to the corner; this pace will go on and on until you decide to go on the offense or they take the risk of getting free damage.

Aerial attacks almost always are initiated with j. fp x 2; hit confirm leads to cr. fp, concluded by m. sbk – this is not a scrubby tactic. If you’re getting owned by this, that means you’ve allowed them to enter your space when you could have punished them with an air grab, standing rh, standing fp or neutral st. mk…

Many Chuns recognize they can quickly keep someone off them by spamming shorts. I refer to this as “birdpecking” They know it isn’t going to lead to a larger, damaging combo, they just wanna keep you far away from their hit box. You’re best bet is to zone them with safer moves such as st. fierce or st. strong (which should be used a LOT). If you’re good with the latter, tie this into a medium or fierce kiko.

Also, watch for short, short, EX legs. This is a core fundamental combo that every Chun should utilize. The more skilled Chuns are capable of following up with Ultra, depending on their distance to the corner. Make sure to keep an eye on their meter to avoid getting baited into easy traps.

Avoid using EX SBK for every wakeup situation; especially if they’re good at knocking you out of the attack. Sometimes it’s best just to use the quick recovery command and backdash to get your bearings instead of feeling that you have to immediately get back on the offense.

Hope that helps – more specifics on what exactly they’re using to take you out would help the Fellowship be able to assist you.

Well I don’t want to call anybody a scrub, so I take that back. But yeah…

I think I was I getting beat by noticeably worse Chuns because I expect “exotic” tactics and I attempt exotic tactics. But my opponent will use basic ones over and over and over and over. Then I’ll try to predict a mix up, but they’ll do the same tactic again.

I’ll take everything you said to heart. But one question… WHAT IS THE SECRET OF THE HAZAN SHUU? I see high level Nemo type players use it often. But I barely use it because I get punished often. This even includes Chun Li mirror matches.

Using hasan is usually best when executed on reaction to projectiles or whiffed moves. Against shotos, you have to be especially cautious because it’s easily punished by a DP. Typically I use it when I successfully connect with st. strong or cr. mk… or if the opponent just is too dumb enough to counter my liberal usage. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t just randomly do it – especially when your opponent is hip to it; just gotta feel out the match to determine when it’s appropriate.

LK version has very short range and has the fastest recovery. This is great to use as you’re walking up to opponents. They’ll see the animation and assume that it’s going to hit them and will more than likely initiate an attack. Obviously if they miss, that’s your opportunity to move on.

MK version has standard range; upon hit confirm, you can follow up with EX legs. I use this the most often for the initial attack and usually execute the LK version.

HK version has a higher angle of descent and takes the longest to recover. This is best used IMO after a successful counter hit with a move like cl. standing RH. Az is very good at explaining the best uses of getting counter hits due to his exposure amongst JPN players. I am sure he’ll be putting in his two cents soon.

The best advice I can give you is abuse often against non-shotos; moderate usage against shotos.

Chun vs Chun match is plain the better player wins, no excuses.

Protip: just because the other chun does not do every trial combo, it doesn’t mean it has to be worse than you, as this game is 5% execution 95% mind reading.

i suck at mirror matches i get swept all day long

Haha, me too.

Mirror matches are always fun, always an eye-opener, and almost always very scrappy affairs. :wink: Full of hazan-shu, neutral jump HK, sweeps, and mashing st.strong/st.fierce alternately at middle distance. I find I’m particularly weak to simple chun tactics - even df+rh catches me out more often than it should.

I tend to spend most of the match thinking “god damn I use that all the time, I should have seen that coming!”

Always very entertaining though. Chun is definitely the most fun anybody can have in this game. :smiley:

Not literally 5% to 95%, but I agree to some extent.

Although your advice is good, the bits in bold are incorrect, all Hasan Shu’s are safe on block and have essentially the same recovery (mk is a teensy bit better, but it’s not a huge difference), the difference is in the startup, lk comes out faster and as such is harder to react to, either by blocking high or srking, which is why you want to use it if you’re in range instead of the other other two(or three if you include EX).

I have a feeling you knew this and just messed up the terminology though.