Chun li mixup options



As the title says i’m looking for help on chun li mix up options. What are some of the mnixups you guys use. So far when i knock them down i usually go for one of three moves, instant over head, throw, or into combo of my choice. Also looking for help on block strings. I’m new to chun so any help would be greatly appreciated. If this has been posted before im sorry links to these answers would also be greatly appreciated.


I’m new to Chun too, but I love tick throws.

A good blockstring I was taught if you’re going to,, EX Legs, if they block do s.far MP to Kikoken. You can probably throw if you’re not too predictable. Another blockstring I use from Shotos is c.lp,, Kikoken. Dunno if that’s really good but has good pushback and can combo.


I’m new to chun too, so try not to listen to me too much, lol, but there’s a few things I’ve picked up from this forum and from OHT’s videos that I use after a knockdown.

If the knockdown’s from a forward throw I usually go for a safejump, or you can df+RH to close distance and go for another throw.

Df+RH on wakeup can catch people out if you’re not too predictable with it (like I often am).

You can throw out a fireball to force a block/focus and follow up with an attack (mp, fp, sweep) or a throw.

Meaty sweeps, or if you’re close enough a meaty cancelled with a lk hsu which will catch them if they block. (I think my understanding of what ‘meaty’ means is correct here - if not, someone please correct/inform me).

NJ RH can work on characters without DP’s.

She’s got alot of options, they’re the ones I use, with a mixed rate of success, lol, but that was all learnt from here/youtube, so have a look around.


good safe jump double fierce mixups… Empty jump short,short xx ex legs | OS sweep. 1 j.fierce, short(whatever combo here) 2x fierce, cr.fierce xx short hsu. lv.1 FA dash forward crouch real fast then short hsu. Dash forward on knockdown then instant overhead (Do not do this on certain characters when they have super or ultra stocked you can be punished on HIT). stomp shennanigans.


I tend to do DF Roundhouse (The kick that flips to the other side) as soon as they get up so they don’t reverse so easily. However if they start to catch on and do wakeup SRK’s then just anticipate them and let them whiff it (Do nothing) then punish it any way you like. I tend to mixup my sweeps and Hazanshu’s, like

target combo > lk. Hazanshu and mix it up with target combo > cr. hk.

It’s pretty typical and works often on scrubs, but pros will probably catch on and focus attack it so don’t get too repetitive. Also mixup Hazanshu’s during block strings like between cr. attacks.


Cl.HK -> lk. hazanshu seems to catch many people, and can be linked to cr.lp -> hp when it lands. cr.lp,, cr.lp, -> hazanshu also works pretty well if you don’t get too predictable. Pretty sure you can tack a kikoken on instead on the HSU.


I like to cancel jabs into hp kikoken as a safe option. Next favorite is cr. mk to mp kikoken.

I am starting to abuse the cr. lp cl. hk xx mk hasanshu frame trap too much, so I have been changing that to make it safer. Since I’m a pad player, I can’t do anything safe after close HK so I changed it to close mp xx hk legs. It’s good because anyone Chun can Cl. HK HK Legs MK legs sweep, chun can do the same with close MP HK Legs MK Legs sweep. Still does a lot of stun, still causes an untech knockdown, still builds meter.


Doesn’t that only connect on a counter hit?


cl.HK -> HSU is a mixup, and not a combo, so if that’s what you’re referring to, yeah. The hsu -> cr.lp -> s.hp combo works without counter hit, though.


ok, I’m practicing the cr.lp, hp link on E.Honda and find that sometimes the hp goes through his hit-stunned body unfazed. Is this some weird occurrences limited to him?

Also~ what’s Chunner’s safe jump? :slight_smile:


Are you doing the close s.HP link or the far one?

Also, walnut shrimp posted a list of Chun Li safe jump setups in the strategy and matchup thread (quoted below).


It’s character specific, I think there’s a list of them in one of the stickie’s, but generally after forward throw, dash, jump lk or TC, depending on the opponent’s character, jump RH works on Guile, not sure if it works on anyone else.

But yea, check the stickie’s and there’ll be a list somewhere I think.


Ah, Lomyn beat me to it… and gave a much more helpful answer, lol.


I love using this mixup, because even offline it mindfucks good players lol.

If you score a knockdown, df+HK to do the command crossup. Try to time it so that you are close to the ground when you hit them with it. Regardless whether it hits or is blocked, throw.

Dash forward, df+HK again, throw. If your throw is successful:

Dash forward, df+HK, charge down, right after your df+HK hits, EX SBK.


I’m doing the far version of HP
Actually~ this seems to only happen when I do c.lp, hp alone and starting in close (the far hp still activates due to pushback). I don’t think it’ll be a problem after a hazanshu.

Thanks for the awesome safe-jump replies b^_^


Isn’t it a better safe-jump option to hold D/B instead of just Down for Balrog’s Safe Jump option?

It’s the same option select with the same punishers, but it’s tweaked so that if Balrog EX-Rushes, a d/f hk will come out and it leads to a free d/f hk mixup. The only thing is that sometimes I’ve seen the d/f hk whiff, but other times I’ve seen it tag them.


Put them with something in Blockstun (far jMK, …), instant overhead Headstomp, cross them up with jLK, instant overhead Headstomp, …

cLP Tick Throws. When they start teching, do cLP and a cl.HK xx MK Hasan Shu, cLK, EX Legs Combo for lotsa dmg.


I’ve been trying this out. Tis awesome, lol.

I was previously programming the opponent to go for tech’s after df RH then backdash sweeping, ex sbk though does more damage, and seems to anger the opponent somewhat more, lol. Good stuff, thanks.


I’ll have to try that one.


what kind of mixup can you guys do after knocking down a shoto? i know you can safe jump them but i’m still training the correct timing for this.

because atm my safe jump vs shotos is kind of risky to use, what other suggestions do you guys have for mixing up on shoto wakeup?

btw, does the “ken” ambiguous crossup that walnut shrimp posted above also apply to ryu/akuma?